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UK playwrights fight government cuts

18 Feb 2011

Theatre Uncut features work by Mark Ravenhill, David Greig, Lucy Kirkwood and Jack Thorne

Scotland’s art scene seldom stands on ceremony and next month looks set to be just as impressive as Bedlam Theatre hosts a day of theatre, music and talk, as part of a nationwide stand against the Government spending review. Playwrights including Mark…

Campaign to save Inverleith Park from housing development

19 Jan 2011

Proposal looks to build six homes in public space

A new year dawns and the city’s spaces are in jeopardy once again this fortnight as Edinburgh fights over another unique corner. In an unexpected development late last year, it emerged that Edinburgh City Council may try to build luxury houses on a…

The best upcoming events in Scotland in 2011

3 Jan 2011

Highlights of the 2011 cultural calandar from Film, Music, Comedy, Theatre and Visual Art

Huge gigs, inspiring theatre productions, comedy legends and two cute little waving bears – just a few of the things coming up in ‘11 that we can barely contain our excitement about

Multi-platform In the Company of Wolves event set for Glasgow Sub Club

3 Nov 2010

Very different fashion show showcases new group of designers

Multi-platform events company In the Company of Wolves don’t do subtle. In spring of this year entertainment and events students Ally Turnbull and Claire Stuart leapt onto the scene, launching a showcase of independent design in a multi-faceted event…

Ski, Snowboard + Xtreme Show 2010 hits SECC

10 Oct 2010

Winter sports special features stalls, shows and Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards

Yes, yes, we know: we’re bad people. Summer was barely there and autumn’s only just arrived, and off we go, blighters that we are, promoting winter, or more specifically all things snow. We would normally (honest) tell the freeze-friendly SECC to keep…

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Spamalot musical comes to Edinburgh Playhouse

29 Sep 2010

Monty Python's King Arthur comedy

If ever a man was able to look on the bright side of life it is Eric Idle. Whether jumping out of cakes in a tutu for Prince Charles in a comical re-enactment of Swan Lake, or dressing up in wings, mocking the outfit worn by Emma Thompson in Angels in…

Theatre, Darling!

16 Sep 2010

Whether it is cutting edge drama, hearty laughs or a decent tippling hole, Glasgow and Edinburgh’s theatre and comedy scene has it covered, find Niki Boyle and Anna Millar

The Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival 2010

10 Sep 2010

Bill Douglas Trilogy screening and premiere of David Greig’s Monsters in the Hall

If there’s one thing that Scotland has in spades, it’s a proliferation of some mighty fine smaller scale festivals, and the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival (now in its 4th year) has more than earned the credibility to rub shoulders with…

Über Hate Gang

23 Aug 20104 stars

Explosive and well executed play on terrorism

The audience become (un)willing members of a terrorist act in this well-executed play, as the Über Hate Gang plan to blow up the theatre. A slightly meandering start gives way to some explosive confrontations as personal rifts and deeply hidden secrets…


17 Aug 20104 stars

Giving voice to a powerful story

As the familiar strains of ‘Jerusalem’ play out, a pair of twins, June and Jennifer, emerge onto the stage. Unable to find a language to communicate with the outside world they are almost silent, speaking only to each other, creating a fantasy world in…

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Tribute concert to Sir Charles Mackerras at EIF

15 Aug 2010

Fantastic celebration of a wonderful man

One of the leading lights on the EIF, Sir Charles Mackerras has long been synonymous with the talent and the creativity at the heart of the Edinburgh International Festival. Fitting then, that they should celebrate his passing earlier this year with a…

The Man Who Was Thursday

14 Aug 20102 stars

Injects some far-fetched fun into a light-hearted romp

This young, enthusiastic company injects some far-fetched fun into a light-hearted romp about the war on terror, in a noughties reimagining of the original novel by GK Chesterton. A cheeky wink to the left-not-knowing-what-the-right-hand’s doing is…

Elsie and Mairi Go to War

14 Aug 20102 stars

High on initial interest but short on the requisite drama

This well-acted tale follows two heroines of WWI dispatched to Belgium as ambulance drivers. Using extracts from the women’s diaries and contemporary press interviews, the play is adapted from a book by Diane Atkinson, who here ill-advisedly narrates…

