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Rod Stewart musical Tonight’s the Night set for 2014 UK tour

22 Jan 2014

Touring version of Ben Elton's 2003 musical hits Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and more

Having sold out almost the entire opening week of the SSE Hydro arena in Glasgow last autumn, public affection for Rod Stewart and his music isn’t likely to abate soon, especially not in Scotland. This touring version of the 2003 Ben Elton musical…

Interview: Sean O’Keeff (2 Bad Mice) and JD Twitch (Optimo)

21 Mar 2014

Breakbeat pioneer O'Keeff discusses 2BM's recent resurgence, including slots at Berghain and Optimo

'Absolutely unique,’ was the response of Optimo’s JD Twitch when he first heard post-hardcore breakbeat originators 2 Bad Mice in 1991. ‘They were pushing production, sampling and the use of breakbeats way out there, and they still fit in just fine with…

Interview: artist AR Hopwood discusses The False Memory Archive

27 Mar 2014

Hopwood explores ‘the pliable nature of memory’ with the Edinburgh International Science Festival

’I remember running away from the hospital as a newborn baby,’ reads one of the less likely inaccurate memories that AR Hopwood has gathered for his False Memory Archive through online portals. This is the raw material for a range of works – some…

Interview: filmmaker Tim Barrow on his debut play, Union

18 Mar 2014

The drama tackles the theme of Scottish Independence from a historical angle

This debut play by filmmaker Tim Barrow takes the honour of being the first major stage work of 2014 to tackle the year’s big political story, although its roots go back to 2008 when Barrow was touring The Inheritance, his debut feature as a writer and…

Glasgow International 2014: programme highlights

25 Mar 2014

Featuring Anthea Hamilton and Nicholas Byrne, Henrik Pätzke, Sue Tompkins, Hudinilson Jr and more

Anthea Hamilton and Nicholas Byrne: Love The once abandoned Govanhill Baths continues its new lease of life as an arts venue, this time hosting Hamilton and Byrne’s inflatable sculptures, first installed at London’s Poplar Baths during the 2012…

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Edinburgh International Science Festival emphasises hands-on skills with Making It strand

24 Mar 2014

'People are using the products of a science literate society to develop new technologies'

In one of the flagship strands of this year’s Edinburgh International Science Festival, Making It will reintroduce audiences to ‘maker culture’ and the sense that the sciences aren’t just a spectator experience, following on from the success of last…

Edinburgh International Science Festival 2014 presents nighttime LateLab strand

24 Mar 2014

The evening events will include a synæsthesia session and a Soylent Green screening

Presenting science for an evening crowd has proven to be such a winner that the Edinburgh International Science Festival’s LateLab strand has now rolled out across the year in a series of quarterly events, with a dozen of them being held within the…

The Hidden Door festival aims to instil Edinburgh with a new DIY events ethos

21 Mar 2014

'We can do things like this if we want; we don’t have to wait for permission'

‘Edinburgh suffers from what you might call institutional repetition,’ says David Martin, creative director of the Hidden Door Festival, a defiantly DIY agent of change on the capital’s cultural landscape. ‘What we wanted to do was something a bit…

Interview: Nicolas Jaar and Daniel Harrington, aka Darkside

21 Mar 2014

The brooding, electronic-rock duo discuss their origins and Daft Punk's Random Access Memories

'How did we meet?’ ponders New Yorker Nicolas Jaar on his relationship with his partner on the Darkside, Dave Harrington. ‘We were set up on a blind date,’ he decides with a laugh. The truth is, they kind of were. Jaar, more famous for dense and…

Singles and downloads - March 2014

19 Mar 2014

Paolo Nutini, Machinedrum, Golden Teacher and Paws reviewed

Paolo Nutini – 'Scream (Funk My Life Up)' (Atlantic) ●● For the first ten seconds, the comeback single from Paisley’s favourite son is highly promising, with a vaguely South Asian convergence of atmospheric windchime sounds and squealing rap intro…

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U Always Know the Right Thing to Say

18 Mar 20143 stars

Group show for emerging talent, including Jenna Bliss, Ash Reid, Bernie Reid and Darren Rhymes

This latest group show from long-established home to Edinburgh’s finest emerging art talent the Embassy promises that it’s ‘about friendship in relationship to networks, in real time and virtual spaces.’ How that translates in real terms is often…

Spencer Sweeney exhibition at Glasgow's Modern Institute

25 Feb 2014

Artist whose work explores feverish late-night New York lifestyle

'Artist, musician, DJ, club owner and playboy mystic of the land below 14th Street’ is the phrase Interview magazine used to introduce Spencer Sweeney when he met up with his friend and business partner, the rock star Andrew WK, to chat about Sweeney’s…

