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The Rubberbandits

15 Nov 2011

The musical comedy pranksters are coming to Glasgow, and they've got a horse outside

Last year, they just missed out on the Christmas number one in their native Ireland, with the brilliant ‘Horse Outside’ notching over 8m views on YouTube (see below). And now gangster rap scamps The Rubberbandits are filming a series of online sketches…

Margaret Atwood - In Other Worlds

17 Oct 20113 stars

Slightly patchy collection of critical sci-fi essays

(Virago) A companion to Margaret Atwood’s published science fiction rather than an essential purchase in its own right, In Other Worlds charts the Canadian Booker Prize winner’s relationship with SF from an early age, bringing a welcome clarity and…

Interview: Comedian Vir Das at Edinburgh Festival

9 Aug 2011

Household name in India brings show Walking On Broken Das to Fringe

A Harvard graduate and gross-out film star, Vir Das is a household name in India. Jay Richardson met him on his home turf before he tests himself at the Fringe

The Edinburgh Festival comedy shows incorporating High Art

29 Jul 2011

Hannah Gadsby, The Horne Section, New Art Club and Vikki Stone

Sean Lock once likened media coverage of comedians to that of strippers, none too respectful of something that involved divesting so much. Despite comedy’s current boom, scrutiny still tends to focus on comics’ television careers or transgressions…

Frisky and Mannish interview - Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011

8 Jul 2011

Infectious pop parodies via the twisted side streets of camp cabaret

It has often been remarked that in times of recession, we all seek reassurance from flamboyant pop parody duos. Hence the buzz around Frisky and Mannish's creation for the 2011 Fringe, Pop Centre Plus, which after School of Pop and The College…

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Tom Green interview - Canadian comedian brings stand-up show to Edinburgh

6 Jul 2011

Shock humour actor from internet show and Freddy Got Fingered

When the bestiality-heavy, incest-evoking, gross-out cult Freddy Got Fingered won Worst Picture, Worst Actor, Worst Director, Worst Screenplay and Worst On-Screen Couple at the Golden Raspberry Awards, Tom Green became the first actor in history to…

Humphrey Ker is Dymock Watson: Nazi Smasher!

6 Jul 2011

Penny Dreadfuls' Humphrey Ker solo show at Edinburgh Fringe 2011

With a title like Humphrey Ker is Dymock Watson: Nazi Smasher!, you might imagine that his show is a Boche-bashing, Boy’s Own-style romp in which our hero takes on Hitler’s war machine. And you’d be right. But it’s also based on the real-life exploits…

Thom Tuck Goes Straight to DVD

6 Jul 2011

Penny Dreadfuls' Thom Tuck's 2011 Edinburgh show examines Disney sequels

Just as the emotional yearning of The Little Mermaid reinvigorated animated cinema on its release in 1989, Thom Tuck hopes his analysis of that movie’s follow-ups, plus various other Disney sequels, spin-offs and shameless House of Mouse cash-ins has a…

David Reed: Shamblehouse

6 Jul 2011

Penny Dreadfuls' David Reed brings solo show to Edinburgh Fringe 2011

‘It’s not the best PR being called “the middle one”, is it? “The most castable one”? “The handsome one”, would you say? “The funny one” would be good, wouldn’t it?’ David Reed is giving his profile some thought. The Yorkshireman seems to have cynically…

The best places for barbeques in Edinburgh and Glasgow

27 May 2011

Barbecue recipe alternatives to burgers and sausages

For the more discerning al fresco cooks and diners, here's The List's lowdown on how to spark up your barbecue summer.

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John Cleese - interview

23 May 2011

The legendary ex-Python talks to us ahead of his wide-ranging Alimony Tour

Condemned to perform until he dies, till he is an ex-Python, till he has ceased to be, John Cleese is remarkably sanguine about his current Alimony Tour, necessitated by the comedy legend’s $20m divorce from his third wife. A retrospective of his life…

The best upcoming Scottish comedians in 2011

7 Mar 2011

James Kirk, Chris Forbes, Dee Custance, Davey Connor, Antony Murray

Overlooking the cosmopolitanism of Glasgow’s International Comedy Festival, The List invited five of the best upcoming Scottish comedians to the Stand for a light-hearted debate about the psychological trauma of making drunks laugh on demand. James…

The Death of Eli Gold

7 Mar 20113 stars

David Baddeil's fictional biography returns to his favourite themes of love, sex and commitment

