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A guide to independent galleries in Edinburgh and Glasgow

5 Sep 2013

Embassy, Superclub and the Common Guild among some of Scotland's most exciting arts spaces

Edinburgh and Glasgow both have thriving visual arts scenes with some great museums and galleries. But explore a little further past the established names and you’ll find small galleries, pop-up spaces and collectives that are home to some of Britain’s…

Fuck Buttons and Gabriel Orozco - Laurie Corlett-Donald of Discopolis shares his recommendations

29 Aug 2013

The Edinburgh-based electro-pop musician picks out some key highlights in the coming months

Fuck Buttons On the Tue 10 Sep Glasgow will see the triumphant return of Bristol based Fuck Buttons. Having not graced Scotland in over three years the duo return playing songs from their third album Slow Focus. The album has already become their first…

Preview of Scottish artists at Venice Biennale 2013 from The Common Guild

25 Aug 2013

Corin Sworn, Duncan Campbell and Hayley Tompkins present work at Venice Biennale

Working across a broad range of media, Glasgow artists Corin Sworn, Duncan Campbell and Hayley Tompkins present their work in Venice as part of the city’s 55th International Art Exhibition, curated by The Common Guild, where each of the three…

Domicele Tarabildiene - A Challenge to Time

23 Aug 2013

Long-overdue UK show of work by an award-winning interwar artist

As part of Scotland’s Lithuanian Season of Photography, The Hidden Lane Gallery presents this stunning collection of 34 prints in Domicele Tarabildiene – A Challenge to Time. Born in 1912, Tarabildiene was an established, award-winning interwar artist…

Ana Maria Pacheco: Memória Roubada

23 Aug 20134 stars

Intense and intimate meditation on purging and healing

In a small, dimly lit room, in two ornate cabinets, two sets of disembodied heads sit opposite each other. In one, all eyes face downwards, as if in silent homage to the seven daggers laid out on the floor beneath them. In the other, the heads face out…

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An Equilibrium Not of This World

23 Aug 20134 stars

Katri Walker’s heart-pounding exploration of the experience of running

Commissioned as part of NVA’s Speed of Light project for last year’s Edinburgh Festival, Katri Walker’s series of filmed diptychs builds up into a heart-pounding evocation of both the experience of running and the runner’s particular communion with…

James Lumsden: Chromatic Visions

23 Aug 2013

Emotionally charged, process-based colour paintings

Edinburgh-based James Lumsden creates paintings and literal landscapes on the canvas, placing 40 or more thin glazes of acrylic paint on top of one another until a mass of what he calls ‘varying chromatic strata’ has been built. The process came to…

Game Changer

23 Aug 20134 stars

Installations subverting ideas of the body beautiful

On your marks, get set, and go, go, go for this first off-site group show, which forms part of the newly relocated and currently nomadic Collective Gallery’s All Sided games project. In a studio space normally occupied by weight-watchers, four artists…

The Vodnjan Collective: Croatia Scotia

23 Aug 20133 stars

Exchange exploring identity, reminiscence and romanticism

Scotland and Croatia have a few things in common: new parliaments, similar-sized populations, and landscapes that draw people from all over the world. Both countries also look beyond their borders to the wider world, which is apt considering the…

Glasgow-based artist Rachel Barron presents public art project Grammar of Ornament

22 Aug 2013

Barron's first solo show, the project welcomes collaboration with the people of Glasgow

Bringing fresh meaning to the term public artwork, Rachel Barron’s first solo exhibition is an evolving process created in conjunction with the people of Glasgow. Holding stamp-making workshops and open-access creative sessions throughout its three-week…

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Filmmaker and conservationist Ceri Levy to appear at Edinburgh International Book Festival 2013

22 Aug 2013

Levy will be discussing Extinct Boids, her project with Hunter S Thompson illustrator Ralph Steadman

In 2010, Ceri Levy – filmmaker for Blur and Gorillaz, and latterly a conservationist – approached Ralph Steadman about the prospect of creating a piece for Levy’s Ghosts of Gone Birds exhibition in London. Steadman, whose Indian ink flourishes have…

Gabriel Orozco: thinking in circles

16 Aug 20134 stars

Not a show of results but rather a show of exercise

Unlike that of the equally dot-obsessed Damien Hirst and Yayoi Kusama, this career-encompassing display of Orozco's circle-based fascination veers far away from pop art and firmly into the pedantic, discursive and other unattractive terms. Not a display…

