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Remember Me

21 Nov 20144 stars

Old-fashioned ghostly fare with a modern twist from the BBC starring Michael Palin

While Christmas is traditionally viewed as the ideal time for retelling ghost stories, the BBC have sprung their spooks on us early with Remember Me. This three-part drama already contains an inherent rising from the crypt with the acting career of…

From the archive: April 1993 – Interview with Clangers creator Oliver Postgate

14 Nov 2014

'All this talk of Iron Chickens, Soup Dragons, cosmic truths ... ‘What are they on?’'

With a new series of the 70s cult classic children’s TV programme The Clangers narrated by Michael Palin due to air this coming spring, we look back on Tom Lappin's interview with creator Oliver Postgate in April 1993

A guide to the top ten game designers

12 Nov 2014

Including Nolan Bushnell, Shigeru Miyamoto, Shigeru Miyamoto, Rob Pardo and Will Wright

Nolan Bushnell For kickstarting a beloved industry A certifiable gaming godfather, Nolan Bushnell is a co-founder of once-giant gaming company Atari, and was also instrumental in the development of the game Pong, the first video game to truly capture…


12 Nov 20143 stars

A bad cop/worse cop comedy-drama lacking true grit

After a pilot episode in February which seemed hell-bent on kettling far too many ideas and personalities into a stuffed and confused comedy-drama riot, police show Babylon is back for a full series. Given the pedigree of its writers (Jesse Armstrong…

Opinion: Game Masters exhibition and the art of the gaming world

11 Nov 2014

'This exhibition is an opportunity to end the argument over whether or not games can be art'

Most of us play video games in some form. Even if you don't consider yourself to be a gamer, chances are you've picked up a microphone to belt out some Beyoncé on Singstar, tried your hand at tennis on a friend's Wii or played Angry Birds on your…

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Christmas 2014: Top five live comedy DVDs

7 Nov 2014

Featuring releases from Lee Evans, Simon Evans, Russell Howard, Miranda Hart and Jason Manford

In a recent interview, Adrian Edmondson bemoaned pretty much the entire concept of stand-up comedy. Gigs, he reckoned, are just way too long: 20 minutes is about all he can take before eyeing a hasty exit. What on earth, then, would he make of Lee…

Moving On

7 Nov 20143 stars

Jimmy McGovern-created series letting it slip without his firm hand

Created in 2009 by Jimmy McGovern, Moving On was a bold attempt at getting some harder issues thrust onto daytime TV schedules obsessed with auctions and animals. We’ve now reached season six and with its boss’ role now described as ‘story editor’, it’s…

The Fall

7 Nov 20144 stars

Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson return for thrilling second series of crime drama

There are aspects of The Fall which might feel very familiar. This isn’t the first crime drama where the criminal investigator and chief perpetrator appear to share some common psychological ground, while the show eschewed the traditional whodunnit from…

Scott Ian: Swearing Words in Glasgow

7 Nov 20143 stars

Anthrax metal man's spoken word tour proves he is 'a decent storyteller with some wicked tales'

As the only constant member of thrash titans Anthrax, Scott Ian is one of the most recognisable faces in metal and also boasts perhaps the best goatee in the business. Not only guitarist in a multimillion selling band, he's a regular talking head in…

Interview: TV comic Stewart Lee discusses the evolution of his Comedy Vehicle

6 Nov 2014

'When I look at the first series, it feels like a different person; the character has changed'

Whenever you read below-the-line comments on an internet article which discusses Stewart Lee, one thing is guaranteed. Someone somewhere will describe him as smug and self-satisfied. Yet, at almost every step of the way on Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle…

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Highlights of the BFI's Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder film and TV festival

24 Oct 2014

Inculding events at Bletchely Park, the Eden Project, Caerphilly Castle and Dungannon Film Club

The BFI’s new film and television festival Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder is taking place across the length and breadth of the UK at 124 locations, from the Isle of Skye to Falmouth. Until December, 576 screenings and events are set to take place…

Opinion: the return of Twin Peaks

22 Oct 2014

Will the cult TV show live up to expectations when it returns to the small screen in 2016?

