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Spring culture preview 2013

25 Jan 2013

Nick Evans: Solar Eyes Evans' forthcoming solo show features a new set of his striking amorphic white plaster sculptures. The most ambitious is a large architectural complex which mimics the geometry of an Aztec temple. Evans' fascination with motifs…

Drawn Away Together

17 Apr 20134 stars

Group show including work from Alan Shipway, Paul Keir and Rachel Barron challenges from outset

This group exhibition challenges from the outset. It opens onto what seems to be the back of Neil Nodzak’s ‘Unbuilt’, an installation of constructed wood and painted boards that surround the entrance to the gallery. You are immediately engaged by their…

William E Jones

17 Apr 20134 stars

Film works based on archive documentary footage from Los Angeles-based provocateur

Three film-works by this Los Angeles-based provocateur take notions of power drawn from archive documentary footage, then, by recontextualising each one via collaging, cut-ups and other treatments, liberates them from their authoritarian…

Marilene Oliver: Confusao

17 Apr 20134 stars

Impressive works of the human body based on MRI and PET scan material

In the accompanying literature, Londoner Marilene Oliver provides an impressively idea-packed insight into the layers of conscious metaphor in her work. One line has particular relevance to what she does: ‘playing with disillusioned promises that…

Rachel Mimiec: Plough

17 Apr 20133 stars

Show that blurs the boundaries between community and solo practice

When GoMa's soon to be outgoing associate artist Rachel Mimiec led workshops with children at the Red Road Family Centre Nursery, her own line of inquiry with blocks of colour led to 'Plough', a body of work in which pages from issues of National…

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Edinburgh Art Festival launches for 2013

16 Apr 2013

Packed programme features talents such as Robert Montgomery, Peter Liversidge and Christine Borland

It’s no small coincidence that as the sun finally appears, the Edinburgh Art Festival has launched its programme for 2013. Colourful and smile-inducing, the programme features great venues, major new solo exhibitions and some enticing new commissions…

Alexis Marguerite Teplin - He, Ho, HA, hmmm . . .

25 Mar 20132 stars

Inflexible, unsubtle and flat exhibition of unapologetically abstract paint and sculpture works

Alexis M Teplin’s second exhibition at Mary Mary Gallery is an eclectic display of rough and unapologetically abstract works. With heavy modernist styling, the show consists of patchwork painting works, unstretched and impenetrable, and lumpy…

Scottish National Portrait Gallery offers kids a chance to Sleepover Under the Stars

22 Mar 2013

Storytelling, snacks and songs part of the gallery's special overnight event

Standing in The Great Hall at the entrance to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, you’re surrounded by, well, greatness. Busts and statues of important figures loom over you, while above your head, tiny stars cover the ceiling, reminding us of the…

Jutta Koether - Seasons and Sacraments

19 Mar 20134 stars

Large-scale reimagining of Nicolas Poussin back catalogue

The back catalogue of 17th-century painter Nicolas Poussin isn’t the most obvious frame of reference for German iconoclast Jutta Koether, but when she was taken to see his The Seven Sacraments at the Scottish National Gallery, something clicked. The end…

Ongoing art project Economy explores relationship with commerce and transactions

19 Mar 20135 stars

Meticulously curated two-site exhibition

Economy isn’t so much an exhibition. It’s not even two exhibitions. It’s an ongoing project, a conversation and a meticulously-curated attempt to build an echo chamber of ideas and artistic experiments about our relationship with commerce and the…

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Tickling Jock

19 Mar 20133 stars

Billy Connolly, Ronnie Corbett and Stanley Baxter feature in this comedic portrait exhibition

It would be thoroughly glaikit for anyone to criticise Tickling Jock for not including much in the way of the modern Scottish comedian. For this is very much a portrait of the way our nation’s funny men and witty women once were: knee-deep in the music…

Wendy Ramshaw: Room of Dreams

19 Mar 20134 stars

Touring exhibition celebrates work of artist, designer and jewellery-maker

Reflecting Miguel de Cervantes’ belief that to ‘protract great design is to ruin it’, artist, designer, jewellery-maker and goddess of the festooned gate Wendy Ramshaw is contemporary applied art’s elusive matriarch. Ramshaw’s extraordinary career is…

Group exhibition Ink celebrates art of drawing

19 Mar 20134 stars

Includes works by Rembrandt, Tiepolo, Guercino, Poussin, Goltzius and Alexander Runciman