Edinburgh Art Festival presents Art Late North and South events

15 Aug 2013

Evening programme of performance and tours held in association with The List

The thread between art and music has always held strong amidst Scotland’s art school culture, and it seems to be booming within the context of the Edinburgh Art Festival as well. A fixture of the programme for some years now, and its expansion to two…

FOUND and Young Fathers to appear at Art Late North and South

14 Aug 2013

Evening programme of performance and tours held in association with The List

The thread between art and music has always held strong amidst Scotland’s art school culture, and it seems to be booming within the context of Edinburgh Art Festival as well. A fixture of the programme for some years now, its expansion to two events…

Transmitted Live: Nam June Paik Resounds

11 Aug 2013

The artist who brought television to art is celebrated during the Edinburgh International Festival

Like so many radical Asian artists of his generation, the original video freak, composer and cultural terrorist / spiritualist Nam June Paikwas born into wealth in 1932. As Korea was being defiled by Japanese occupation in preparation for the…

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Castration on a Tennis Court & Other Stories

11 Aug 2013

Fringe show exploring Carravaggio by art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon

Art historian and broadcaster Andrew Graham-Dixon has constantly returned to the life and work of the troubled Italian baroque painter Caravaggio throughout his career, and now he’s bringing him to one of the few mediums Dixon hasn’t yet used – the…

Mostly West: Franz West and Artist Collaborations

11 Aug 20134 stars

Fascinating show packed full of memorable collaborations

A tribute that wasn't meant to be, Mostly West was conceived in 2011, before the Austrian artist Franz West died last year. In its finished form it feels not so much like the high-concept 30-year retrospective which it is, as a fusillade of…

Media Skins

11 Aug 2013

Open-air intervention transforms public spaces

As technology makes the global village ever more accessible, so cross-cultural international collaborations proliferate at an ever increasing speed. So it is with Korean artist Hyung Su Kim's large-scale open-air interventions, which take two major…

Fiona Banner: The Vanity Press

11 Aug 2013

Three new videos explore publishing and performance

When Fiona Banner began putting her work out under the name The Vanity Press in 1997, it was an ironic statement on how self-publishing was disparaged while Banner simultaneously seized the means of production for what was then a largely text-based…

Peter Doig: No Foreign Lands

9 Aug 20134 stars

Extraordinary exhibition that flies the flag for painting

There are many powerful and challenging works at this year's Edinburgh Art Festival. So it is to the credit of the programmers that this extraordinary exhibition of work by Peter Doig sits comfortably at the centre of the line-up, flying the flag for…

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Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Man set for 2013 Edinburgh International Festival

1 Aug 2013

Extraordinary fusion of art and science at The Queen's Gallery

The fusion of art and medical science is presented in an extraordinary collection of work in Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Man, part of the Edinburgh International Festival. Thirty sheets of multi-layered anatomical drawings, on loan from the…

Detours series of live events a 2013 Edinburgh Art Festival

1 Aug 2013

Series of intimate live performances blurring the lines between different artforms

Detours is a series of intimate live performances, running as part of Edinburgh Art Festival and offering events which dip in and out of different genres, blurring the lines between different art forms for both artist and audience. 'I think the…

Sara Barker show Patterns set for Jupiter Artland as part of 2013 Edinburgh Art Festival

1 Aug 2013

Ambitious sculpture enclosed in a glass pavilion

Sara Barker combines theoretical complexity with her Glasgow School of Art training to produce delicate sculptural forms and linear structures. Central to her work is the concept of space: the way in which her work relates to its exhibition site, and…

Peter Liversidge show doppelgänger at 2013 Edinburgh Art Festival

1 Aug 2013

Exhibition based on the etchings of 19th century Austrian artistMax Klinger

Fetishism, symbolism and ideal wish-fulfilment all come to the fore in Peter Liversidge’s Edinburgh Art Festival exhibition concerning the etchings of late-19th century Austrian artist, Max Klinger. Klinger was adept at demonstrating how you could take…

Michael Nyman: Man With a Movie Camera at 2013 Edinburgh Art Festival

1 Aug 2013

Installation of remakes by filmmaker and composer

Michael Nyman is best known for his work as a contemporary composer who has soundtracked myriad films, including several directed by the painterly Peter Greenaway, as well as scoring mainstream success for his work on Jane Campion's The Piano. Such…