Kronos Quartet

13 Aug 2010

So many strings to their bow

They’ve worked with David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails and Nelly Furtado, and had their music featured in movies such as Requiem for a Dream. The dance world adores them, leading to collaborations with Merce Cunningham; lest we forget the extraordinary band…

Camille O’Sullivan – Chameleon

13 Aug 20103 stars

More of a purr than a growl

There’s a sense of great expectation with Irish charmer Camille. The sexy chanteuse has long wooed us with her brand of sultry, ballsy theatrics and whether rock, blues or ballads, Cave, Waits or Bowie, she can belt them out like the best of them. This…

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Step inside a payphone booth for a spot of storytelling

12 Aug 2010

The Invisible Dot provides audiences with a new form of entertainment

What with the Fringe being the Fringe, it’s only right and proper that some of this year’s shows should crop up in the most unlikely of places. And so it is that The Invisible Dot have brought four old British Telecom payphone booths to this year’s…

The Gospel at Colonus reveals authentic traditions at its heart

11 Aug 2010

Reworking of Greek tragedy takes centre stage at EIF

His celebrated version of Ibsen’s A Doll’s House cast dwarf actors opposite Amazonian women performers while his reimagining of Peter Pan using pint-sized puppets made audiences look anew at JM Barrie’s classic children’s tale. Now theatrical maverick…

More Light Please

9 Aug 20103 stars

In search of further illumination

The emotional and economic reality of emigration is fertile ground for theatre, and More Light Please provides another addition to the canon with its story of young Natalia moving from Poland to Dublin in search of a better life. The scene is set in…

Wolf is a innovative and well-imagined piece of theatre

9 Aug 20103 stars

Engaging exploration of human/wolf relations

The audience heads into the Caves with a growing sense of trepidation. We’ve been told that the ‘wolves’ may want to touch, move or smell us. We’ve been told we should let them. We should also make ourselves comfortable; we’ll be standing…

Merrill Grant: A Twentieth Century Fox

5 Aug 2010

A cabaret homage to silver-screen greats

With her Southern twang, strawberry-blonde hair, beaming smile and can-do attitude, Merrill Grant is the epitome of a 1930s belle. Which is just jim-dandy, given the cabaret act she’s bringing to this year’s Fringe. Inspired by her love of Shirley…

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Jonathan Biss opens EIF Queen's Hall series

5 Aug 2010

Young American talent will bring passion to EIF launch

Whether volunteering for Barack Obama in the Primaries or traversing the globe with his intimate piano recitals, the young Jonathan Biss has long proved he’s no run-of-the-mill talent. Light on pomp and heavy in enthusiasm, the Indiana-raised pianist…

Fringe 2010 cabaret offerings are as colourful as ever

30 Jul 2010

Smoke & Mirrors, Alan Cumming and The Crack

From pared down to jazz-hands up, this year’s variety and cabaret offerings are as colourful as ever. Anna Millar meets the makers to find out why we just can’t get enough It’s a certain man who can shimmy from club door whore to straight-talking…

Celebrity Autobiography satirises stars using their own words

27 Jul 2010

Eugene Pack and Phill Jupitus target Tiger Woods and Miley Cyrus

Whether it’s Ugly Betty’s Michael Urie waxing lyrical as Miley Cyrus or Eugene Pack ‘stroking his putter’ à la Tiger Woods, few things can raise a smile like celebrities getting their come-uppance. And award-winning show-cum-comedy book club, Celebrity…

Poignant preview

26 Jul 2010

A bold, imaginative retelling of three Argentinean tales

As if getting into bed in the dark with strangers wasn’t intriguing enough, Micaela Tettamanti’s 45-minute show Poignant features one of the smallest audiences on the Fringe (only four are admitted at any one time) and has no actors or stage to speak of.

Edinburgh gallery opens new space in Leith

23 Jul 2010

Axolotl gallery to open sister space OXO in Leith

As any self respecting Leither will tell you, the area’s renaissance continues. First the decent bars and restaurants took root, then the ever burgeoning Leith festival. This fortnight its cultural kudos gets another boost with the addition of a new…