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Ivan and the Dogs explores notion of feral children

18 Mar 2011

Theatre piece based on true story of Ivan Mishukov

You wait 18 months for a play about feral children, then two come along at once. Not since NIE’s My Life with the Dogs in the 2009 Edinburgh Fringe have we heard the true story of Ivan Mishukov, a four-year old boy from Moscow who lived with a pack of…

New show Caged from Catherine Wheels

4 Mar 2011

Theatre company adapt Beauty and the Beast with a non-Disney outlook

What’s in a name? Seemingly a great deal when it comes to selling a show, as Catherine Wheels theatre company discovered when they started work on their new fairytale adaptation, Caged. ‘We were originally going to call it Beauty and the Beast,…

Philip Pullman's Clockwork adapted by Visible Fictions and Scottish Opera

24 Mar 2011

Fairytale novel set for stage adaptation and Scottish tour

When Visible Fictions’ and Scottish Opera’s re-working of Clockwork opens this month, it will be the fifth stage adaptation of the book in seven years. Philip Pullman’s fairytale novel, known for its complex story within a story, clearly lights a flame…

The best upcoming theatre shows in Scotland for Spring 2011

4 Mar 2011

A guide to the unmissable shows in theatreland til June

Girl X On tour, 4 March–20 April Brilliant Belgian director Pol Heyvaert, who directed Aalst for the National Theatre of Scotland, hooks up with Glasgow actor Robert Softley for a provocative play based on the controversial case of Ashley X, a girl…

Tramway Family Day: Alice in Wonderland

14 Apr 2011

The Glasgow arts venue celebrates Lewis Carrol's most famous creation

When young Alice sips from a bottle marked ‘drink me’ in Lewis Carroll’s well-loved tale, Alice in Wonderland, a remarkable change occurs. Which is one of the reasons the team at Tramway was inspired to base its latest Family Day around this most…

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Election night entertainment - Unholyrood, Welcome to the Hotel Caledonia and Mayfesto: It's a Dead Liberty!

13 Apr 2011

Perhaps injustices tend to hit harder when they’re closer to home; perhaps there’s just more meat; but periods of Tory government do tend to galvanize our satirists and create new relevance for political theatre. You may have noticed stirrings…

Bank of Scotland Imaginate Festival promises a quality homegrown line-up alongside the usual groundbreaking international work

13 Apr 2011

The Bank of Scotland Imaginate Festival has always featured quality children’s theatre from both home and abroad. But while international talent has never been in short supply, Scottish-based companies worthy of inclusion were initially thin on the…

Liz Lochead translation Educating Agnes explores universal themes

24 Mar 2011

Scotland's Makar translates Moliere's The School for Wives into Scots

Following on from the success of Tartuffe in 1985 and Miseryguts (nee The Misanthrope) in 2002, Scotland’s new makar Liz Lochhead will return once more here to translating the work of the 17th century French satirist Moliere into Scots, with the…

Shaun the Sheep goes solo in Shaun's Big Show

21 Mar 2011

Author David Wood helps transition from screen to stage

There’s no higher accolade for a character, then to get your own spin-off. Cheers led to Frasier, Friends to Joey, and Family Guy gave birth to The Cleveland Show. But who would have thought, when A Close Shave premiered in 1995, that a skinny legged…

Theatre writer and performer Clare Duffy's new show about money

18 Mar 2011

Platform 18: Money - The Game Show

What drew you to the subject of money for your new show? I was amazed by the enormity of the financial crisis in 2008. I hadn’t really realised before that money might actually stop working on a global scale. Of course I was glad that it didn’t! But it…

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Rona Munro’s play Pandas set for Traverse Spring Summer season

18 Mar 2011

Romantic comedy explores links with China through three couples

Just a few weeks after Rona Munro’s Pandas was revealed as part of the Traverse’s Spring Summer season, Edinburgh Zoo announced that it would soon be home to the first pair of giant pandas to live in the UK for 17 years. The timing may have been…

Six Black Candles revives adaptation of Des Dillon novel

18 Mar 2011

Revenge story from writer of Singin’ I’m No’ a Billy, He’s a Tim

'I see myself as the Bruce Springsteen of Scottish writers,’ says Des Dillon with a smile. ‘I write about a certain class of people – white trash, basically – and I write about them in simple language, using hardly any words to create powerful images.