This powerful exhibition showcases a variety of works from a diverse collection of artists including Rembrandt, Rubens, Piranesi and William Henry Playfair. From fast, energetic sketches depicting movement and form, to the meticulous draughtsmanship of…

Flickering Lights

19 Mar 20134 stars

Rachel Maclean cartoon pop-vid bravura a highlight of film and video show

`Up in the Lower Church Gallery end of Summerhall, three very different video works are in motion as part of this superb arts space’s latest exhibition programme. David Bellingham’s ‘An Object Revolving Around a Day / An Object Revolving Round Events…

Programme for the Edinburgh International Festival 2013 puts artists and technology centre-stage

12 Mar 2013

Tod Machover, the Wooster Group and Oper Frankfurt among the EIF programme highlights

A crowd sourced orchestral work by boundary breaker Tod Machover is just one of the many highlights of this year’s Edinburgh International Festival programme. Set over three weeks this August, the EIF’s line-up includes an homage to Allen Ginsberg with…

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From Death to Death and Other Small Tales

19 Feb 20135 stars

Astonishing archive of body-themed work including Sarah Lucas, Otto Dix and Matthew Barney

From the moment you step into the first corridor and meet an opening tease of Magritte, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed physically and mentally by this major mix-and-match collection of 20th and 21st century work. And that’s really how it should be for…

Nick Evans: Solar Eyes

19 Feb 20135 stars

Monumental sculpture show is genius in its conception and meticulous in execution

One enters the exhibition through a dusky and dramatic pyramid passageway. The suspense of discovery hangs thick in the air before a big volcanic hall is reached. Inside, stories of a distant past echo with predictions of the future. Nick Evans has set…

Audrey Grant solo show at Edinburgh's Union gallery

19 Feb 2013

Atmospheric new work from the Edinburgh-based painter

Edinburgh artist Audrey Grant’s painted portraits are a voyage of discovery for the artist as much as the viewer, a series of figures who have been uncovered by Grant as she follows what’s now a defined process. ‘I intend a figure, then apply paint to…

David Galletly: Wee

19 Feb 20133 stars

Idiosyncrasies and faux folk art with bleak humour from Scottish illustrator

The first solo exhibition of David Galletly’s work at Recoat, Wee, showcases the highly peculiar drawing work of this Scottish illustrator. The show comprises impeccably detailed and disconcerting ink drawings, with bizarre and darkly comic characters…

Massimo Bartolini: Studio Matters + 1

19 Feb 20134 stars

Large scale sculpture and miniatures from Italian artist

Like a moth to a flame, the habitual party-goer will always be drawn to Kraftwerkian big-city neon. So it goes in ‘La Strada di Sotto' (The Street Below), the toytown-style installation that maps out the whole of the Fruitmarket’s main downstairs room…

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Songs of Innocence and Experience

19 Feb 20133 stars

Debut showing of work by outsider artists Frank Walter, Forrest Bess and Alfred Wallis

A debut showing for the work of Frank Walter, the decidedly eccentric 20th century Antiguan artist, writer and philosopher who fancied himself a descendant of European nobles, provides a jumping-on point to exhibit the work of a trio of outsider…

John Bellany: A Passion for Life

24 Jan 20134 stars

Biographical exhibition charting the life of the great Scottish painter

The curation of this welcome large-scale retrospective exhibition of the Scottish painter John Bellany’s work must have been, in one sense, an easy task. Lending itself to far more than merely a dry recollection of influences and periods of note…

Lauren Gault's Sweet Ensilage is an ambitious collection of found objects

24 Jan 2013

The Glasgow-based artist creates pieces that explore theories around sight and seeing

The Glasgow-based artist creates objects that explore theories around sight and seeing Lauren Gault’s exhibition title Sweet Ensilage is in a strange way seductively suggestive of a particular state of being: a state of ‘sweet ensilage’. The show draws…

The Seventh Street Level Open

24 Jan 20134 stars

A showcase of Scotland's finest photography talent, including Jen Wilcox and Chris Leslie

Street Level’s Open exhibition has become something of a staple event and as usual the standard is extremely high. The show this year has 19 photographers displaying their works, giving a broad and disparate overview of current approaches to the…

Zoe Beloff: A History of Dreams Remains to be Written

24 Jan 20135 stars

Two-part mixed media show examining Coney Island's psychogeography and Occupy Wall Street

Libido and revolution are not so strange bedfellows in New York-based Edinburgh expat Beloff’s first solo show in Scotland, in which imaginary worlds collide in two complementary takes on utopia. In ‘Dreamland’, Beloff mines the archive of the Coney…