Chef Lisa

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 14 July 2008


Lisa irritated some of the heavenly housemates today (2pm). The former body builder is currently living in the Hell portion of the house - after Head of House Darnell chose Dale, Rex, Mohamed, Maysoon, Kathreya and Rachel to live in Heaven with him at the weekend - and has taken on most of the cooking responsibilities.

The Hell housemates must prepare all meals for those in Heaven, but Lisa's meals have so far failed to impress.

Lisa made lunch for the group today, but muscley Dale was quick to criticise her efforts.

Chatting to Rex he said Lisa had lied to him about the food because she said there would be lentils in the rice but there weren't any.

Rex claimed she had changed since her partner Mario was evicted on Friday and a furious Dale agreed, before adding he thought she spoke "rubbish".

Mild-mannered Rachel was also disappointed by the food, but chose to thank Lisa for cooking it before questioning why there were no lentils in it.

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