Record Store Day 2018: who's participating and who's performing in Scotland

Record Store Day 2018: Who's playing where

Record Store Day at VoxBox / credit: Andy Lobban

Show your local record store some love this 21 April and snap up some special merchandise (as well as a free bacon roll for your troubles)

Vinyl lovers of Scotland, get ready for another night out in the cold and an early opening at your favourite record shop – with bacon rolls when the doors open, if they're being really good to you – because Record Store Day is here again. And take lots of money with you, because as usual there will be a huge amount of special stock and exclusives to track down, and the price is only going to rocket when it goes on eBay on Sunday.

At time of writing, Monorail in Glasgow are winning hands-down with their roster of entertainment on the day, although they do have a gig venue and restaurant (Mono) on the same premises. They'll have live sets from Virginia Wing, Bossy Love and Hairband, with DJ sets from Blanck Mass, White Horses and Shoot Your Shot. Rubadub will welcome some of the best DJs in the city, including Bake, Sofay, 12th Isle, Domestic Exile and Russell Haswell, as well as a live set from Burrell Connection (and an afterparty at La Cheetah with Kowton and Parris).

Also in Glasgow, Mixed Up and Love Music will be celebrating RSD as well, with the latter taking over the upstairs room at Dow's across the street, where Colonel Mustard & the Dijon 5 are the only name confirmed so far. Meanwhile in Edinburgh, Voxbox and Underground Solu'shn will both have a lengthy roster of live and DJ guests, none of whom are sadly confirmed as we were putting this together, while Assai Records will welcome Hamish Hawk, Brown Bear, Ian Siegal and more. Coda say they may not programme bands this year, but they will have most of the RSD stock, a raffle to win a turntable and – crucially – bacon rolls for the first fifty through the door.

Record Store Day 2018 is on 21 April. If you know of an event or are hosting one, please comment below and add your own listing to the site.

A Mixed Up Records
18 Otago Lane, Glasgow, G12 8PB
Mixed Up Records is based in the west end of Glasgow in Otago Lane which is home of the famous Voltaire and Rousseau bookshop and Tchai Ovna tea room. Thousands of vinyl records, CDs and DVDs for sale. All music genres catered for.
B Rubadub Records
35 Howard Street, Glasgow, G1 4BA
Specialist record shops can often be intimidating places, so it's refreshing - in fact, it's absolutely brilliant - to wander into Rubadub and be catered to by some of the friendliest staff around. That's not to say that they don't know their stuff…
C LOVEmusic
34 Dundas Street, Glasgow, G1 2AQ
Near-legendary record shop specialising in new and used indie and alternative vinyl and CDs. An essential part of the Glasgow muso experience, with a great selection of local acts. They specialise in indie, rock, punk and americana, but are good for 60s…
D La Cheetah Club
73 Queen Street, Glasgow, G1 3BZ
Named after a famous New York salsa club, La Cheetah Club is situated in the basement of Max's Bar on Queen Street in Glasgow's city centre. The venue is accessed through the same doors as the public entrance to the bar. The club consists of an isolated…
E Dow's Bar
9 Dundas Street, Glasgow, G1 2AH
F Mono
12 Kings Court, King Street, Glasgow, G1 5RB
Long-established music bar with live bands, a record shop and vegan-friendly dining, plus fizzy pop brewed in-house.
G VoxBox Music
21 St Stephen Street, Edinburgh, EH3 5AN
Opened in May 2011, this carefully curated record shop aims for a boutique feel, with a selection focused mainly on rock, jazz, blues and indie LPs and singles, almost all pre-owned vinyl, with some CDs and books. Future plans include branching into new…
H Assai Records
1 Grindlay Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9AT
I Coda Music
12 Bank Street, On the Mound, Edinburgh, EH1 2LN
Handily situated right in the middle of tourist heaven on the crest of the Mound, this tiny store lays claim to the biggest selection of folk and traditional music in Scotland. Hoots!
J Underground Solu'shn
9 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1BP
Keeping Cockburn Street's bass a-thumping, this hip wee store peddles electronica to most of the city's serious DJs. Also great on off-beat gifts. For DJs. That's okay. DJs need gifts too.

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