The Place: Robin Howard Dance Theatre

The Place: Robin Howard Dance Theatre
17 Duke's Road, London, WC1H 9PY
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The Ashes: Dance Collective/Ella Mesma Company/The House Of Strays: The Dancing Plague/Orixas/After The Flood

  • Written by: Josh Wille

A mixed programme of cutting-edge contemporary dance. Former Phoenix Dancers Phil Sanger, Azzurra Ardovini and Josh Wille explore an outbreak of mass hysteria; the Ella Mesma Company's piece is inspired by strong women and Afro-Cuban deities; whilst After The Flood tells the story of three sisters.

Bambula Project/Ashleigh Berry/201 Dance Company: Expanding Foam/Beside Ourselves/If You Leave

  • Written by: Andrea Walker

Bambula is a multimedia art company present an exploration of dreams in, Ashleigh Berry presents a dance-theatre piece called Beside Ourselves and 201 Dance Company presents And If You Leave.

Between/Major Changes/A Chair Is A Piece Of Furniture

  • Written by: Jennifer Robinson-Snell

A triple bill of contemporary dance featuring works choreographed by Fernando Balsera Pita and Rosalind Masson, Ellie Harulow and Lauren Anthony, and Jennifer Robinson-Snell.

Diptik, Pinch and Beautiful Confusion & Interregnum V

  • Written by: Scheherazaad Cooper

Three dance performances choreographed by Katarzyna Witek, Hannah Kew & Isabelle Cressy and Becka McFadden & Sheherazaad Cooper.

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Efecto Chopped/Red Road Dance Theatre/Humanah Productions: Cul De Sac/The Sense Of An Ending (Excerpt)/Egress

  • Written by: Jose Triguero

A triple bill of contemporary dance, including a circus piece choreographed by Jose Triguero and Gemma Palomar, part of Nadia Iftkhar's work based on the lives of Northern women, and Daniel Persson's celebration of departure.

Estela Merlos/Joan Cleville/Jayne Port: My Dust Will Tell/Achilles II/Most Certainly Well Worth Knowing

  • Written by: Estela Merlos

Estela Merlos presents aphysical performance called My Dust Will Tell, choreographer Joan Cleville presents Achilles II and Jayne Port performs text fragments called Most Certainly Well Worth Knowing.

Exim Dance Company/Jack Stinton Dance Company/Lea Tirabasso: Desiderium/Theory/Love Me Tender

  • Written by: Olivia Amy Lockwood

A triple bill of contemporary dance: Olivia Amy Lockwood's haunting piece exploring connectedness, imagery and spiritual transition, a duet by Jack Stinton which looks at inhibitions and social boundaries, and Lea Tirabasso's secret history of two loving souls.

Fall Out/Fall Apart/A Dance For The End Of The World

A programme featuring group and individual performances.

FlickerrDance Company/Emma Deakin In Association With Shaky Isles Theatre/Guarini Dance Company: TerpsiScore/Spinning Coins/Patua

  • Directed by: Ponciano Almeida
  • Written by: Ponciano Almeida

A programme of choreographed works combining story, spoken word, and original sound and music.

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Joelene English Dance Theatre/What Is Written Dance Company/Alex Broadie: February 11th 1963/Unsettled/Apocalypse Y

  • Written by: Viviana Rocha

A triple bill of contemporary dance: Joelene English's multimedia piece exploring the life of poet Sylvia Plath; a documentary work based on interviews with a Mafioso choreographed by Jean-Pierre and Viviana Rocha; and Alex Broadie's elegy for Generation Y.

Julia Thorneycroft Dance/B-Hybrid Dance/Joshua Beamish: Frustra/Breaking Breath/Valence

A triple bill of contemporary dance: Julia Thorneycroft's affectionate send-up; Brian Gillespie's homage to those trying to save Irish as a living language, and Joshua Beamish's duet for two men.

LAM Dance Company/Coegi/ODD Company: Sick And Tired/Rural Living/Ahimsa

  • Written by: Jade Yung

The companies perform pieces based on interactions with other people.

