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Heavy Metal Mouth

9 Jul 2009

For their latest exhibition Polarcap invited 13 artists, drawn from a diverse pool of ages and experience and disciplines to respond to contemporary Heavy Metal culture, in particular to a text by participating artist Norman Shaw, which includes the…

5 Questions: John McCracken

23 Jul 2009

American minimalist sculptor John McCracken’s surfboard-inspired objects, with their bold use of colour and form, have influenced generations. As Inverleith House prepares to unveil his first solo exhibition in Scotland he tackles our Q & A

The Discovery of Spain – British Artists and Collectors: Goya to Picasso

9 Jul 2009

Spanish holidays have come a long way from the sun, sea and sangria of the 1970s and having it large in Ibiza in the 90s. Yet, the pop cultural memorabilia of both eras remains in the bullfighting posters and maracas many brought home as jet-age…

Creativity vs Destruction: Stories of Iraqi Art

9 Jul 2009

The closing event of this year’s excellently curated Reel Iraq festival, this exhibition explores not only major artworks coming out of Iraq, but also the tribulations and obstacles that artists from that country have to go through in order to create…

Affair of the art

25 Jun 2009

Every movement needs its muse. So it was with the surrealists’ boys club, whereby Picasso, Man Ray, Max Ernst and co turned the art world upside down while leading equally tempestuous private lives. Take poet and painter Paul Eluard, for instance, whose…

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Art College Degree Shows

11 Jun 2009

Edinburgh College of Art Lizzy Stewart: Illustration Stewart’s work adorns record sleeves, editorial pages, zines and books. Her vivid prints, including ‘Giant Bear in a Tiny Village’ (pictured), will be on display alongside illustrations for Dee…

Edvard Munch

11 Jun 2009

When a daring daylight robbery liberated Edvard Munch’s painting ‘The Scream’ from Oslo’s Munch Museum in 2004, the international art world was in despair. Once recovered, the painting was damaged externally to the extent of being kept out of view for…

Two Horizons

11 Jun 2009

The Artist Rooms exhibition occupying the ground floor of the Modern Art Gallery may have taken up most of the headlines, but there’s an equally impressive, if smaller, exhibition tucked away upstairs. Two Horizons features a selection of work by…

On the Record

28 May 2009

‘I am a camera with its shutter open, quite passive, recording, not thinking …’ So begins Christopher Isherwood’s novel Goodbye To Berlin. While the book is now most famous as the inspiration for the musical Cabaret, the new exhibition of artists’ films…

Fete accomplis - The West End Festival

28 May 2009

The West End Festival, which has been going since 1996, is a community festival in the proper sense of the word, running free workshops and concerts, hosting events that involve local businesses and generally inviting residents to celebrate the various…

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In the frame: Edinburgh Art Festival

28 May 2009

Never one to be outshone by its more established August counterparts, the Edinburgh Art Festival has announced a roster of talent, with major exhibitions from world-renowned artists, as well as an extraordinary programme of sculpture work, at over 50…

Jac Scott - Excess all areas

14 May 2009

Jac Scott’s new exhibition at the Collins Gallery couldn’t be more perfectly pitched to capture the credit crunch zeitgeist. At a point when many of us are reassessing our expenditure and desire for all types of goods, Excess: Experiments in Living…

Julian House: The New Spirit Happening

30 Apr 2009

The future as we imagined it floated into view somewhere between 1950 and 1975. This was when a peculiarly English strain of science-fiction emerged, fuelled by postwar possibilities and Cold War paranoia. Quatermass and The Pit and Village of the…

20 Years On: Remembering the Anti-Poll Tax Demonstrations

16 Apr 2009

Margaret Thatcher liked to call it the community charge. To the rest of us it was the poll tax – one of the most universally loathed tax reforms ever to pass through the House of Commons. To commemorate 20 years since the introduction of the poll tax…

Neil Clements: Built. Lacking.

2 Apr 2009

While primarily known as a painter, whose shaped canvases based on the designs of classic rock guitars were shown at DCA last year, Neil Clements’ new series of works for Edinburgh’s doggerfisher has required him to adapt his usual working methods. ‘I…

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sh[OUT]: Contemporary Art and Human Rights

2 Apr 2009

PREVIEW EXHIBITION Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex life is placed centre stage this summer as part of GoMA’s biennial social justice programme, which explores human rights through the lens of contemporary art. While there are few…

Secret Wars

2 Apr 2009

The first rule of Art Club is: you don’t talk about Art Club. Unless you’re writing a piece in a magazine. We’re not really sure what an event describing itself as ‘like Fight Club, with artists’ entails, but this live art battle has been running at…

Darwin and Evolution

2 Apr 2009

As part of Darwin 200 (a dual celebration of the 200th anniversary of the naturalist's birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his groundbreaking and controversial On the Origin of Species), Kelvingrove have a new exhibition opening this…

Doctor Who - Space Oddity

19 Mar 2009

In four years time Doctor Who will be 50 years old, but still it remains one of the most popular and imagination-grabbing shows on television. While the best of British actors and television writers are lining up to work on it, the series’ first…

Turner & Italy

19 Mar 2009

An exhibition of paintings by JMW Turner may seem a time-worn prospect, but the National Galleries are offering a new take on the man and his work. ‘Turner came to Scotland six times, but he visited Italy on seven occasions,’ says Christopher Baker…

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Place Project

19 Mar 2009

The biggest difference between Edinburgh and Glasgow’s cultural scenes can be located right down at the grassroots. While Glasgow has a plethora of places like Mono, The Arches, CCA and the Art School – centralised hubs where emergent artists, musicians…

LGBT Arts Festival Weekend

19 Mar 2009

CREATIVE FESTIVAL LGBT Centre for Health and Wellbeing, Edinburgh, Fri 20–Sun 22 Mar Scotland’s capital can lay proud boast to being the only city in the UK to have its own dedicated health and wellbeing centre for LGBT folks, which runs…

Mr Lautner Builds His Dream House

5 Mar 2009

With a new film and major exhibition celebrating his life and work, maverick architect John Lautner’s time may finally have come. Paul Dale looks back at the life of the man who shaped the look of US moviemaking’s hometown.

Artist Rooms: d’Offay Collection

5 Mar 2009

Outside of major retrospectives, the opportunity to see bodies of work by international artists doesn’t come along too often. This is what struck collector and dealer Anthony d’Offay when he first mooted the Artist Rooms project, which bears its first…

Visual Arts News - Picture perfect

5 Mar 2009

The List are pleased to report that Washington Garcia has launched a new contemporary art gallery space in Glasgow. The already successful gallery will base itself beside the Glasgow Sculpture Studios and SWG3/Studio Warehouse in the Eastvale district…