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Briefs: The Second Coming (2014)

22 Dec 20145 stars

Brassy yet classy, boylesque troupe Briefs returns to Edinburgh

Their outfits could out-sparkle the Jenners Christmas tree, their banter is filthier than a lump of coal. The Briefs boys are back in Edinburgh bringing, in their words, 'a little bit of butch and a fuckload of camp' to the winter market. Originally…

Review: Scottish Ballet – The Nutcracker

19 Dec 20144 stars

It’s an odd little story, The Nutcracker ballet. On Christmas Eve, Clara is given the gift of a wooden man who comes to life after midnight to lead her into a strange land. Some choreographers use it as a springboard to explore Freud, some to riff on…

2015 Highlights: Stage

17 Dec 2014

Featuring: Manipulate, Slab Boys, Coppelia, Cirkopolis, Kevin Bridges and Glasgow Comedy Festival

Weaving together puppetry, visual theatre and dance, Manipulate's vision is international, experimental and accessible. Kicking off with Edinburgh Festival hit Maria Addolorata, which examines the limits of physical pain and ecstatic joy, through dance…

War on Christmas: interview with Gary McNair

16 Dec 2014

Comedian joyrides the festive season through the Arches by declaring War on Christmas

Enjoy your season, but rather more than that. Enjoy your life, find a way to get happiness every single day, instead of being forced into someone else’s preconceived notion of happiness for a rather stressful period in December. Let Christmas go, relax…

Scottish Ballet: The Nutcracker

12 Dec 2014

Scottish Ballet revives Peter Darrell's legendary production

He’s the man who started it all. The founder, the visionary, the choreographer and, until his untimely death in 1987, the artistic director of Scottish Ballet. As such, Peter Darrell is in receipt of no small amount of posthumous respect. So when…

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Interview: Michelle McManus – First and last

11 Dec 2014

On time out from Treasure Island, the Scottish personality talks Chanel, KT Tunsall and calendars

First panto you remember going to see Cinderella. I was six years old and I remember thinking that I wanted to live in pantoland when I grew up. Last New Year’s Resolution you were able to keep Absolutely none. I'm honestly the worst person ever at…

The Hot 100 2014: Glasgow mourns some of its inventive theatremakers

11 Dec 2014

The year we lost theatre-makers David MacLennan, Adrian Howells and Ian Smith

Between that referendum and controversial omissions from the funding awards, 2014 has been a dynamic year for theatre. Sadly, it is also marked by the deaths of three of Scotland’s most popular and inventive artists: David MacLennan, Adrian Howells and…

Llandyll Gove talks Saturday Night Fever

10 Dec 2014

Actor and co-star talks disco and the latest stage remake of 1970s classic

Llandyll Gove, playing Double J – the one in Tony Manero’s gang ‘most likely to join the mafia,’ Gove reflects – promises that this Saturday Night Fever is no sentimental remake. ‘The great thing is that the charcaters are so well written you are always…


5 Dec 20144 stars

Andrew Panton's BFG lands with a whizzpop and a whizzbang

With many strings to his bow including international renown as a vocal coach and director, Andrew Panton’s behind-the-curtain career has recently found a natural outlet as director of large-scale seasonal shows on the Lyceum stage...


5 Dec 2014

Catherine Wheels' award winning show White is a hit with pre-school children and adults alike

For something so simple, it can be awfully hard to get right. Creating theatre for a pre-school audience is a fine balance of ‘suddenlys’ (moments where things change and recharge a child’s focus) and gentleness. Get it wrong, and you’ll have a room…

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Treasure Island

5 Dec 20142 stars

Colourful panto big on good cheer but short on excitement

The Pavilion Panto favourites are back with their latest show, a lively adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic Treasure Island. Nailing their deliberately un-PC colours to the mast, it is a technicolour treat for the wee ones, but a little…

The Emperor's New Clothes

4 Dec 20143 stars

Òran Mór’s Christmas panto offers seething satire and utter unabashed filth

Day one of Òran Mór’s Christmas panto, and the room is stuffed full, almost to breaking point – such is the love for Dave Anderson, creator of this wee gem. With Anderson, giving good camp in char-lady drag, are his merry sidekicks, Frances Thorburn…

Miracle On 34 Parnie Street

4 Dec 20144 stars

Subversive fun with Johnny McKnight at the Tron Theatre panto

Johnny McKnight's (got) back, baby. This almost-homage to classic 40s Christmas tearjerker Miracle On 34th Street doesn't just celebrate bad taste – it twerks over it, with nae knickers on.

