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28 Jul 20142 stars

An unsurprising 'old dark house' horror starring Ed Stoppard, Sophia Myles and Paul Kaye

In the manner of so many supernatural tales, Blackwood begins with its protagonist, Ben Marshall (Ed Stoppard), relocating to a remote country pile looking for a fresh start. Following a nervous breakdown, Ben moves to the isolated Blackwood estate…

T in the Park 2014 - Saturday review and photo gallery

15 Jul 2014

Katy B, Pharrell, Bombay Bicycle Club and Calvin Harris with Will Smith bid farewell to Balado

It might be grey and drizzly but for anyone who survived the monsoons of 2012's T this is literally a walk in the park. Katy B ●●● impresses early doors with a mix of R&B, pop and dubstep. Backed by four dancers and some rumbling beats there's an…

The Killing and Ripper Street: two shows revived by the post-TV age of video on demand

15 Jul 2014

With streaming services fast becoming the norm, network cancellation is no longer the final curtain

The US remake of The Killing might not have had the same cultural impact as the Danish original (which sparked the UK obsession with Nordic Noir) but was still an absorbing atmospheric crime thriller. Transposing the action from Denmark to Seattle with…

Highlights from the 2014 Fringe by the Sea festival

15 Jul 2014

North Berwick-based festival programme includes Rachel Sermanni, Julie Fowlis and Eric Bibb

The population of Edinburgh swells to more than 1 million during August, over double the number that usually reside in the Scottish capital. So, even when you are in full festival mode, you might want to get far from the madding crowd and take the…


15 Jul 20142 stars

Grey, dreary, reptitive ghost story starring Little Miss Sunshine's Abigail Breslin

There have been so many variations on the ghost story of late. Usually that the main character is already dead is the final twist a la The Sixth Sense but we learn early doors that Lisa (Abigail Breslin aka Little Miss Sunshine herself) and her family…

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Adult World

15 Jul 20143 stars

John Cusack, Emma Roberts and Evan Peters star in this appealing porn industry dramedy

Ignore the tacky cover art that suggests John Cusack is Emma Roberts' favourite customer at a pole dancing club, the film contained within is a far more appealing comedy drama set on the fringes of the porn industry. In a bid for independence aspiring…


8 Jul 20144 stars

Dark, compelling and addictive Channel 4 series combines conspiracies, bleak comedy and violence

David Fincher is currently working on an American adaptation of Utopia for HBO. And you can see why Dennis Kelly’s thriller would appeal to the director of Se7en and Fight Club, with its mix of conspiracies within conspiracies, bleak comedy and graphic…

Calling Festival - Clapham Common, London, Sat 28 & Sun 29 Jun 2014

3 Jul 2014

Aerosmith and Stevie Wonder headline the two-day festival

Moving from Hyde Park to Clapham Common for the first time, 2014’s Calling Festival offered two very different days of music. The opening line-up was a full on old school rock fest. Richie Sambora ●● proved that unless he’s doing Bon Jovi tunes he’s…

Let Us Prey

27 Jun 20143 stars

Liam Cunningham and Pollyanna McIntosh star in Brian O'Malley's intriguing horror debut

Game of Thrones seems to employ nearly every available actor in the UK so it’s hard to avoid cast members when it comes to British films. This Scottish production features Liam Cunningham as a mysterious stranger who insinuates himself into a local…

Doc of the Dead

26 Jun 20143 stars

Lightweight zombie doc featuring interviews with George A Romero, Simon Pegg and Bruce Campbell

Zombies are definitely in vogue – they are the monster of the moment, chomping their way through movies, books, comics and TV. The Walking Dead is currently the highest rated show on cable in the US while 2013’s World War Z was the biggest budget horror…

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Lucozade Energy Arena announced for T in the Park 2014

24 Jun 2014

T in the Park is huge. It’s the largest music festival in Scotland with an enviable reputation for big name acts, great music and some of the most passionate fans in the world. It’s on such a humongous scale that there’s room for headline acts such as…

13 Sins

23 Jun 20143 stars

Mark Webber and Ron Perlman star in this gory direct-to-DVD thriller

In this gory remake of Thai thriller 13: Game of Death, Elliot (Mark Webber) finds himself trapped in a sinister game show. Having just lost his job and with a pregnant wife (Rutina Wesley, aka Tara in True Blood) at home, Elliot's life is falling to…

The Green Inferno

19 Jun 20143 stars

Eli Roth delves into jungle cannibalism and gives gorehounds plenty of gristle to chew on

A plane full of student protesters head off half-cocked into the Amazon trying to protect the rainforest and the indigenous tribes. After confronting a team of loggers, their ordeal really begins. On their way back to civilisation their plane crashes in…

