Belinda battles Rex

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 15 July 2008


Belinda and Rex are reportedly up for eviction this week. The flamboyant theatre director and executive chef will face the public vote after racking up the most nominations from their fellow 'Big Brother' housemates.

Belinda - who entered the house with Sara and Maysoon just over a week ago - has incurred the group's wrath with her constant snoring, which the contestants claim keeps them awake.

Her outgoing nature and penchant for singing has also caused some members of the house to suspect she is an actress planted by Big Brother.

Rex - who has faced the public vote before - has been criticised for his boring chatter, including constant tales of his restaurants and flashy lifestyle.

He has also been accused of trying to instigate rows within the house, most notably when he smudged ex-housemate Jennifer's painting.

The infamous argument which followed resulted in Dennis being removed for spitting in Mohamed's face.

A show insider said: "It's The Snore versus The Bore - and it's going to be an exciting fight. Belinda has only been in the house just over a week and she hasn't really done anything so it looks like curtains for her.

"But fans tend to like Rex because he speaks his mind and winds people up."

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