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Ten emerging artists from Scotland

30 Oct 2012

Including Nick Evans, Torsten Lauschmann, Ashley Nieuwenhuizen and more

Producing six of the last 15 Turner Prize winners – among them Martin Creed, Richard Wright, Susan Philipsz and Simon Starling – the Scottish art scene is an incubator for new international talent. Talitha Kotzé introduces ten of the best

Emerging fashion designers from Scotland

30 Oct 2012

Tessa Hartmann, Bebaroque, William Chambers, Euan McWhirter, Common People and Rebecca Torres

Tessa Hartmann. Founder of the globally recognised Scottish Fashion Awards and newly announced WGSN (Worth Global Style Network), Hartmann truly deserves a mention on this list. She judge has worked tirelessly over the past decade to give Scottish…

Alastair Frazer, curator of Holography Unit, discusses his working practises

20 Sep 2012

The artist is a fan of Claes Oldenburg, Robert Wyatt and French sculptor ACM

What was the first exhibition you went to see? Claes Oldenburg’s An Anthology at Hayward Gallery. Now I think of it, there’s something about those early soft sculptures that is still near the heart of things for me. What kind of music do you listen…

Five design companies from Scotland

30 Oct 2012

Timorous Beasties, Harris Tweed, Blue Marmalade, Linn Audio Equipment and Snook

This Scottish shopping basket shows that the country’s design industries are nothing if not diverse: from traditional woven textiles to the cutting edge of service design, we’ve got it made

Dexter Sinister: Identity

10 Oct 20124 stars

A highly polished video installation lecture on the rise of corporate identities

Identity is a new three-screened video installation at Tramway by a design duo known as Dexter Sinister. The audio-video installation is a highly polished lecture on the rise of corporate identities, and, specifically, their use by arts organisations.

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David Michalek: Figure Studies

20 Sep 20124 stars

Slo-mo studies of every-day movement make imperfection blur into beauty

There’s something heroic about David Michalek’s three-screen sequel of sorts to his similarly-styled ‘Slow Dancing’ triptych of larger-than-life slo-mo studies of dancers in motion, first seen in 2007. Where in that piece five blink-and-you’ll-miss-em…

Artist-run galleries and collective studio spaces in Scotland

30 Oct 2012

Including Glue Factory, Superclub, Embassy and WASPS Studios

Scotland’s major cities each enjoy a healthy do-it-yourself arts scene, with many collectively run spaces holding exhibitions and providing working studio environments. Among the current key spaces in that hotbed of Turner-prize winning talent, Glasgow…

Five Scottish buildings of architectural significance

30 Oct 2012

Featuring work from Gareth Hoskins, Richard Murphy and Nicoll Russell

National Museum of Scotland Gareth Hoskins Architects Completed 2011 Roundly hailed as a triumph, the renovation of the somewhat tired and dark National Museum in Edinburgh saw the opening up of the splendidly light central atrium space and the…

Scottish galleries and artworks outside the cities

30 Oct 2012

Including Little Sparta, Taigh Chearsabhagh, Deveron Arts and more

Pier Arts Centre, Orkney. On his native isles’ proliferation of artists, Orcadian writer George Mackay Brown once wrote, ‘I am sure that good art springs from... fruitful contact with the elements.’ The Pier, set up to provide a home for the collection…

Ten galleries and visual art institutions in Scotland

30 Oct 2012

Tramway, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Fruitmarket Gallery and more

National Galleries of Scotland. Four sites across Edinburgh house the national collections. Among the permanent highlights are work by Titian, Rembrandt and the great surrealists. Gallery of Modern Art. A grand neo-classical building in the middle of…

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Three upcoming Scottish photographers to watch

30 Oct 2012

Anna Bruce, Philip Reid and Stanley Allen

Anna Bruce. A graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, Bruce is interested in the layering of ideas and textures, as well as an appreciation of the sculptural quality of the light beam. Most recently, she documented a cultural project called Industri-us on…

Andrew Kerr: Delmess was Charged

19 Oct 20124 stars

An easy-to-like exhibition of the Glasgow-based artists paper-based works

It is hard not to like these acrylic works on paper. Unframed and pinned to the white wall they sit comfortably, owning the space, yet not too precious. Pigments in a muted tonal range have been moved around on the small-scale canvas in an automative…

