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Interview: Ted Kotcheff, director of uncompromising Aussie drama Wake in Fright

21 Mar 2014

The claustrophobic drama is experiencing a resurgence after almost 40 years in obscurity

Wake in Fright is a powerful film. Gary Bond plays John Grant, a teacher who gets trapped in 'The Yabba', a rough mining town in the middle of the Australian outback, where he gets dragged into a world of drinking, gambling and violence. 'It's an…

Interview: director Kieran Parker on Nazi zombie horror Outpost III: Rise of the Spetsnaz

21 Mar 2014

'What we liked about it was that it's obviously tongue in cheek with a little sprinkling of reality'

'It's not like we invented Nazi zombies but we were the first of the new batch,' explains Kieran Parker, director of Outpost III, with pride. 'It came from mixing things like Alien with Where Eagles Dare. What we liked about it was that it's obviously…

Rufus Wainwright - Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Wed 5 Mar 2014

21 Mar 20144 stars

The baroque pop artiste imbues his modern material with class and elegance

Rufus Wainwright may have dabbled in musicals, operas and orchestras but tonight is stripped back to basics. No backing band, just the purity of one man singing at a grand piano. He sometimes switches to guitar, and is joined by his half-sister Lucy…


21 Mar 20144 stars

The arcade game reboot excels with high-speed action, great graphics and smooth, responsive controls

Back in 1990, owners of the Sega Mega Drive were wowed by the top quality port of classic arcade game Strider. A 2D platformer, in much the same vein as Castlevania or Mega Man, it was a massive hit, yet Capcom have virtually ignored the cyber ninja…

Interview: Roger Limb of The Radiophonic Workshop

18 Mar 2014

The iconic BBC music ensemble behind the Doctor Who theme is back on tour

The BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop was an early pioneer of electronic music. Originally set up by Desmond Briscoe and Daphne Oram in 1958 to produce music and sound effects for radio, it soon became a hub for musical experimentation, producing hundreds of…

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Video Nasties: Draconian Days

5 Mar 20144 stars

Jake West censorship doc highlights horror's frontline position in our battle for personal freedoms

The second part of director Jake West's history of film censorship in the UK looks at the furore surrounding the issue of 'Video Nasties', resulting in the establishment of the Video Recording Act in 1984. The government stamped down on the lack of…

Wolf Creek 2

5 Mar 20143 stars

John Jarrett stars as a menacing killer in this horror that suffers from odd shifts in tone

If you like brutal, bloody horror, 2005 was a particularly good year. Hostel, Saw II, The Devil's Rejects and a certain Wolf Creek were all released. The latter offered a pleasingly different take, directed by Australian Greg McLean and set in the…

The Sacrament

4 Mar 20143 stars

Ti West's latest lo-fi horror is inspired by the Jonestown massacre

In recent years Ti West has become one of the directors to watch in horror. He's created a succession of low budget films that have been thoughtful, intelligent genre movies. The House of the Devil, The Innkeepers and his segment in V/H/S ('Second…

Almost Human

4 Mar 20143 stars

Solid low budget sci-fi / horror hybrid from first-timer Joe Begos

Horror is one of the few genres that can still have a massive impact even with a limited budget. Evil Dead and Bad Taste are now considered classics of the genre and both directors (Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson respectively) have gone on to become two of…

Horror DVD round-up - February 2014

27 Feb 2014

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, Nothing Left to Fear, Skinwalkers, In Fear & Kiss of the Damned reviewed

We’ll start our quick run through some recent horror DVD releases with the first flesh eating virus to have its own franchise. Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (Signature) ●● (the third CF movie) is surprisingly entertaining even if the plot doesn’t quite hang…

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

27 Feb 20142 stars

A disappointing, derivative sequel from Mercury Steam

Castlevania is one of the longest running series in videogames. It practically invented the fantasy action adventure format. Starting way back in 1986 there have been over 30 titles released across multiple platforms stretching back to the NES. 2010’s…

As The Palaces Burn

27 Feb 20144 stars

Fascinating documentary about Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe's trial for manslaughter

Lamb of God are a seriously heavy rock band from Richmond, Virginia, who alongside Machine Head, Trivium and Shadows Fall helped revive the sound of thrash for a new generation of metal heads. They’ve sold a shit load of records; picked up multiple…

We Are What We Are

27 Feb 20144 stars

Jim Mickle's horror remake is as much an atmospheric slow burn cannibal film as the original

When you talk about cannibal films people expect the gore and teeth gnashing fury of the exploitation films that shocked the 70s (most of which ended up on the Video Nasties list). And when you talk about horror remakes we’ve come to expect polished but…

