Guide to Submitting Listings

We have the most comprehensive listings in the UK and have a range of services related to events data, including distribution of information to over 50 sites and apps for transport operators, broadcasters, news organisations, DMOs, local councils and hotel operators.

1. What services exist on to allow me to send you information?

Anyone can take advantage of four functions to send us information on events, as well as places where events are held (venues). We offer:

  • Add an Event
  • Update an Event
  • Add a Place
  • Update a Place

Our Content Producers checks all submissions, which come from a wide variety of sources including venue staff, performers, promoters, PRs and members of the public. Many events have input from multiple sources.

2. My colleague sent you listings information for our venue, but I don’t have the log-in details to update it.

There is no concept of an organisational log-in for a venue or event. Any registered user can offer us information about a place/venue or event. Our Listings Team checks all submissions.

3. I've submitted an event – so now where is my listing?

Our Content Producers checks submissions against other sources and for duplicate information (a common matter), and therefore information (and photos) do not appear on the website automatically. It is a two-step process; you can see where you are in the process on your page. Please allow around business two days for updates to appear on the website. We are unable to provide individual feedback on images supplied but there is guidance on the update form.

We recommend submitting your listings as far in advance as possible of the event date, as more people will see your listing. Please supply new events at least four weeks in advance. Excepting critical updates such as cancellations, information provided about events less than fourteen days ahead is most unlikely to be processed.

4. I've made a mistake but I've already pressed submit. How do I fix it?

Once submitted, an event is put into our processing queue. You can make amendments (including updating descriptions, dates, times and photos) once it appears on the website by following the ‘Update this Event’ link. If you feel your mistake is dire and cannot wait to be fixed, then email us Be sure to clearly indicate the event and place in your email.

5. What if I don't know all the information requested, such as the price, the box office number or any other part of the form?

Not every section of the form needs to be filled in. The parts we must have are: event title, description, start date, start time, venue and, ideally, price. If you leave one of these parts blank, we may not be able to use your event information, unless our content team determines it possible to mark a section as 'to be confirmed'.

6. I can see my event on the website, but I can't see the description I supplied – in fact, it says something I didn't write at all. Where did that come from?

Event descriptions published by The List come from a range of sources and may get a custom description written by a Content Producer. They write succinct, pithy and sometimes even witty descriptions, which sum up events in few, but highly relevant, words: and we prioritise this description.

Lower down the page, in a box outlined in a dotted line, is where submitted descriptions appear. If you still don't see your submitted description, this means it wasn't long enough for the event to have two descriptions (ours plus yours); the submitted description was a full-length press release, which we use as a source for our own descriptions; the submitted description diverged too far from our house style and which values informative descriptions; or the submitted description was too specific to a certain date (e.g., you only mentioned that Justin Timberlake is playing at your club, but he's also playing at 15 other venues).

7. Why did you change the title of my event?

We have a house style, which makes The List more user-friendly to navigate. Additionally, we reuse pre-existing event titles where we can. For example, if you submitted 'Ancient Trees Nature Walk’ and we have an existing listing for 'Nature Walk – Ancient Trees', we will add your new dates to this listing. This is to the benefit of all: The List, your event and the people looking to attend your event.

8. I've submitted an event, but it says it's been marked as 'not used'.

A few of things could have happened here but common reasons are:

  • the information is duplicate (e.g., two sources providing details of the same event)
  • the listing was received too close to the event date (e.g., less than ten working days beforehand)
  • the details are too vague (e.g., an event without a venue)
  • it was an offer, not an event (e.g., a sale at a store or other similar type of activity)

9. I can't seem to attach a photo. What's happening?

We are able to receive the following file formats: JPG (JPEG), GIF, PNG, BMP, TIF. If in doubt, use JPG. The trouble could also be that the file is too large, causing the upload process to time out. If you've used one of these formats and it’s a relatively small file, and still you cannot attach a file, submit your listing without the image and email us about your problem, including your image as a file attachment

10. Why hasn't my photo been used? Why is my photo so small? Why has my poster or image been cropped?

We use two sizes of image: 300px wide and 620px wide. If your photo is smaller than 300px, unfortunately we cannot use it. If the dimensions of your image will disrupt the page layout or the text on your poster will be too hard to read at 300px or 620px wide, we will crop it.

11. I've accidentally submitted a photo of my baby instead of my restaurant/band/booked act/etc. Help!

Don't worry – as with our listings, images are reviewed and are used if it matches the event to which it’s been submitted. We will make sure your baby does not appear on a listing for roller derby.

12. Why isn't my photo properly credited?!

When you submit, you need to tell us to whom to credit the photo, either in the name of the file or in the 'Additional instructions' section of the submission form. If you forgot, you can send us a message by hitting the 'Update this event' button and filling in the 'Additional instructions' section of the submission form.

13. Why aren't all the events at my venue/organisation/club listed?

Unfortunately, our small team is not able to add every event at every venue in the country individually. However, there is good news! You can add all of your events using our submission form; or, if you have at least 50 or more separate events, you can fill out a spreadsheet which we can then automatically process. Please email us for a copy of the spreadsheet template.

14. How do I make sure people notice my listing?

We recommend enriching your listing as much as possible. This means including images, useful links to additional content, Twitter accounts, websites, videos and photos. Listings that are updated get, on average, twice as much traffic as those that are not. We also offer promotions and advertising.

15. Do you distribute listings to third parties? Can I get listings for my own website?

The List distributes listings to a range of transport bodies, accommodation providers, tourism organisations, local media and other public bodies. We can send your listing in a structured format to third parties you identify to us and we offer a range of ways to use our listings data including a free widget. Additionally, we can supply you with a file of all the events at your venue for you to use and share with others.

16. Collecting and managing events data takes me a lot of time. Can The List help?

We offer an events data gathering service.