Dancing at Lughnasa story of five sisters rural in 1936 Donegal

18 Mar 2011

Citizens run marks 21st anniversary of Brian Friel's hit play

When The Original Theatre Company’s version of Brian Friel’s Dancing at Lughnasa arrives at the Citizens Theatre in April, it will mark the 21st anniversary of its very first performance. ‘We hope that’s it’s going to really speak to people in Glasgow,…

Contemporary dance festival New Territories 2011

4 Mar 2011

Artistic director Nikki Milican talks us through the highlights

As the New Territories festival continues apace, we asked artistic director Nikki Milican to take us on a whistle-stop tour of the main stage dance productions. First up is a double-bill from Louise Lecavalier, a former dancer with Canadian outfit…

Northern Ballet production of Cleopatra tours UK

4 Mar 2011

A preview of the new dance production from the acclaimed company

From Peter Pan to Dangerous Liaisons, Northern Ballet (formerly Northern Ballet Theatre) knows how to turn a good book into a great dance. With new production, Cleopatra, however, the company is heading into uncharted territory. For, while the movers…

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Magnetic North's Wild Life explores idea of modern day feral child

24 Feb 2011

Playwright Pamela Carter's play inspired by ‘Wild Boy of Aveyron’

From travelling freak shows to Channel 4’s sensationalistic Bodyshock series, voyeurism has long been a part of human nature, and the internet has only increased the opportunities for pointing and staring at those who stand out somehow from what our…

Just Checking charts bride-to-be whose OCD is getting the better of her

16 Feb 2011

Very physical piece from Taggart actor

For an actor, no job is for life. Not even when you’re the star of Britain’s longest running cop show. So when Blythe Duff (aka DI Jackie Reid) found herself in between series of Taggart in 2009, she thought it would be prudent to have another string to…

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice set for Dundee Rep

11 Feb 2011

Classic Ugly Duckling story of a young person overcoming life’s obstacles

It was good news for Helen Darbyshire when she checked in with the voice doctor. Before committing to the part of Little Voice in Jim Cartwright’s play, she wanted to be sure her vocal chords were up to the task. This is a character whose pathological…

Ailey 2 company carries an explosive amount of youthful vigour

11 Feb 2011

American dance company set for King's Theatre, Glasgow

When Alvin Ailey died in 1989, he left behind an incredible legacy. Not only had he created a remarkable body of works, and a company – Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater – to perform them, but he had also looked to the future. As dancers mature and…

Anthony Neilson’s Penetrator set for Glasgow performances

11 Feb 2011

New group Boxman Theatre tackle bold work at Tramway

Since its 1993 Traverse debut, Anthony Neilson’s Penetrator has been held up as one of the Scottish playwright’s best works, its aggressive and unsettling atmosphere making it an early classic of what’s become known as ‘in-yer-face theatre’. It’s a bold…

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Rob Drummond: Wrestling fuses pro wrestling, short film and theatre

26 Jan 2011

Playwright, actor and director's play about a pacifist who decides to ‘man up’

Those unfamiliar with choke slams and half nelsons may only associate wrestling with spandex, muscly men and the career salvation of Mickey Rourke. Yet playwright, actor and director Rob Drummond hopes to change that with his latest, and most ambitious…

Random Accomplice's Smalltown offers three plays by leading Scottish playwrights

26 Jan 2011

New works by Douglas Maxwell, DC Jackson and Johnny McKnight

Typical. You wait ages for a great new play to arrive and then three come along at once. As luck would have it the trio of plays that make up Random Accomplice’s latest production, Smalltown, have been crafted by three of Scotland’s leading young…

Rambert Dance Company comes to Edinburgh

26 Jan 2011

Industry leading London troupe to serve up another triple bill this winter

For many dance companies, the triple-bill is almost a guilty pleasure. Brought out once a year, it can’t hope to compete with the pulling power of a full-length narrative. Yet, throughout its history, Rambert Dance Company has served up triple bills as…

The Company Will Overlook a Moment of Madness

26 Jan 2011

Adaptation of Rodolfo Santana's breakthrough play

This Spring’s A Play, A Pie and A Pint season features a cross-city collaboration between Glasgow’s Oran Mor and the National Theatre of Scotland’s Reveal season at the Traverse in Edinburgh. Featuring five new adaptations of Latin American plays, it…

The Strange Undoing Of Prudencia Hart gives a voice to the Borders

26 Jan 2011

The National Theatre of Scotland focuses on traditional Scottish pieces this season

The National Theatre of Scotland’s just-announced season feels even more particularly Scottish than usual this year, with a number of pieces tapping into old traditions. Alongside the exciting looking revivals of classics like Knives in Hens and Men…