A comic meditation on the death of ‘the world’s greatest living writer’, the destructive selfishness of male desire and the passing of the last ‘great man’ as a species, David Baddiel’s fourth novel further explores his preoccupations with love, sex and…

The best free and cheap things to do in Glasgow and Edinburgh

21 Jan 2011

Visit a library, go for a walk, bake a cake or see some cheap theatre

Beat the January blues with these guaranteed pick-me-ups, suggested by our writers and some friends of The List. They’re all free, or cost just a few quid, so you’ll come out of winter with your bank balance intact and a smile on your face

Stefanie Pintoff - In the Shadow of Gotham

30 Nov 20102 stars

Deeply flawed turn of the 20th century crime drama full of the unnecessary

(Penguin) A turn of the 20th century crime drama, In the Shadow of Gotham is deeply flawed. A damaged detective in a quiet town north of Manhattan is dragged back into New York’s seedy underbelly by a brutal murder, partnering with an eccentric…

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A selection of the best comedy podcasts

19 Nov 2010

Free comedy from Robin Ince, Richard Herring, Andrew Collins and Marc Maron

The explosion in free podcasts has been a boon for comedy fans, delivering intimate interviews, topical improv and experimental sketch shows, all the while plugging audiences directly into the psyches of their favourite stand-ups. US comic Marc Maron’s…

Natalie Haynes - The Ancient Guide to Modern Life

3 Nov 20103 stars

(Profile) With a rich broth of war, patricide and incest tales to draw upon, comedian Natalie Haynes champions the Greeks and Romans as role models and warning oracles for coping with the 21st century. A passionate authority on the classics, this…

Emily Woof at the Writer's Retreat

6 Aug 2010

The ex-actress conducts a deep involvement with language

Emily Woof first graced Edinburgh nude and on a trapeze for a trilogy of one-woman Fringe plays, under the Sex umbrella. And throughout The Whole Wide Beauty (the debut novel by The Full Monty and Wondrous Oblivion star), the loss of physical expression…

Nicolai Lilin: author of Siberian Education

5 Aug 2010

The writer tells of his time in prison, tattooing, and film offers

Handed his first weapon at the age of six, Nicolai Lilin was destined for a life of violence. Having fled the horrors of his past, he tells Jay Richardson why death is sometimes a better option. Born into a Siberian criminal dynasty, convicted of…

Neil Hamburger descends upon the Fringe with a surprise for his critics

5 Aug 2010

Controversial stand-up talks Tenacious D, hecklers and Mel Gibson

With a characteristically phlegmy cough, Neil Hamburger clears his throat and recalls his last Scottish gig, opening for Tenacious D in Glasgow. ‘I sure got a lot off my chest there,’ he reminisces. ‘Though of course, they got even more off because they…

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Top five late-night comedy shows at the Fringe 2010

4 Aug 2010

Late ‘n’ Live, Lach’s Antihoot and Spank! deliver the goods past midnight

Late ‘n’ Live Still one of August’s hottest tickets, this booze-fuelled behemoth of a night retains less of the volatile anarchy of its Cowgate heyday. Nevertheless, it remains a tremendous opportunity to see some of the festival’s best comics in a…

Sketch team Delete the Banjax return after success of 2009

29 Jul 2010

Word-of-mouth comedy hit of 2009 return for more

‘We came up with a bit of a reputation and it just went off!’ recalls Sam Champion, in a pub similar to the Free Fringe Royal Mile watering hole where Delete the Banjax established themselves last year. ‘We loved doing the Free Fringe and agreed with…

Des Bishop tells his father's near miss story at Fringe 2010

29 Jul 2010

Irish-American comic presents My Dad Was Nearly James Bond

Des Bishop has wanted to tell his father’s story for a long time. The former model and actor, who had bit parts in Zulu and Day of the Triffids, narrowly lost out to George Lazenby for the role of James Bond in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. After…

Abandoman - Pic ‘n’ Mixtape

27 Jul 2010

Destined to be among the Fringe’s most popular draws, rapping improvisers Abandoman have to be seen

‘It’s lovely when a hip hop audience sees us,’ says genial frontman Rob Broderick. ‘Two lads wander out, one with a guitar, the other with an Irish accent, and you can tell they’re thinking, “this is going to be a disaster”. But then we start and they…

Stewart Lee - How I Escaped My Certain Fate

23 Jul 20104 stars

(Faber) Like Ezra Pound’s notes on The Waste Land if they’d been more cutting, self-critical and in awe of Johnny Vegas, Stewart Lee here transcribes and annotates the three stand-up shows that brought him back from disillusioned retirement in 2001…