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Artist Graham Fagen and Hospitalfield's Lucy Byatt discuss plans for the 2015 Venice Biennale

31 Mar 2014

Fagen has been asked to represent Scotland in next year's event

‘I can tell you for definite that I’ll do something. I’m not sure what yet, but there will definitely be something.’ It’s understandable that Glasgow-born artist Graham Fagen is reluctant to discuss any specific ideas for his solo presentation at the…

Opinion: can Scotland's film industry learn from its visual artists?

27 Mar 2014

Douglas Gordon and Rachel Maclean are making great film-based works - so where are the filmmakers?

Looking back at the artists and artworks that have shaped Scotland's visual art scene in recent years, one thing stands out: the rich body of moving image work. Douglas Gordon, Luke Fowler, Duncan Campbell, Torsten Lauschmann and Rachel Maclean are…

Timeline: the key moments in Scottish visual art over the last 25 years

27 Mar 2014

In honour of the Generation project, we look at the key moments in Scotland's contemporary scene

Throughout the late 80s and 90s, Glasgow School of Art produces an incredible number of acclaimed young artists. In particular, the Environmental Art course, established in 1985 by David Harding, includes Douglas Gordon, Christine Borland, Jim Lambie…

The Glasgow Open House Festival aims to bring art and music to unusual spaces

27 Mar 2014

Flats, gardens, sheds and community centres will serve as venues for art exhibitions and events

G lasgow Open House is unlocking some doors to the private world of artists, creating a festival in intriguing and often inaccessible spaces around the city. Flats, gardens, sheds, community centres and even the Glasgow Theosophical Society will serve…

Generation: Nathan Coley, Zoe Walker, Rachel Maclean and Henry Coombes share their recommendations

27 Mar 2014

The leading artists pick out prgramme highlights, including Luke Fowler and Beagles & Ramsay

Nathan Coley ‘Luke Fowler at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. I never really know what he’s up to, but it’s sure to be tough on the eye, hard on the heart, and heavy on the head: like all good art should be. In terms of the Portrait Gallery…

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Interview: artist AR Hopwood discusses The False Memory Archive

27 Mar 2014

Hopwood explores ‘the pliable nature of memory’ with the Edinburgh International Science Festival

’I remember running away from the hospital as a newborn baby,’ reads one of the less likely inaccurate memories that AR Hopwood has gathered for his False Memory Archive through online portals. This is the raw material for a range of works – some…

Corin Sworn: 'I think objects affect the people who engage with them'

27 Mar 2014

The artist behind video work The Rag Papers is focusing more on sculpture and installation projects

It's been a busy few months for Corin Sworn. Last year, she represented Scotland at the Venice Biennale, exhibited in Berlin, London and Canada, and now, her new Inverleith House show opens in the middle of a six-month residency in Italy. The residency…

Artist Dominic Snyder on translating dance into visual art

26 Mar 2014

'This work is less sculptured and solid, with more emphasis on rhythm and flow'

As the legendary choreographer Merce Cunningham said: ‘Dance is an art in space and time. The object of the dancer is to obliterate that.’ Dominic Snyder’s work takes movement, dance and space as a stimulus, and here Glasgow Print Studio presents his…

Glasgow International 2014: programme highlights

25 Mar 2014

Featuring Anthea Hamilton and Nicholas Byrne, Henrik Pätzke, Sue Tompkins, Hudinilson Jr and more

Anthea Hamilton and Nicholas Byrne: Love The once abandoned Govanhill Baths continues its new lease of life as an arts venue, this time hosting Hamilton and Byrne’s inflatable sculptures, first installed at London’s Poplar Baths during the 2012…

Interview: Glasgow International director Sarah McCrory talks to artist Bedwyr Williams

25 Mar 2014

The Welsh artist works with film and video to create apocalyptic visions in everyday scenarios

New Glasgow International director Sarah McCrory chats to visual artist Bedwyr Williams. Fresh from his success representing Wales at the Venice Biennale, he’ll be filling Tramway’s cavernous exhibition hall with a broken bus, some smoke and a film…

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Glasgow International 2014: emerging artists to watch out for

25 Mar 2014

Featuring Hardeep Pandhal, Lauren Hall, Jay Mosher, Gabriele Beveridge, Lucy Clout and Kate Cooper

Since graduating from Glasgow School of Art’s MFA programme last year, Hardeep Pandhal (right) has enjoyed an increasingly high profile. He was selected for last year’s New Contemporaries (Bloomberg’s showcase of graduating artists) and was awarded this…

The Question: What's your favourite art gallery?