Interview: comedian John Kearns offers Sight Gags for Perverts

25 Feb 2014

A show that's part confessional, part character comedy, but all very, very funny

Sight Gags for Perverts is a very unusual show. John Kearns shambles on stage dressed in scruffy wig and false teeth before launching into a patience-testing song and rambling on about loneliness, failure and Berlin. ‘It's basically me,’ says Kearns in…

Titanfall: The game that promises to set a new benchmark in multiplayer first-person shooters

24 Feb 2014

'Feedback from fans is motivating us to deliver an experience that lives up to the hype'

A mechanised monolith lays down a barrage of machine-gun fire while a huge hulking robot runs for cover firing off missiles in response. A squad of soldiers, tricked out with jetpacks and advanced weaponry, scatter. Drawing in closer, the two robots…

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Phantom of the Paradise

24 Feb 20143 stars

Brian de Palma's cult musical has eccentric plotting, weird characters and a rocking soundtrack

As teenagers, Daft Punk were apparently massive fans of Brian De Palma's gaudy alternative musical, a schlocky mix of Faust, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Frankenstein and, of course, The Phantom of the Opera (it's worth noting that this pre-dates Andrew…

Metronomy - Love Letters

21 Feb 20143 stars

Joe Mount's electro-pop follow-up to The English Riviera can't help but suffer by comparison

Across three albums, Metronomy evolved from Joseph Mount’s one-man glitch electronica project into an iridescent indie pop band. Debut album Pip Paine (Pay the £5000 You Owe) (2006) bristled with wonky beats while The English Riviera (2011) saw…

FrightFest interviews: Jordan Barker, Joe Begos and Zack Parker

19 Feb 2014

The horror directors behind Torment, Almost Human and Proxy share their thoughts

FrightFest has proved to be one of the most popular events at the Glasgow Film Festival. Year after year the horror faithful gather to watch the latest in shock cinema and 2014's event looks like another masterclass in fear featuring Ti West's latest…

Interview: horror filmmaker Ti West prepares for FrightFest

14 Feb 2014

The director of The House of the Devil and The Innkeepers is screening his latest, The Sacrament

‘Horror is one of those things I wasn't allowed to see when growing up, so of course I was totally drawn to it. It's like a magic trick, you can experience this feeling of being scared despite being in a totally safe environment,' explains Ti West the…

Interview: Director Jon Baird on Filth and new TV satire Babylon

11 Feb 2014

Filth star James McAvoy delivered 'one of the great movie performances'

Can you give a brief synopsis of Filth? It's about a cop in Edinburgh who appears to be in control of his life. He is manipulating everyone around him to get a promotion at work because he thinks it'll help him get his wife and daughter, who have…

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I, Frankenstein

31 Jan 20141 star

Repetitive CGI battles and lumpen dialogue result in a corpse that shouldn't have been reanimated

There are some stories that reverberate through the ages. Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein was first published in 1818 and has since been adapted multiple times in film (most notably with Boris Karloff in 1931) and theatre (including Danny Boyle’s recent…

Interview: Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland

29 Jan 2014

The commercial-metal man chats about his art school past and love of dark electronic music

The annual Kerrang! tour is a snap shot of the state of heavy rock. And 2014 finds us in a dark and disturbing place featuring the monstrous riffage of Nottingham’s Baby Godzilla famed for their explosive live shows; the power meets thrash of…

Moderat set for rescheduled London and Glasgow dates on UK tour

29 Jan 2014

Live show from Modeselektor/Apparat collaboration setback by illness and venue closure

On paper, it’s a collaboration that just shouldn’t work. Modeselektor (aka duo Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary) and Apparat (aka Sascha Ring) were both moving in the same circles on the Berlin music scene circa 2002, but playing very different…

Sunshine on Leith, Filth and Riddick released on DVD

27 Jan 2014

A Belfast Story, The Colony, Blood Glacier and Frost also released

January and February are usually quiet months. It’s cold outside and your bank balance is still in recovery from December’s excesses, fortunately there are plenty of DVDs being released to keep you entertained. 2013 was a strong year for Scottish cinema…

Interview: Iain de Caestecker, star of Filth and Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

23 Jan 2014

The Scottish actor also featured in Not Another Happy Ending in 2013

To say Scottish actor Iain de Caestecker had a good 2013 is a bit of an understatement. 'You don't notice it as much when you're in amongst it but like anything you do I try to make myself aware that there are tens of thousands of people that are just…