Rex' Heaven love

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 14 July 2008


Rex is determined to stay on the Heaven side of the 'Big Brother' house. The chef - who is currently living in Heaven along with Dale, Mohamed, Darnell, Kathreya, Maysoon and Rachel while the rest of the contestants live in Hell and must serve them - looked worried when Sara suggested he might not be living in luxury for ever.

During a discussion in the garden this afternoon (4.02pm), the sexy housemate suggested Big Brother would "mix it up a bit" and probably swap members of the groups around so everyone got to live in Heaven at some point.

Disgusted by the idea, Rex said he had no intention of ever living in Hell and would do everything in his power to ensure he stayed in Heaven.

Sara said she didn't mind living in Hell at all and then asked the chef if he missed cooking for the group.

Smug Rex replied: "I prefer having you cook for me, Sara."

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