25 Mar 2014

We ask a question, you answer it. This month: your favourite art galleries

Justina Stonyte Summerhall. Keith Epps Union Gallery. @yasmin_sul I'd say Edinburgh's Gallery of Modern Art – especially if you arrive via the Water of Leith walk in summer. Hidden Door Collective, Whitespace, Superclub Gallery and…

Graham Fagen to represent Scotland at the 2015 Venice Biennale

24 Mar 2014

The artist will present a solo exhibition commissioned and curated by Arbroath's Hospitalfield Arts

Visual artist Graham Fagen has been selected to represent Scotland at the 2015 Venice Biennale. The Glasgow-born artist, whose previous work has combined video, performance, photography, sculpture, text and even plants, will present a solo exhibition…

Artist Paul Martin explores the nature of nature in When Men and Mountains Meet

24 Mar 2014

Martin's large-scale drawings and paintings tackle human physicality and spirituality in nature

Borrowing its title from a William Blake poem, Dovecot Studios presents When Men and Mountains Meet, the current body of work by artist Paul Martin. Living and working in Musselburgh, Martin took these words as a departure point for exploration and…

The Hidden Door festival aims to instil Edinburgh with a new DIY events ethos

21 Mar 2014

'We can do things like this if we want; we don’t have to wait for permission'

‘Edinburgh suffers from what you might call institutional repetition,’ says David Martin, creative director of the Hidden Door Festival, a defiantly DIY agent of change on the capital’s cultural landscape. ‘What we wanted to do was something a bit…

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Interview: video artist Kathryn Elkin on new project Mutatis Mutandis

21 Mar 2014

'The film is trying to “unbinarise” things we normally think of as binary. I like awkward things'

Kathryn Elkin doesn’t want to say too much about Mutatis Mutandis, her new video installation that forms part of the Collective Gallery’s Satellites programme. As well as keeping cards close to her chest, the Belfast-born purveyor of performance, video…

Dutch/Iranian auteur Navid Nuur explores 'permanent transience' with Renderender

21 Mar 2014

'The art world is the only place where people listen to someone's personal and private language'

Permanent transience is a way of being for Navid Nuur, the Dutch/Iranian auteur. Here, he takes over DCA with an epic array of work that co-opts the temporary detritus of everyday life into a series of constructions that provoke as much as they play…

War and peace announced as themes for Edinburgh International Festival 2014

18 Mar 2014

Programme highlights includes works involving The Kronos Quartet and Handspring Puppet Company

War and peace, conflict and conciliation are the grand themes being tackled in Jonathan Mills’ final year as director of the Edinburgh International Festival. The 2014 programme, announced today, explores music, dance, theatre and other arts not just…

End-of-year fashion shows display fresh talent from Glasgow and Edinburgh's Art Schools

18 Mar 2014

Names to look out for include Joanna Dixon, Natasha Samasuwo, Salwa McGill and Colleen Leitch

Syrian techno from the ultimate wedding-party DJ, Omar Souleyman, and squelchy Nigerian funk from the mysterious William Onyeabor boomed from the no-nonsense Art School’s speakers on the opening night of the GSA’s Third Year Fashion Show. There was a…

Interview: visual artists Calum and Fraser Brownlee

18 Mar 2014

The Duncan of Jordanstone graduates are set to exhibit in London later this month

Whats been going on since you left DJCAD? We were awarded a residency at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop, which has allowed us to take our work down a different path, using more traditional techniques such as cast iron, bronze and forged steel. Through…

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U Always Know the Right Thing to Say

18 Mar 20143 stars

Group show for emerging talent, including Jenna Bliss, Ash Reid, Bernie Reid and Darren Rhymes

This latest group show from long-established home to Edinburgh’s finest emerging art talent the Embassy promises that it’s ‘about friendship in relationship to networks, in real time and virtual spaces.’ How that translates in real terms is often…

Programme announced for the Edinburgh Art Festival 2014

13 Mar 2014

The festival will feature works by the likes of John Byrne, Susan Hiller and Isa Genzken

Works and exhibitions by Isa Genzken, Susan Hiller and John Byrne are among the highlights of the Edinburgh Art Festival 2014 programme. The festival, which runs from Thu 31 Jul–Sun 31 Aug this year, celebrates visual art at a time when the…

Tania Kovats exhibition Oceans features water samples from every sea

27 Feb 2014

Edinburgh Fruitmarket hosts show featuring bottled water samples collected by others

In 2012 Tania Kovats collected and collated water from 100 rivers around Britain. The resulting work, Rivers, was installed at Jupiter Artland as part of the Edinburgh Art Festival. 'I knew I wanted to make a kind of big sister for this work, to expand…

Interview: Edinburgh-based photographer Jannica Honey

25 Feb 2014

Photographer exhibits work ranging from residency in Kahnawake Mohawk reservation to music portraits

Jannica Honey tells The List about her residency in Kahnawake Mohawk reservation. What led you to work in Kahnawake? I was heading to Canadian music week in Toronto, and my boyfriend and I planned on staying a few days in Montreal. Kahnawake is on the…

Events round-up: International Women’s Day 2014

25 Feb 2014

Marking IWD with everything from parkour to breakfast

Both Glasgow and Edinburgh will be honouring International Women’s Day with some excellent events on and around the big day of Saturday 8 March. In the west, explore the lives of ladyfolk from thousands of years ago with a talk about ‘Women in Ancient…