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A guide to the best winter events 2014

11 Nov 2014

Including Glasgow Loves Christmas, Scotland Street Santa School and Glasgow Comic and Toy Fair

After an ever more successful return year on year, Edinburgh’s Christmas (various venues, Edinburgh, Fri 21 Nov–Sun 4 Jan) is now bigger than ever, with fairs, markets, ice rinks, and theatre shows focused on St Andrew Square and the surrounding area.

Top chefs on their favourite St Andrew’s Day food

13 Nov 2014

Featuring Victoria Henderson, Calum Richardson, Mike Small, Joe Malik and Ruaraidh Skinner

Victoria Henderson – Head chef, Mono, Glasgow Vegan haggis, neeps and tatties For vegan haggis you really are unlimited as to what vegetables you put in. Mushrooms are good as they give it a nice depth and texture, with pulses, oats, onions and…

Emma Beeby, Gordon Rennie & Tiernen Trevallion – Robbie Burns: Witch Hunter

10 Nov 20144 stars

Black humour, smart character work and inventive violence ensure superb graphic novel

A fictional account of Robert Burns’ descent into mortal combat with the supernatural which begins with him being beaten to a drunk and trouserless pulp by a man whose daughter he’s deflowered probably won’t find itself on the national curriculum any…

Highlights of the Dundee Literary Festival 2014

20 Oct 2014

Confirmed authors include Jodi Picoult, Jung Chang, James Naughtie, Kevin Barry and Will Simpson

‘An annual celebration of books in Scotland's sunniest city,’ is how programme manager Peggy Hughes describes Dundee Literary Festival. Now into its eighth year, it was originally established by Anna Day and Professor Kirsty Gunn as a June-set event in…

Pleasance Sessions: The List Magazine Presents ...

17 Oct 20144 stars

Two Wings, Ubre Blanca and Prehistoric Friends showed refreshing variety of musical talent

Over the past week the inaugural Pleasance Sessions mini-festival has been doing a great job of representing Scotland’s alternative music scene with a bunch of cannily-curated gigs whose reasoning has seemed to be more ‘who’s best?’ than ‘who’s…

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Christmas 2014: A guide to Scottish concerts and gigs

13 Nov 2014

Including Kid Canaveral’s Xmas Baubles, Slowfest, RSNO's Hollywood Christmas and Handel’s Messiah

Of this year’s stellar repertoire of festive music events happening across the central belt, none has us more excited than Dune: The Musical (Pilrig St Paul’s Church, Edinburgh, Fri 12 Dec) from the Irregular Owl Movements. The clubbing wing of…

Christmas 2014: The best whisky and wine tasting events

12 Nov 2014

Including Glasgow Whisky Festival, Summerhall Beer FestivALE and Italian Wine Series

There’s something about long winter nights which lends itself to not just having a drink (responsibly of course: it’s probably a law somewhere that we make it clear), but also to savouring that drink. Or maybe that’s just because we imagine the taste of…

Sound of Yell – Broken Spectre

10 Nov 20144 stars

El Hombre Trajeado co-founder goes solo with the help of a dozen friends

His sometime El Hombre Trajeado accomplice and co-founder RM Hubbert might have attracted more recognition in recent times for his exhausting workrate and proliferation of fine albums, but Stevie Jones’ own career has continued apace in the meantime…

Mogwai – Music Industry 3 Fitness Industry 1 EP

6 Nov 20144 stars

Glasgow band take new musical direction with latest release that includes three Rave Tapes remixes

Less than a year after their unexpected but well-deserved most successful record yet (eighth album Rave Tapes broke the UK top ten), the ever hard-grafting Mogwai are back with an EP which leads off with probably the most commercial song they’ve ever…

Anna Oppermann: Cotoneaster Horizontalis

13 Nov 20144 stars

Stunning installation in Dundee is first ever UK retrospective of the late German artist

An ‘ensemble’ is the name given by the late German artist Anna Oppermann to, in her words, ‘the documentation of a particular method during perception and / or awareness exercises’. What this means in practice is a large…

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Preview: Mike Nelson – Eighty Circles Through Canada

12 Nov 2014

Twice Turner-nominated artist's installation made in reaction to death of Erlend Williamson

Subtitled ‘The last possessions of an Orcadian mountain man’, this show by the twice Turner-nominated British artist Mike Nelson comes from a deeply personal place, serving as it does as a reaction to the death of his friend and sometime collaborator…

Cirque Du Soul club night comes to Edinburgh for the first time

11 Nov 2014

‘Taking over one venue at a time for a night of circus-themed debauchery’

‘Taking over one venue at a time for a night of circus-themed debauchery,’ is what Cirque Du Soul co-founder Will Weaver describes as the club’s overriding ethos. Founded in Leeds at the turn of 2013, it’s already found its way to nine cities across the…

Sharon Van Etten set for Glasgow gig

10 Nov 2014

Emotional indie rocker is finally making it big after success of album Are We There