This has been an extraordinary year for fans of Twin Peaks. To mark its 25th anniversary, the show was re-released on sparkling Blu-ray alongside the much-maligned feature film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me and, for the first time, the fabled 90 minutes…

A guide to the TV shows reinventing comic icons

10 Oct 2014

Including Gotham, Arrow, The Flash, Constantine, Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter and Daredevil

After the massive popularity of superhero movies at the worldwide box-office, it should come as no surprise that TV producers have now sat up and taken proper notice. While many viewers still have fond memories of Adam West and the biff! pow! capers of…

New TV series Outlander explained

10 Oct 2014

All you need to know about the 'Scottish Game of Thrones' starring Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan

What’s Outlander about? It’s 1946. While on her second honeymoon in the Scottish Highlands, Claire Randall walks through a stone circle and suddenly finds herself in 1743, two years before the beginning of the Jacobite Uprising. Claire quickly falls…

Interview: Creator and star of Toast Of London Matt Berry

10 Oct 2014

The former Mighty Boosh actor discusses making sex faces for new series

One thing might strike Toast of London fans on witnessing the opening episode of series two: Steven Toast’s sex face has really upped its game. Creator and star Matt Berry has ploughed his own comedic furrow when it comes to expressing sexual ecstasy…

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10 Oct 20143 stars

New police procedural drama set in the years before Batman

Gotham is probably the most famous city in the world of comics. An even darker, crime infested version of New York, home to the Batman and his rogues gallery of nefarious villains. New TV series Gotham takes you onto the city's dangerous streets several…

A guide to the best horror DVDs to watch this autumn

9 Oct 2014

Including Soulmate, The Purge, Afflicted, Zombeavers and Night of the Comet

Hallowe’en is almost upon us so it's the perfect time to rifle through the darkest corners of the DVD cupboard for a selection of horror movies available this October. And it's a grab bag witches brew of genres starting with British ghost story Soulmate…

Alien: Isolation

9 Oct 20143 stars

Despite thrills, repetition in latest Sega videogame ensures frustrating experience

Ridley Scott's world of Alien has proved fertile ground for sci-fi imaginations. Not only a series of sequels (including James Cameron's superlative Aliens and David Fincher's directorial debut Alien 3) but a plethora of comics, videogames and…

The Knick

9 Oct 2014

Bold new period hospital drama from Steven Soderbergh starring Clive Owen

The trend for renowned cinema types to make a move into TV (aka that place where The Big Stories are being told) continues with Steven Soderbergh directing the ten episodes of a bold new US medical drama. If the phrase ‘medical drama’ makes you think of…

A guide to the best lesser known TV series

9 Oct 2014

Including Treme, 15 Storey's High, Hannibal, Generation War and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Treme Who? Writer David Simon's follow-up to The Wire. What? The lives of a cross-section of the New Orleans community as they come to terms with life after Hurricane Katrina. Where? The fourth and final season is coming soon to Sky Atlantic, with…

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A guide to the best videogame releases this autumn

9 Oct 2014

Featuring The Evil Withinm Fable Legends, Sunset Overdrive and Little Big Planet 3

The Evil Within The last-ever game from Mikami Shinji (the creator of Resident Evil) looks like a fairly generic survival horror but expect a few twists. Bethesda Softworks, out now. Fable Legends Sword and sorcery prequel based around a…

The Walking Dead returns for Season Five

19 Sep 2014

Zombie series starring Andrew Lincoln is highest rated cable show of all time

Season four of The Walking Dead closed with a massive cliffhanger. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his cohorts thought the colony of Terminus would offer them safe haven from the ever-present zombie hordes but now they find themselves stripped of their…


19 Sep 20144 stars

Iconic TV show returns for new series featuring Vic Reeves and the late Rik Mayall at his best

When Rik Mayall appeared in a 1986 episode of Jackanory reading George’s Marvellous Medicine, his idiosyncratic take on Roald Dahl’s tale was, inevitably, loved by the kids, and pooh-poohed by a small number of parents. ‘Dangerous and offensive’ they…

Creative Assembly's Alien Isolation aims to revive the sci-fi survival horror videogame franchise

19 Sep 2014

Latest Sega videogame based on 1979 Ridley Scott movie, with voice acting from original cast members

The world of Alien has been the inspiration for multiple videogames. Most have focused on the all-out action of James Cameron's Aliens rather than the creeping terror of Ridley Scott's sci-fi horror hybrid. After the misfire of 2013's reviled Aliens…

The Driver

16 Sep 20143 stars

David Morrissey, Ian Hart and Colm Meaney star in BBC cab driver crime drama

Even if you’re bored and miserable, 'be happy with your safe lot' seems to be the clarion cry message of this three-parter. David Morrissey plays Vince, a cabbie who is made to feel worthless at home (by a dismissive wife and sullen daughter) and…