The LIST Card

The LIST Card
  • Eat 2-for-1
  • Enjoy great food
  • Explore new restaurants
  • Experience wide-ranging cuisine

What is The LIST Card?

It’s a dining scheme that gives you promotional two-for-one offers at a range of restaurants in Glasgow, Edinburgh and beyond. It’s all done on one credit card sized card, so you don’t need any vouchers or tokens.

All participating restaurants offer lunch and dinner dining sessions from Monday to Thursday (subject to specific opening hours). Many also offer certain Friday, Saturday and Sunday dining sessions, which are clearly indicated on each restaurant’s LIST Card page. Simply select a restaurant from the browse list to see their LIST Card information.

Restaurateurs wanting to find out more about The LIST card should read our facts for restaurants.

How does it work?

The LIST Card (back)

Once you are a member, we send you a personalised LIST Card. To use your money-saving deals, you must phone ahead or call into the restaurant to book your table, ensuring they know this is a LIST Card booking.

The back of your card contains a series of numbers representing participating restaurants. You can use your two for one promotion once a year at each restaurant, so when you pay your bill, waiting staff will score out the relevant number for you.

How much does it cost?

Membership is £35 for a whole 12 months of dining. This means you’ll have got your money back within two or three meals, and then save and save.

No booking fees. No extra charges.

How do you know which restaurants offer LIST Card promotion?

See the browse list opposite for an up to date list of all participating LIST Card restaurants. Link through to look at their descriptions, menus and photographs where they've been provided to us, and to see availability and special offers.

If a new restaurant comes on board, we’ll make sure you’re in the know through a regular newsletter that will feature further special offers.

Participating restaurants will have the LIST Card sticker in their windows, so if you’re passing a place you like the look of - give it a try. Just remember to book first.

What restrictions are there?

The promotion is valid for a LIST Card holder plus one guest. The offer only applies to the cost of your food - you will be charged regular price for anything you drink. You can, however, order up to 3 courses from an a la carte or regular menu, and for each course you both order the least expensive one will be free.

Some restaurants will have certain time restrictions on LIST Card dining; you may not be able to dine on Valentine’s Day or on a Saturday night for example. The good news is that all participating restaurants allow the promotion on a minimum number of days each week and many offer meals over the weekend too.

All this information will be easily accessible at each restaurant's LIST Card page (just link through from the browse list) so you need never feel unsure about what each restaurant offers.

Frequently asked questions

When will my LIST Card membership start?
We will process your LIST Card order within 2 - 3 days of receiving it (either automatically through our online shop at or through the post) and your card will then be printed and arrive at your delivery address within a week from your order. Your membership will start as soon as you receive your card and the expiry date will be set to guarantee you a full year of 2-for-1 dining.
Why do I need to provide an email address with my LIST Card order contact details?
We will be emailing all LIST Card members a monthly newsletter, keeping you updated on any new restaurants that may have joined the promotion and alerting you to any additional offers available to LIST Card members. This way you will always be aware of the latest developments and never miss out on any LIST Card benefits. We will also be relying on emails for renewals.
When can I can use my LIST Card promotion at each restaurant?
When you select a restaurant from the browse list at it will link you through to the restaurant's LIST Card page, which will clearly indicate which dining sessions are offered on the LIST Card promotion. The 2-for-1 offer is available as standard for lunch and dinner from Monday to Thursday (subject only to any restaurant specific opening hours). Many LIST Card restaurants also include weekend dining sessions, which are also clearly indicated.
I received my LIST Card with a copy of The List's Eating and Drinking Guide. How do I know which restaurants in the guide are included in the LIST Card promotion?
As our LIST Card restaurant list continues to grow and more restaurant information becomes available, we are best able to keep you up to date and informed by providing the LIST Card information online. You will always be able to find the definitive list of participating restaurants at
Can I use my partner's LIST card without them being present?
No. The LIST Card is a personalised card, displaying the card holder's name on the front. The LIST Card promotion is therefore exclusive to the named card holder and their guest. We can only include one name on each LIST Card.
Can I use my LIST Card promotion for more than 2 people?
The LIST Card promotion is valid for the card holder plus one guest. At a restaurant's discretion they may accept a group booking where at least every second person is a LIST Card holder. If you wish to dine as a LIST Card group please confirm this clearly with restaurant well in advance.
Why is it so important to phone a restaurant in advance to place my LIST Card booking?
You must phone each restaurant to place your LIST Card booking (and let them know you intend to use the promotion) in order to confirm that you will definitely be able to redeem your 2-for-1 offer, and make sure the restaurant can take your booking. Although some restaurants do have online booking sites, we are not offering online LIST Card bookings.
Will more restaurants be signing up to the LIST card promotion, and how will I know if they do?
Absolutely! Restaurants are joining up continuously throughout the year and we will alert you to any new restaurants that join via our monthly email newsletter.
I represent a restaurant and am interested in signing up my restaurant to the LIST Card promotion. How do I do this?
The LIST Card promotion is great way to attract new business to your restaurant throughout the year. Please visit for more information.
Does the LIST Card offer include set menus or pre-theatre menus?
The LIST Card 2-for-1 offer works from the restaurant's a la carte or regular menu, from which you and your guest can order up to 3 courses. The very great majority of restaurants do also include all their menus in the 2-for-1 offer (see restaurants' LIST Card information page for any specific exceptions). The LIST Card offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offers or promotions.
Does the LIST Card offer include side orders?
The LIST Card provides a 2 for 1 offer over 3 courses for you and your partner and for each course you both order you will receive the less expensive one free, excluding side dishes. Some cuisines, for instance Indian or Spanish, comprise dishes as much as courses. The LIST Card information may provide guidance on their definition of a course or you should check with the restaurant before you book. Any variation from the schemes rules in this regard are at the restaurant's discretion.
Does my LIST Card 2-for-1 promotion include any drinks orders?
The LIST Card promotion does not include any drinks orders.
I want to dine out during a very busy time, such the Glasgow film festival, Edinburgh Festivals, or December. Will the LIST Card 2-for-1 offer still be available during these time?
The LIST Card 2-for-1 promotion runs all year round and does not exclude any extended periods of time. However, please keep in mind that these will be extremely busy times for restaurants so we recommend that you place your LIST Card bookings well in advance and, as always, confirm with the restaurant that you will be using the promotion to avoid disappointment.
What can I do if my LIST Card gets lost or stolen?
If your LIST Card is lost or stolen you can apply to The List for a replacement card. Please see the LIST Card terms and conditions -