Fish and chip heaven

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 15 July 2008


The heavenly housemates were given fish and chips last night. The contestants in Hell - Belinda, Lisa, Luke, Rebecca, Sara, Stuart and Mikey - were particularly annoyed about the treat because Lisa had just prepared a meal of chicken nuggets, potatoes and rice, which those in Heaven had eaten.

The Hell housemates - who must serve those in Heaven by preparing all their meals - were also upset because the house is currently surviving on a basic shopping budget of just £1 per person per day after failing last week's shopping task.

Bex vented her anger by insisting they couldn't use tomato ketchup, adding: "You just had tea when you knew you were getting a takeaway! We could have had more chicken nuggets."

Luke also complained, pointing out Darnell - who was elected leader of the house last week and picked those who entered Heaven - was Head of House not Head of Luxury.

Darnell did not help the mood in the house when he claimed the treat was a reward for the potato-peeling task the Hell housemates completed earlier in the day.

Lisa muttered: "Go on, rub it in."

A furious Mikey said Darnell had hardly spoken a word without food in his mouth recently.

He added: "And Mo said he didn't have room for tea, but he's got plenty of room for that fish supper."

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