'When you close one door, others open' – Eve Mutso on leaving Scottish Ballet and working with Scottish Opera

'When you close one door, others open'; Eve Mutso on leaving Scottish Ballet and working with Scottish Opera

Eve Mutso / credit: Alex Fine

The ballerina talks about her role in a new production of Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin

For 13 years, she was one of Scottish Ballet's brightest stars, but in January 2016 Eve Mutso said a fond farewell to the company and headed off to pastures new.

'I didn't have any specific plans when I left Scottish Ballet, I just knew that I wanted to work creatively, choreograph and dance,' recalls Mutso. 'From ballet school to my time with Estonian National Ballet and then Scottish Ballet, it was a pretty non-stop journey, so I wanted more time to think, observe and reflect. But when you close one door, others open and I've ended up involved with many inspiring people and projects.'

The latest of which is a part in Scottish Opera's new production, Eugene Onegin, adapted from Alexander Pushkin's classic 19th-century novel. Directed by Oliver Mears of the Royal Opera House, the show also benefits from choreography by Ashley Page, Mutso's former boss at Scottish Ballet, where he was artistic director from 2002 to 2012.

As well as movement scenes in act one, Page has choreographed a special solo for Mutso in the ballroom scene at the start of act three, during which she captures Onegin's attention. Mutso arrived at Scottish Ballet a few months after Page, who brought new artistic ambition to the company and a plethora of plum roles for Mutso. So saying 'yes' to dancing in Eugene Onegin was an easy decision.

'A chance to work with Ashley again? There's no way I could have turned that down! He has been a great influence and a huge inspiration over the years. It feels wonderfully familiar to work together again.'

Theatre Royal, Glasgow, Fri 27 Apr–Sat 5 May; Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Wed 23–Thu 31 May.

Scottish Opera: Eugene Onegin

Tchaikovsky and Pushkin come together in this sweeping tale of unfulfilled love.

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