5 reasons to see Keith Partridge: Another Day at the Office

25 Feb 2014

1. Get jealous about his job ‘I’m an 'adventure cameraman', says the 46-year-old, who was raised in Norfolk and is based in Fife. ‘So think of the stuff you've seen on TV or at the cinema that looks pretty adventurous and wonder how they managed to…

5 acts to see at the Wee Dub Festival 2014

25 Feb 2014

Featuring Nucleus Roots, Iration Steppas ft. Danman, African Head Charge and more

Founded by Gregory Lapinski in 2011 as a one-dayer and expanded into a full weekend this year with the help of Chris Knight (Astrojazz, Departure Lounge, Kelburn Garden Party), the Wee Dub Festival celebrates dub and reggae styles across a bunch of…

Edinburgh-based Jonathan Owen exhibits at Ingleby Gallery

25 Feb 2014

'Eraser drawings' created by rubbing out characters from film stills in books

‘Acts of careful vandalism,’ is the attractive phrase Jonathan Owen uses to describe the works of art he creates. His ‘eraser drawings’, says the Edinburgh College of Art graduate, who hails from the north of England, are created by rubbing out…

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Beyonce - Hydro Arena, Glasgow, Thu 20 Feb 2014

21 Feb 20145 stars

The Mrs Carter live show is a mesmerising blend of star power, pyrotechnics and damn good music

There are a hundred and one questions which could be asked of Beyonce as a true artistic breaker of boundaries; namely, judging by this performance, the tension between an obviously passionate feminist voice which saw her render the powerful TED talk…

Singles and downloads - February 2014

21 Feb 2014

New releases from The Machine Room, Trans, Bdy_Prts and Whilst reviewed

The Machine Room – 'Chances' / 'Your Head on the Floor Next Door' (Disorder Recordings) ●●● This second single from Edinburgh quintet the Machine Room comes in advance of the ‘Sweden EP’ from which its lead track is taken later in the month, and it’s…

Interview: producer of the moment Jon Hopkins

19 Feb 2014

The King Creosote collaborator reverts back to his 'upbeat and hypnotic' techno stylings

‘I didn’t used to find myself playing at three in the morning quite so much,’ ponders producer of the moment Jon Hopkins on the line from Prague ahead of a concert later in the evening. ‘My previous albums have been much more varied in terms of beats…

Noel Coward's Private Lives set to return to Edinburgh, the city of its premiere

18 Feb 2014

Director Martin Duncan: 'It’s a rollercoaster of a play: funny, absurd, excruciating and tragic'

Regularly revived, most recently through the Chichester Festival and the Gielgud Theatre in London, Noel Coward’s Private Lives becomes particularly resonant when it returns to Edinburgh. After all, it was in this city’s King’s Theatre in August 1930…

Interview: DJ/producer Appleblim on fellow artists Shackleton and Beneath

29 Jan 2014

All three will appear at the freshly refurbed Art School's dubstep & funky night

Expect a triple bill of pioneering dubstep courtesy of a pair of the genre’s early experimenters and a brand new face at this high-value triple bill, with Skull Disco founder Sam Shackleton, his long-time collaborator Appleblim (Laurie Osborne, pictured…

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New revival of Long Day’s Journey Into Night created for Edinburgh's Lyceum Theatre

22 Jan 2014

Eugene O’Neill’s semi-autobiographical work about addiction and family dysfunction

’It’s so painfully honest,’ says director Tony Cownie when asked about the key to the importance of Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night, a new revival of which he’s created for the Lyceum. ‘It’s very interesting that O’Neill didn’t want the…

Burns Night 2014 - events round-up

21 Jan 2014

A selection of the suppers, ceilidhs and flings held in honour of the Bard's birthday

In this year of all years, the annual celebration of the Bard of Ayrshire Robert Burns’ life takes on a different tone, surely impressing a sense of national cultural pride upon both sides of the independence debate. If you’re celebrating somewhere…

Young Fathers - Dead

21 Jan 20144 stars

A debut LP that redefines the boundaries of UK hip hop and Scotland’s artistic landscape

Welcome back to Young Fathers, surely one of the most creative forces in UK hip hop and certainly the most productive. Since signing to Anticon two years ago – the highly esteemed Los Angeles powerhouse of more esoteric and inventively under-the-radar…

Mogwai - Rave Tapes

20 Jan 20144 stars

The band's 12th studio album is more deliberately understated than usual, if no less emotional

When Mogwai attempt a change of style, it occurs at a pace to suit that of their music, with all the relentless, unhurried grace of a turning cruise liner. While electronics have long played some part in their sound, they’ve increasingly come to the…

Toby Paterson: Soft Boundary

20 Jan 2014

Work by Glasgow-based artist exploring city landmarks including Red Road flats

Originally intended to be a simple series of paintings, albeit created on aluminium sheeting, Soft Boundary has taken on a new life for Glasgow-based artist Toby Paterson. ‘From gathering experiences and photographic documentation of the latest series…