Dazzle of Fog - Film City, Glasgow, Sat 29 Sep

18 Oct 20124 stars

‘Ambisonic’ cinema soundtracks from Lafoden, Alex Smoke, Konx-Om-Pax and more

Billed as a ‘unique, experimental audio/visual event that platforms ambisonic, immersive sound technology’, Dazzle of Fog gathered the work of seven Glasgow artists, mixing live performances, film and installations over four specially commissioned…

Audio art festival Sonica to showcase works by Luke Fowler, Claudia Molitor and Janek Schaefer

18 Oct 2012

From Arika’s Kill Your Timid Notion to Glasgow International, sound and vision have become increasingly promiscuous bedfellows over the last decade. Throw in an increased sense of theatricality to sound-based art, and all the elements are in place for…

Glasgow painter Gordon Picken discusses his artistic influences and practices

18 Oct 2012

What was the first exhibition you went to see? In the 1970s, my mother took me to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow and pointed out Salvador Dali’s ‘Christ of St John of the Cross’. A controversial painting in its day, it was attacked…

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Laura Aldridge: Things Held Inside / The New Sea

18 Oct 20123 stars

Experiments in fabric imbued with a sense of unfulfillment

Like protest banners or sails on ships, a range of fabrics have been sewn and stitched together, screenprinted and hand painted. Stretched across planted poles and anchored down with heavy concrete, their seeming functionality – of protest placards…

Artbeat - Andrew Houston

15 Oct 2012

Q&A with the artist and curator of a group exhibition exploring sexual identities as part of Glasgay

What was the first exhibition you went to see? The first exhibition I went to see, or at least can clearly remember was the permanent collection of Lucien Freud paintings at Chatsworth house in Cheshire when I was 13. At this point I was still very…

The Jill Todd Photography Award to recognise Scotland's finest new photographic talent

15 Oct 2012

When budding photographer Jill Todd tragically died in 2010, after receiving a first-class honours degree in Photography and Film the year before, her family and friends were determined to do something in her memory, and this year launch The Jill Todd…

Donald Judd: Drawings 1963-93

10 Oct 20123 stars

It’s hard to decide how this display of work by the late American sculptor Donald Judd should be approached. As an insight into the working practice of one of the most celebrated minimalist designers of the 20th century, an artist whose hard-edged and…

Central Station: Kathryn Ho

10 Oct 2012

Kathryn Ho is an artist and designer from Edinburgh who is currently expanding her horizons in London. She graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone in Dundee with a BA (Hons) in Illustration. Her current work focuses on the order and patterns…

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Again, a Time Machine

8 Oct 20123 stars

Touring exhibition celebrating radical art practices of the late 20th century

As print media gasps its last, non-profit publisher and arts organisation Book Works holds firm on that last unoccupied mound. Again, a Time Machine is a touring exhibition and curio paean to radical art practices of the late 20th century. Anarchic…

Alistair Frost: Image Coming Soon

20 Sep 20123 stars

Exhibition themed around leisure and laziness feels uninspiring and disaffecting

There is a leisure agenda here, activities actively postponed: ‘image coming soon’. The process of contemplation – thinking, planning, daydreaming, future presence – manifests in hammocks turned canvases. Interludes of motivational music disrupt the…

A buyer's guide to fashion photography

18 Sep 2012

Inspired by the Dundee V&A’s Selling Dreams exhibition, we find out where to buy fashion photo-lit

The artful ogle is celebrated this Autumn in Dundee, in the lead up to the V&A opening there in 2015. Beautifully captured moments from the fashion world are on show from the end of September – including a grainy, black and white one of Twiggy whizzing…

What We Have Done, What We Are About to Do

11 Sep 2012

A review of the CCA's Third Eye retrospective

Anyone who ever stepped into the wonderland that was the Third Eye Centre will know that, pre-Transmission/Tramway/Arches/Kinning Park/Summerhall, this holistic, slightly ramshackle Sauchiehall Street hub was pretty much the only avant-fun in town.

The Invisible College and Churches in the Modern World

10 Sep 20123 stars

Dual film & architecture exhibition focused on modern Catholicism

A dual exhibition which reflects the Catholic church’s process of aggiornamento (‘updating’) in the latter half of the 20th century, the two displays here examine the architecture of a new breed of modernist post-war places of worship in very different…