Craig David drops Magic with Yxng Bane

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 13 April 2018
Craig David

Craig David

Craig David has re-released his track 'Magic' featuring grime act Yxng Bane

Craig David has released a new version of 'Magic' featuring Yxng Bane.

The 'Re-Rewind' hitmaker has recorded a new version of the track from his latest LP 'The Time Is Now' with the in-demand grime star featuring on it.

Yxng Bane said: "Here's me and the legendary Craig David teaming up on Magic! I hope you guys enjoy it and love it!"

Craig added: "So happy to have Bane jump on this tune. 'Magic' is one of my favourite records on 'The Time Is Now' and to have someone as big in the scene as Bane be on the record is amazing. He has an incredible future so it's great to be collaborating."

Craig was no doubt introduced to rapper through his 'Bestie' collaborator Yungen, who has also been in the studio with the garage king.

He revealed previously: "He is literally my idol. He is the nicest guy ever, we've been in the studio. We're making something that I love of Craig David, old school R&B.

"That's my vibe, that's what I grew up listening to, so we're working in that lane."

And asked previously if he's going to do anymore tracks with Bane, Yungen exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Definitely. As soon as we did 'Bestie' that was the first song we did together - we had instant chemistry."

And on whether they expected the hit song to blow up like it has, he said: "No. I had no idea it would be a hit. "

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