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Jackhammer brings Radioactive Man and Rolando to Edinburgh

20 May 2010

Two nights of top techno action from the Jackhammer crew as they are joined by Radioactive Man and Billy Nasty over two consecutive dates. Both respected producers and DJs, who have been at the forefront of the UK club scene for many a year, Radioactive…

Numbers and Monox bring Underground Resistance's Robert Hood and Levon Vincent to Glasgow

20 May 2010

Once again Numbers come up trumps and draft in their friends at Monox for a mighty fine night of diverse, intelligent dance beats. Underground Resistance founding member Robert Hood supplies the techno, there’s quirky electro house from Levon Vincent…

Chrome Hoof

19 May 2010

It’s a distinction of which they might be unaware themselves, but London-based prog orchestra Chrome Hoof are the first band to play the Sub Club’s new post-Optimo Sunday nighter Hung Up! The suspicion is that they’re exactly the type of group this…

Wbeeza guests at Edinburgh's Heavy Gossip

14 May 2010

One of the newest contenders on the Edinburgh house scene, Heavy Gossip welcome special guest Wbeeza (pictured) for his Scottish Debut. Presenting a live show of fresh house and techno cuts with jazz grooves and acidic beats as he creates a unique…

Tiga's Planet Turbo Tour

28 Apr 2010

It must be a good position, to be so on top of your own game that one of the only things left to achieve is helping others to success. That isn’t quite what Tiga’s doing here, but his own label Turbo Recordings is no vanity project, and he’s as hands on…

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Optimover: The end of Optimo - A legendary club night

15 Apr 2010

Somehow, phrases like ‘the end of an era’ seem too melodramatic for Optimo (Espacio), a club which just cut the crap and got on with defining Glasgow’s Sunday night. For the past thirteen years, its residents JD Twitch and JG Wilkes (aka Keith McIvor…

Confusion Is Sex

15 Apr 2010

Confusion is Sex strives for something different – mixing burlesque, leftfield cabaret, electro, live bands, pole dancers and more to create a unique world within itself. ‘It’s an underground freakshow,’ explains Gamma Ray Dali, the mastermind behind…

Kate Simko guests at Equalised and Introduction

15 Apr 2010

Kate Simko is unapologetic about her geekiness. What will her live show consist of, I ask? ‘It’s truly a live performance,’ she replies in her email, ‘with an analogue drum machine, MIDI controller and laptop. Well, fingers crossed. I just realised the…

Tronicsole celebrates first birthday with Jimpster

15 Apr 2010

It’s time for Tronicsole’s first birthday this fortnight and to celebrate they welcome the return of Jimpster (pictured). So, expect a night of deep house goodness from the head of Freerange Records with an added dash of dancefloor action informed by…

Sensu, Monox, Jackhammer and Substance reinforce Scottish techno scene

31 Mar 2010

Scotland has always been a stronghold for techno clubbing. Clubs like Pure, Atlantis and even Rez have become legendary, and this fortnight is particularly strong for fans of hard electronica as techno-heads are spoilt for choice with some seriously…

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Carl Cox revisits Colours at The Arches

30 Mar 2010

It’s hard not to get excited about a DJ set from Carl Cox every time he returns to Scotland. Picking up the nickname of the ‘Three Deck Wizard’ in the 80s, he’s been at the forefront of dance music since the beginning, and is a true ambassador for…

Annie gears up for Death Disco DJ date - Annie interview

22 Mar 2010

You may not have heard of Annie, but she’s one of the finest female pop stars of the last decade. As good as Kylie, Cheryl Cole, Beyonce and Rihanna. As good as all six Sugababes put together. She should be playing arenas, if that wasn’t a clear signal…

Devil Disco Club

22 Mar 2010

A night which combines all that’s best about Edinburgh’s recent clubbing history and its current, vibrant incarnation, Devil Disco Club is described by its co-promoter Hobbes as ‘the new Trouble’. Not so much a virgin night as a rethought, re-energised…

Alex Smoke - Lux

22 Mar 20104 stars

(Hum+Haw) The third album by Glasgow-based producer Alex Smoke after 2005’s Incommunicado and 2006’s Paradolia, this is the first he’s released on his own Hum+Haw, the offshoot label of his former home Soma. While Soma is well-established locally and…

Frog Pocket

19 Mar 2010

Signed to Benbecula and Planet Mu, Frog Pocket (aka Ayrshire man John Charles Wilson) makes some of the most startling electronica to come out of Scotland. Deep electronic grooves that combine with live guitars, fiddles and complex FX for a compelling…

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Todd Terje to play Ultragroove Edinburgh date

4 Mar 2010

By Gareth Sommerville’s calculations this is the 250th Ultragroove. It’s pretty impressive stuff and the deep house and disco night celebrates with a guest set from good friend Todd Terje. So expect Latin funk, crafty re-edits, acid house, dubby techno…

Red Bull Music Academy 2010 brings Tony Lionni, Marco Bernardi and Toddla T to Glasgow

25 Feb 2010

The organisers of this year's Red Bull Music Academy have correctly identified Glasgow as a "pioneering musical melting pot" when they were deciding where to host their unrivalled selection of acts, lectures, worskshops, demos and most importantly…

Adventures in Stereo

20 Jan 2010

When monthly night Stereotype began at Berlin in Edinburgh’s West End seven years ago almost to the day, the intention was not to follow the crowd. That’s why the club was called Stereotype in the first place, to emphasise the fact it didn’t want to be…

Various artists - Soma Compilation 2010

13 Jan 20104 stars

Soma Compilation 2010 (Soma) This latest taste-of-the-label comp demonstrates precisely who has been making waves on Slam’s Glasgow-based label over the last year. It’s very much a family affair this time out as the label’s signees and associates…

Profile: Adam Beyer

12 Jan 2010

Name: Adam Beyer Occupation: Swedish techno master Swedish techno you say? I love a bit of Swedish techno And well you should. With names like Cari Lekebusch, Joel Mull, Christian Smith and of course Adam Beyer himself, Sweden has been home to…

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Slam set to play Return to Mono

6 Jan 2010

Way back when, Slam used to host a little acid house night called Atlantis at the Sub Club. Since then they have taken over the Arches with their own Pressure night, run perhaps the best dance tent at any mainstream festival with their constantly rammed…

Hogmanay clubbing 2009

17 Dec 2009

Midnight culture

We kick off our round up with two institutions. Firstly in Glasgow the Optimo Hogmanay Party ‘celebrating the end of the decade’ takes over the Fruitmarket promising ‘our most ambitious event yet’ with special guests Hudson Mohawke, Drums of Death…

(Re)Introducing: Velvet

9 Dec 2009

(Re)Introducing. The best new nights in town. This month: Velvet

Subculture vs Sensu Detroit Weekender

9 Dec 2009

Isn’t every weekend a Detroit weekend at the Subbie in one way or another? It helps, of course, that this party in two parts will see techno innovator and one of the original ‘Belleville Three’ Derrick May make another of his regular appearances at the…

DIM set for Glasgow date at Cotton Cake

19 Nov 2009

Signed to Boys Noize, DIM (aka Andreas Meid), has helped shape the label into the all conquering electro beast it’s become today. Famed for his addictive dancefloor cuts such as ‘Is You’, ‘Airbus’ and ‘Sysiphos’ and remixes for the likes of The Presets…