FAQ on late listing

Q. Why won't the calendar allow me to select a date less than 7 days ahead, and why is your guidance that events less than 14 days ahead probably wont be processed?

A. The List’s core listing service, for which there is no charge, relies on our ability to publish and distribute the listings data to attract an audience. Each day of publication helps towards this result. Over all events on list.co.uk, on a year round basis, we list a performance around 95 days in advance on average. The further in advance the better. You will see greater audiences by listing further in advance and our rules are placed to encourage promoters to spend the time submitting information early.

Q. Are there exceptions to the 14 day rule?

A. Yes. If your event starts more than 7 days ahead and in less than 14 days but has multiple performances stretching out into the future we will list it. It is not a hard limit but if the first performance is less than 14 but the last one is at least 40 days away, we will complete the listing process.

Q. I understand the 14 day limit, but I really need some help to get word out about the event. Can you help?

A. Yes. But you will have to explore our paid promotional services which we have always offered. We have a tightly defined package specifically for ‘Late Listings’ that we can implement in less than 24 hours priced at £200.

Q. Why work with The List?

A. List.co.uk is the UK's leading guide to live events with 2m unique monthly users. We deliver promotional and advertising services to venues and promoters including Live Nation, Get Comedy, Sage Gatehead, Soho Theatre, The Pleasance Theatre and Ambassador Theatre Group.

Q. What do I get in the ‘Late Listing’ package?

A. Within 24 hours (during a normal working week) we will deliver the Late Listing package promoting your event through a paid Facebook campaign on The List's Facebook channel, to your chosen audience, within a timeframe defined by you and publish a rich listing, written by our content team, on list.co.uk.

Q. How do I buy the package?

A. With a credit card or Paypal account to hand, please call +44 131 550 3060