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Why you should attend Bring Your Own Beamer, by 85A's Craig Bayne

7 Nov 2013

The art event creates 'a mad mélange of sound and visuals that really deserves to be seen'

Since 2010, Bring Your Own Beamer has spawned a nigh-endless worldwide chain of one-night exhibitions – from Berlin to Tokyo, Caracas to Copenhagen, New York to Glasgow – making a mad mélange of sound and visuals that really deserves to be seen. The…

Hiraki Sawa: Lenticular

6 Nov 20134 stars

Japanese artist's first solo exhibition in Scotland

There's something quietly starstruck about the subject of 'Lenticular' (2013), the new film work by Hiraki Sawa, which forms the centrepiece of the Japanese artist's first solo exhibition in Scotland. Robert Law is a self-taught astronomer who works at…

Beth Dynowski: New States

6 Nov 20134 stars

Artist's first solo show ia a three-part installation that prods and pokes at perception

The first solo show from Beth Dynowski comprises a curious set of objects, which extend across Market Gallery’s three exhibition spaces. The ceramic, metal and found items that litter the galleries’ floors hold their own aesthetic fascination…

Preview: Once Upon a Time and a Very Good Time It Was

6 Nov 2013

Ingleby's James Joyce-inspired group show makes connections across time and place

Borrowing its title from the first line of James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, this group show incorporating most of the Ingleby’s represented or associated artists offers a new spin by pairing pieces by the likes of Peter Liversidge…

Viviane Sassen: In and Out of Fashion

6 Nov 20133 stars

First ever retrospective of Dutch photographer whose work hovers between fine art and fashion photog

Viviane Sassen’s work is located at the intersection of fine art and fashion photography. Primarily focused on the female form, the figures she captures are treated like a sculptural material, moulded and deformed by simple interruptions of light…

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Kabuki: Japanese Theatre Prints

6 Nov 20134 stars

Vivid arrangement provides insight into Japanese theatre culture rarely put on display

The 19th century woodblock prints depicting Kabuki – a traditional form of Japanese theatre performed exclusively by men – could easily be compared to the celebrity magazines of today. Displayed here like comic-strip panels, the coloured ink is as…

Living with War: Artists on War and Conflict

6 Nov 20133 stars

Group show exploring human-made atrocity includes work by Goya and Jenny Holzer

Taking a turn from the conceptual exhibitions that often fill GOMA’s Gallery 1, Living with War: Artists on War and Conflict covers 200 years of artists’ responses to human-made atrocity, from Goya’s ‘The Disasters of War’ etchings (1810–20) to one of…

Interview: New York-based artist Dan Colen, on debut Scottish show The Illusion of Life

22 Oct 2013

Colen's work sits at the intersection of postmodern ennui and darkly amusing pop art playfulness

‘The different bodies of my work end themselves when there’s no more discovery to be had,’ says Dan Colen, alumnus of the brash early-2000s downtown Manhattan art scene, whose penchant for using spray paint and chewing gum as materials, and…

Preview: joint exhibition exploring the work of Mounira al Solh and Sarah Forrest

21 Oct 2013

The artists use film to tackle topics from Margaret Tait to Syrian emmigration

Thinking locally and acting globally is increasingly becoming the CCA's raison d'etre. No more is this evident than in these twin solo shows by two very different artists working in film. Glasgow-based Sarah Forrest looks to Jean Paul Sartre's novel…

National Galleries of Scotland to celebrate Hallowe'en by Night

15 Oct 2013

The latest in the Galleries' By Night event series will feature the Eccentronic Research Council

In recent years, the term hauntology has emerged to describe the strand of music and art that recycles its own semi-recent history. Built on shared memories of a particularly British past, and the refusal of the present to resemble the future we were…

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Artist Haegue Yang toys with venetian blinds and podcasts in latest exhibition

14 Oct 2013

Journal of Bouba / kiki will run in the Glasgow Sculpture Studios and Norway's Bergen Kunsthall

Born in Seoul and now based in the unofficial international artists' enclave of Berlin, Haegue Yang’s exhibition schedule finally brings her to Scotland, having exhibited extensively around the world. Significantly, this show will also present all-new…

Creative Mackintosh Festival 2013 aims to shine new light on Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s life and work

14 Oct 2013

Craft workshops, talks and exhibitions highlight the work of the artists behind the Glasgow Style

With his signature design and style so imprinted on the architectural and artistic heritage of Glasgow, it can sometimes feel difficult to avoid the legacy of Charles Rennie Mackintosh in the city. But some people must have managed it, because this…

Glasgow's cutting edge Sonica music festival set for 2013 edition

11 Oct 2013

Festival blurs boundaries of music, theatre, visual and electronic art

Even knowing that mosquitoes have sex lives is possibly too much information. But what they do is actually quite amazing. To be certain that they’re mating with the right sort of partner, both male and female mosquitoes need to be able to sing in tune…