Although she’s four albums into a five-year recording career and the last of those records was released a full six months ago, it feels as though New Jersey’s Sharon Van Etten has never been more popular. You sense that she’s another slow-burn artists…

Philip Kerr – January Window

10 Nov 20142 stars

Murkiest aspects of Premier League football explored in narrative testing bounds of believeability

Edinburgh born-and-raised crime author Philip Kerr has certainly cottoned on to a worthy and unexplored setting for the genre, amidst the backdrop of English Premier League football. A self-confessed Arsenal fan, he’s taken the murkiest aspects of the…

Preview: Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense

7 Nov 2014

Stage adaptation of Wodehouse classic directed by Sean Foley starring John Gordon Sinclair

‘It’s quite full-on,’ sighs John Gordon Sinclair. ‘I don’t just play Jeeves, I’m also Madeline Bassett, ‘Stiffy’ Byng, Sir Watkyn Bassett and Gussie Fink-Nottle. During rehearsals I came the closest I’ve ever been to saying “I don’t think I can do…

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Preview: La Cheetah Fifth Birthday

6 Nov 2014

House and techno venue blows out some candles with Matthew Herbet, Levon Vincent and Theo Parris

‘It's a small space with a big sound system,’ says Graham Ward, La Cheetah events manager and resident DJ (as Wardy, alongside Dom D’Sylva), of the venue’s appeal. ‘The whole club is basically a dancefloor, so folk that come down get right into…

Opinion: Why Young Fathers deserve the 2014 Mercury Prize

31 Oct 2014

Edinburgh group's win suggests there’s still a place for non-prescribed ‘out there’ music

Congratulations to Edinburgh’s Young Fathers, only the third Mercury Prize winner from Scotland in its 22-year history – and certainly its least heralded, considering the hype with which Primal Scream and Franz Ferdinand swept in on in 1992 (the first…

Magic Waves electronic mini-festival comes to Glasgow – Fri 24 Oct 2014

23 Oct 2014

Headliners include Black Devil Disco Club, Arthur Baker, DJ Mark Du Mosch and Alessandro Adriani

‘It's a party where you don't know what you're going to hear next, and one where we only play music from the heart,’ says Berlin-based Magic Waves founder Casionova of his pirate radio station venture turned international clubbing brand. ‘It's not…

Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2014

22 Oct 2014

Storytellers from across the world including Germany, Portugal and New Zealand to take part

’Storytelling is an art of performance and community with elements of improvisation and live audience interaction ‘off the page’,’ says Scottish International Storytelling Festival director Donald Smith, by way of explaining how different his event is…

Cross-genre music innovator Rustie brings Green Language tour to Glasgow

21 Oct 2014

Much anticipated homecoming show from Russell Whyte at the Art School

‘More serious,’ is what Glasgow’s own Rustie (aka Russell Whyte) says he wanted from his follow-up to 2011 debut album Glass Swords. The original, he apparently considered, had thrown too much into the mix in terms of trying to make itself heard with…

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Preview: Jonathan Meese – Pump Up the Vampire, Pump Up the Vampire, Pump Up the Vampire, Smell!

21 Oct 2014

'Art is the most natural enemy of all ideologies'

‘Meese was invited by (curator) Linsey Young to play the total game of Art in the Glue Factory. Meese will collect most of the work / toys for the „Artevolution“ in Glasgow.’ You’ve never really interviewed someone, even via e-mail, until you’ve…

Nana Shiomi – Reverse Universe

21 Oct 20143 stars

Nature of duality explored in Japanese artist's woodcut prints

The nature of duality, says Japanese artist Nana Shiomi in her self-penned programme notes for this exhibition, is at the heart of her work. Merging the traditional style of her home country with everything she has learned since moving to the UK, these…

Album Roundup – October 2014

15 Oct 2014

Including new releases from Flying Lotus, Adrian Crowley, Graveyard Tapes and Deerhoof

Flying Lotus – You’re Dead! (Warp) ●●●●● The album you’re surely least likely to expect to find the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Snoop Dogg guesting on this year, Flying Lotus’ fifth, You’re Dead!, is that rare monster, a record which is entirely…

Scotland's annual film festival Africa in Motion celebrates 20 years of freedom in South Africa

15 Oct 2014

Events include dozens of film screenings, plus talks by directors Eric Kabera and Ian Gabriel

‘I’d like audiences to come away from the festival inspired by the beauty, spirit and innovation of the continent,’ says Natalia Palombo, one of the managers of Scotland’s Africa in Motion film festival, now in its ninth year. Started in 2006 by Dr…

Simple Things 2014 lineup includes Autechre, Clark and Dean Blunt

14 Oct 2014

Bristol-based electronic festival is set to head north for the first time to venues across Glasgow

In recent years Glasgow has proven itself to be a fairweather friend to city-based festivals, with every continuing success story like Stag & Dagger giving way to an honourable but now defunct effort such as Hinterland. This November sees another new…