The Anomaly

19 Jun 20142 stars

Noel Clarke's sci-fi puzzler squanders an interesting premise with repetitive action

You have to give Noel Clarke credit. Not only for his role as Mikey in Doctor Who or as an actor in Centurion, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, Star Trek: Into Darkness and many others but he’s also written, directed and produced a series low budget Brit…

Rival Sons - Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Mon 16 Jun 2014

19 Jun 20143 stars

Californian posse showing utter devotion to the retro rock of Led Zep, Doors et al

Led Zeppelin are the archetypal rock gods: the thundering guitars, the psychedelic leanings, the band that pioneered heavy rock excess. And there seems to be a new wave of bands reaching back and taking inspiration from Zeppelin and their ilk (Deep…

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Eagles - SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Mon 2 Jun 2014

13 Jun 20144 stars

The country-rock legends performance that's instantly evocative of a time and place in music history

Eagles have been through a long hard journey: acrimony, divorce, drink, drugs. And it was all recorded in Alison Ellwood's fascinating three hour plus documentary The History of the Eagles. Screened on Showtime in the US and the BBC in the UK it was…

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014: Eli Roth on his Amazon-shot cannibal horror The Green Inferno

10 Jun 2014

Director's affectionate tribute to the Italian cannibal movies of the 80s screens at EIFF 2014

Eli Roth revels in his reputation as the bad boy of horror cinema. He shocked movie fans with the flesh eating virus of Cabin Fever and for many epitomised the gory excesses of the mid-00s with the ultra-violent Hostel. ‘As a kid I loved sitting round…

The best vampire TV shows

4 Jun 2014

As the final series of True Blood airs, we profile the best vampire series and where to watch them

Of all the classic monster legends, vampires have captured the pop culture’s imagination the most. From Bram Stoker's Dracula through Nosferatu, The Lost Boys and Twilight, much like the bloodsuckers themselves, the myths refuse to die, being…

Prince - Hydro, Glasgow, Thu 22 May 2014

29 May 20144 stars

His Purple Majesty brings an embarrassment of riches to his first Glasgow show in nearly two decades

It's been a long time coming and there's a buzz of nervous energy rippling through the audience packed into the Hydro. Even with tickets clutched in hand it’s hard to believe he’s really, genuinely here. Prince hadn't played Glasgow in 19 years; then…

Cheap Thrills

27 May 20143 stars

Black comedy that brings to mind a drug-fuelled Coen Brothers flick with a hint of early Sam Raimi

Family man Craig (Pat Healy) is resoundingly down on his luck. Facing eviction after losing his job, he hits the bar with old drinking buddy Vince (Ethan Embry). It's there they encounter rich couple Colin and Violet (David Koechner and Sara Paxton)…

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Nine Inch Nails - SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Tue 20 May 2014

22 May 20144 stars

A perfect symbiosis of technology, sound and visuals from Trent Reznor's industrial/electronica crew

Nine Inch Nails exist in a world of shadows, the vast Hydro auditorium plunged into darkness, Trent Reznor and co swimming into view amongst the inky black. The deceptively simplistic set pulsing muted primary colours as they launch into the stripped…

'We explicitly wanted this type of discussion about national identity, heritage and guilt' - Benjamin Benedict on Generation War

20 May 2014

The German WWII mini-series provoked debate about the country's role during and after the war

In terms of popular culture, we're so used to seeing the events of World War II through Allied Forces eyes. But what about the lives, hopes and dreams of those who fought for Germany? This fresh viewpoint is what makes German mini-series Generation War…

Interview: Stuart Gordon, director of Re-Animator, From Beyond and Castle Freak

20 May 2014

The filmmaker has also turned his hand to theatre, directing Re-Animator: The Musical and Taste

For aficionados of the undead, Re-Animator is counted as a true great alongside Dawn of the Dead and Zombie Flesh Eaters. The film is a smart, funny and gloriously gory slice of horror cinema starring Jeffrey Combs as an insanely driven medical student…

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

20 May 20142 stars

A vaguely spooky Latino twist on the found footage subgenre that just feels repetitive

Found footage has become the most over used device in horror. Paranormal Activity not only hold the dubious honour of ushering in this new age of shaky cam cinema but are also the masters of the over crowded sub-genre. We’ve already had a Japanese take…

Made in America

20 May 20143 stars

Ron Howard directs a behind-the-scenes look at Jay Z's titular music festival

In 2012 hip hop mogul Jay Z hosted the inaugural Made in America music festival in central Philadelphia. Calling on his celebrity friends Ron Howard was on hand to film the two days of rap, indie, rock and dance music. However this is more of a…