Roman Ondak's Some Thing demonstrates the artist's curiosity about human behaviour

11 Oct 2013

In addition to the exhibition, Ondak will also perform his 1999 performance piece 'This Way, Please'

If things go in cycles, Slovakian artist Roman Ondak isn't shy about encouraging and manipulating such dizzying turns of events. Where previously he has had museum-goers mark their height on gallery walls and broken down national barriers at the Venice…

Late French-American artist Louise Bourgeois the subject of two retrospective exhibitions

10 Oct 2013

The sculptor's many themes will be explored in twin shows at the Fruitmarket and SNGoMA

With a career which spanned much of the 20th century, the late French-American artist Louise Bourgeois is such a decisive and significant figure in the contemporary landscape that her retrospective in Edinburgh will require two major shows to support…

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Major Scottish National Gallery exhibition pays tribute to Allan Ramsay at 300

10 Oct 2013

The show will provide an insight into the portrait artist's drawing and modelling intelligence

If Allan Ramsay were alive today, he’d probably be a celebrity. Good-looking, cultured and a regular visitor to Italy, he painted more than 50 royal portraits and studied under some of the greatest artists of the Baroque period. His full-length portrait…

Artists from a variety of disciplines collaborate on Convocation: Colm Cille's Spiral

10 Oct 2013

The project features input from Thomas Joshua Cooper, Sue Brind and Hardeep Pandhal

Scotland's spiral knot forms the basis of this group exhibition, not just as its subject matter but its entire format as the work develops, evolves and expands from a single starting point: a residency in the Western Isles. For nine days in August…

The Nation // Live to explore Work, Union, Faith, Civil War and Roots

23 Sep 2013

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery exhibition features works from Wounded Knee and Daniel Warren

When a bust of the late trade union activist Jimmy Reid was removed from the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and taken around cross-general communities in Clydebank, where Reid co-led the famous shipbuilders’ work-in of 1971 and 1972, it led to a…

Scottish Parliament to host Andy Warhol exhibition, including many works on display for the first time

23 Sep 2013

Pop, Power and Politics features portraits of Lenin, Mao, the Queen and Andrew Carnegie

Among the Scottish Parliament building’s functions is its regular staging of high-profile exhibitions. Andy Warhol: Pop, Power and Politics is the latest project to be shown and it promises to be a genuinely big deal on Edinburgh’s gallery programme.

The best visual art exhibitions in Scotland for autumn 2013

19 Sep 2013

Louise Bourgeois, Andy Warhol and Roman Ondák among highlights

Two Edinburgh institutions join forces this autumn to present exhibitions by the hugely influential artist Louise Bourgeois. Modern One and the Fruitmarket Gallery offer two very different takes on Bourgeois, who died in 2010 and is probably best known…

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Interview: Ning Wang, one of the fashion designers at GSA's Graduate Degree Show

18 Sep 2013

The Masters graduate specialises in oversized, hip hop, surrealist silks

Can you describe your collection in five words? Surrealist silks, oversized, hip hop. What do you draw inspiration from? My vivid dreams and imagination, and my kitsch collection of toys, including My Little Pony, Hello Kitty and fashion dolls…

Interview: Iraqi-born, Glasgow-based artist Sukaina Kubba discusses her Pavor Nocturnus show

18 Sep 2013

The show, whose title translates as 'night terrors' in Latin, explores femininity and sexuality

The proper Latin translation of the show title is ‘night terrors’, and one might express a level of disquiet when noting the accompanying stills of the work to be found online, which contain glistening pink, phallus-like objects. She doesn’t make the…

David Peat: An Eye on the World examines the photographer and filmmaker's legacy

18 Sep 2013

The exhibition will also serve to launch a book of Peat's work

When documentary filmmaker David Peat, who followed Billy Connolly's 1976 tour of Northern Ireland in Big Banana Feet, discovered he had cancer, he decided to unearth his extensive archive of still photographs taken over a 40-year period. These included…

Alasdair Gray and Elizabeth Blackadder among the luminaries at Glasgow Print Studio's 40/40 show

16 Sep 2013

The studio celebrates 40 years with prints by 40 artists, including Toby Paterson and John Byrne

This is more than just a group show, it’s a history lesson to accompany a seminal strand of Glasgow’s rich art heritage. Opened in 1973 by original director Calum Mackenzie in a disused factory unit on Ingram Street just as businesses were leaving the…

Kim Seong Jae and Andrew Welsby among the ones to watch at GSA's 2013 Degree Show

16 Sep 2013

A showcase of the brightest new talents at the Turner and BAFTA-rich Glasgow School of Art

It may be a bit of a cliché – see the stars of tomorrow, today – but in regard to the Glasgow School of Art graduate degree show, it’s actually true. And given that GSA regularly turns out Turner and BAFTA prizewinners as well as other artists of…