Potato task passed

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  • 14 July 2008


The Hell housemates have passed their potato-peeling task. Rebecca, Belinda, Mikey, Lisa, Luke, Stuart and Sara - who are all living on the Hell side of the 'Big Brother' house this week and must serve the other contestants, who are residing in Heaven - were told they had to earn the right to nominate by peeling potatoes this morning.

Luke - who is currently in bed ill - was exempt from the task, but would be banned from nominating along with the rest of the group if they did not peel all the potatoes in a satisfactory way.

When Big Brother announced the contestants' potato peeling had been "exemplary", the seven housemates began cheering.

Lisa said they had been a strong team with a "lively and jolly" spirit.

Meanwhile, Head of House Darnell claimed he had no ulterior motive when he picked which housemates would join him in Heaven at the weekend.

He dismissed the idea he had picked his friends to stay in luxury, arguing if he really wanted to "play the game" he would have put his friends in Hell because they would not have voted for him even if they were unhappy.

He suggested the way to ensure he wouldn't be nominated would have been to put all those who disliked him in luxury so they were happy.

He added he decided against that plan as he felt Rex, Dale, Mohamed, Rachel, Kathreya and Maysoon had "earned" their places in Heaven.

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