The Singing Kettle Big Christmas Party

4 Dec 2014

Kids theatre troupe ask 'what's inside the Singing Kettle?' one last time

If you grew up in Scotland during the past 30 years, chances are you’ll have no trouble completing the line ‘Spout, handle, lid of metal... ‘ But as of February 2015, the children’s theatre company who brought you that immortal line will be no more.

Stick Man

2 Dec 20144 stars

Julia Donaldson's creation comes to life just in time for Christmas

For most children, recreating the action-packed visuals in your average film, game or app is pretty impossible. But, should they be so inclined, emulating the cast of Stick Man back home in their bedroom after the show is eminently possible...

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Tales of home this winter with Homecoming Scotland 2014 events

27 Nov 2014

Featuring Station Stories by Sven Warner, Ae Spark o’ Nature’s Fire and The Home Straits

Pop-up theatre, fire sculptures, music and poetry are on offer during November and December as part of finale events celebrating Homecoming Scotland 2014. Taking place across the country in a variety of exiting and unusual place, check out these brand…

Scotch & Soda

27 Nov 20144 stars

Australian circus brings roguish magic to Edinburgh’s Paradiso Spiegeltent

Edinburghers are spoiled for Spiegeltents and circus stunts during the summer, so it makes sense that Underbelly – along with Unique Events – have begun to expand this magic into a sort of winter Fringe, supplementing the markets and fairground rides…

National Theatre of Scotland announce programme for 2015 Belong season

26 Nov 2014

Including a gaelic Whisky Galore, The Driver's Seat and a documentary drama of genital mutilation

‘Tribes, families, clans and gangs’ are the themes behind the National Theatre of Scotland’s Belong season, announced today, which stretches from January to June 2015. The eclectic season draws on a broad spectrum of subjects, bringing together a new…

Christmas 2014: Glasgow's top theatre shows

18 Nov 2014

Featuring Peter Pan, A Christmas Carol and Miracle On 34 Parnie Street

Peter Pan Gavin Mitchell – recently part of the cast for the hugely successful Still Game revival at the SECC Hydro – has built a reputation in recent years as a pantomime villain. Taking up the role of Captain Hook, Mitchell will undoubtedly combine a…

Christmas 2014: Edinburgh's top theatre shows

17 Nov 2014

Featuring Aladdin, Scotch and Soda and Wicked

Aladdin Allan Stewart, Andy Gray and Grant Stott are veterans of the pantomime game: they last performed Aladdin a decade ago, and they have become 'the dream team' for Edinburgh’s King's Theatre since 2010 when they teamed up for Jack and The…

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Final details for Edinburgh’s Hogmanay 2014 celebrations revealed

17 Nov 2014

Including a Torchligh Procession through city centre, mini-festival Scot:Lands and the Loony Dook

The final programme for Edinburgh’s Hogmanay 2014 celebrations were announced today. Opening proceedings is the much-loved Torchlight Procession (Tue 30 Dec), in which 8 000 torchbearers will take to the streets to walk from George IV Bridge through the…

Christmas 2014: David Wood's musical The BFG set for Edinburgh shows

13 Nov 2014

'It's rude, fun, moving and totally bonkers'

Featuring Roald Dahl's lovable creation, The BFG (aka the Big Friendly Giant) is a family tale that never fails to delight audiences. And at Christmas time, it has become an alternative at many theatres for the traditional pantomime. With Dahl's winning…

Christmas 2014: Treasure Island at Glasgow's Pavilion Theatre

13 Nov 2014

Colourful pantomime starring Michelle McManus, Stephen Purdon and Johnny Mac

The Pavilion Christmas show has long been acknowledged as the most traditional of Scotland’s pantomimes. With its emphasis on cheeky asides to the adults, a strong Glaswegian patter and familiar faces from TV – including River City’s Shellsuit Bob…

Interview: Jeff Wayne discusses new and final tour of War of the Worlds

13 Nov 2014

'We have another challenge and a new life for my musical version'

For many years, Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds was merely one of the most ambitious albums that emerged from the already expansive 1970s progressive rock scene. Drawing musical comparisons with Pink Floyd for its use of technology and enthusiasm for…

Interview: Slava’s Snow Show creator Slava Polunin

13 Nov 2014

'I wanted to try to get into those areas where clowning was not too often – tragic comedy, drama'

Why do you think the Snow Show has captivated audiences? I think it’s because we ‘talk’ in this show about those things which are very important for every single person, wherever he or she lives. Every person on earth understands what is love…