Big food fight

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 15 July 2008


The housemates took part in a massive food fight last night. Contestants on the Heaven side of the 'Big Brother' house - which has been split into Heaven and Hell this week, with those on the Hell side tasked with serving the others - started the fight by throwing bombs made of toothpaste and water at Hell housemate Stuart.

Stuart told fellow Hell inhabitant Rebecca about his plight and the pair decided to retaliate when the others let their guard down.

Bex pretended she was annoyed with the heavenly housemates - who she labelled "f***ing t***s" - in an attempt to cover the plan.

Later, Stuart and Bex sneaked up to the luxury bedroom and pelted a surprised Dale, Darnell and Mohamed with toothpaste bombs.

Dale laughed: "You little s***s!"

Darnell described the attack as an "ambush", while Mohamed managed to hit the pair with a bomb.

The fight soon moved into the living room, where Belinda decided to help out the Hell housemates.

Water, lentils, toothpaste, fish and flour were all thrown across the room and the fight only ended when Head of House Darnell was summoned to the Diary Room.

Upon his return, Darnell announced: "They said the s**t is not funny. They'll look past it, but we have to clean up. If it happens again it'll be serious consequences. They said it's against the law to damage someone's property.

"She wasn't nice about it. It was just the tone of her voice. You know how they talk in riddles? She was straight up. They aren't playing."

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