The Last Maiden/Risk Forward/In The Likeness Of

  • Written by: Federica Esposito

A triple bill of contemporary dance: Fuora Dance Project's piece inspired by a Sicilian fairy tale; CieMulator Dance's duet which pushes trust to its limits; and Konstantina Skalionta's exploration of the mother-daughter relationship.

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Lo-Giudice Dance/Salah El Brogy Company/PPL Dance Company: The Teeth Behind The Kisses/The Race/…A Kid That Grows Up

  • Written by: Salah El Brogy

A triple bill of contemporary dance: Anthony Lo-Giudice's exploration of humanity's duel nature; Salah El Brogy's commentary on the urban jungle and survival of the fittest; and Dani Harris-Walters and Sia Gbamoi's tale of an individual's journey to manhood.

Macbeth/Transcience/Samba And Tears

Solo works performed by Nina von der Werth, Justyna Janiszewska and Sivan Rubinstein.

Wed 11 Feb 2015

Marguerite Galizia/Joel O'Donoghue And Pete Yelding/Protocol Dance Company: Where Am I?/Dragging Words/Manhood

  • Written by: Jared Garfield

A triple bill of contemporary dance: Marguerite Galizia's piece inspired by a philosophical thought experiment; Joel O'Donoghue and Pete Yelding's take on the quirks of London city life; and an investigation of manhood choreographed by Lanre Malalu and Jared Garfield.

Mountain Tsunami Productions/Yukiko Masui/Sean Graha: Myth/Unbox/Foreign Bodies/Race Tracks

A triple bill of contemporary dance: David Walker's piece which draws on Eastern mythology; Yukiko Masui and Joseph Darby's intense duet and Sean Graham's interrogation of multi-culturalism.

Niyizi, Projected And The End Is Important In All Things

  • Written by: Ishimwa

Three dance performances featuring the work of Anders Duckworth and the sound artist Chris Edwards, and Suse Tietjen.

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Our Physical Intentions/Herstory/Crossing The Line

  • Written by: Anna-Lise Marie Hearn

A triple bill of contemporary dance: AniCo's exploration of the way we interpret the world; Zosia Jo's love story with a painful and unloving twist; and Urban Interface Dance UK's exploration of limitations and boundaries within society.

Out Of Order/Snakebox/Sara Black: Meeting Point/P.L.A.Y/Value For Money

  • Written by: Angeliki Nikolakaki

Out of Order present dance and aerial piece Meeting Point, dance and music performers Snakebox present P.L.A.Y and Sara Black performs her choreographed piece entitled Value For Money.

Potatoes & Sauce/Triptych/Im Sorry You're Leaving

  • Written by: Hege Eriksdatter Ostefjells

A triple bill of contemporary dance: New Tapestry's exploration of the bizarre truths embedded in coma dreams; Mara Vivas's piece about memory; and 2Dot's playful evocation of the same subject.

RedTape Dance Company/Hannah Buckley/Rachel Burn: Pensar E Destruir/Woman With Eggs/Happening

  • Written by: Maria Cassar

A triple bill of contemporary dance works: a piece based on a poem by Fernando Pessoa; Hannah Buckley's exploration of the conflicting burdens and expectations of motherhood; and Rachel Burns's look at the way our lives turn out differently from how we expect.

Sonambulas/Shift, Spin, Warp, Twine/Vote For Me!

A triple bill of contemporary dance theatre: Justyna Sochaj's piece exploring the world of dreams; Elise Nuding's multi-sensory piece; and Yann Allsopp's interrogation of electoral politics.

Speak Up/Underneath The Skin/Zion

  • Written by: Lee Griffiths

Performances using verbatim theatre, dance and physical theatre about physical and emotional journeys.

Fri 30 Jan 2015

Trivialis/Acts Of Attending/Let's Talk About Us

  • Directed by: Chloe Aliyanni
  • Written by: Agnese Lanza

Works by choreographers Chloe Aliyanni, Agnese Lanza, Julie Havelund, Georgia Heighway, Emma Houston and Silvio Sighinolfi about encounters.

Wolf/Holi Woman/Snow

  • Written by: Susan Kempster

A programme of works by Rachel Dean, choreographer Jodie Cole and playwright Adam Foster and choreographer Susan Kempster.

Thu 29 Jan 2015

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