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Rubadub records celebrate 18th birthday with Jeff Mills at the Sub Club

23 Jul 2010

Pivotal Glasgow record shop brings Detroit techno legend to Sub Club

‘In any city that has an important musical movement happening, there’s always a hub, like a really influential record shop or club or something like that,’ says Jack Revill. ‘As far as shops go, Berlin’s got Hardwax, Detroit has Submerge and Glasgow’s…

Fabio heads up dance acts at Wickerman 2010

23 Jul 2010

Dr Huxtable and Big Toe’s HiFi also set for Dumfries and Galloway festival

While the likes of The Charlatans, Tony Christie and The Futureheads will be playing across the weekend, the Wickerman Festival has a very strong dance presence with the Axis Sound System Reggae Tent (featuring the likes of Dr Huxtable and Big Toe’s…

Pioneering spirit - Andrew Weatherall interview

7 Jul 2010

To say that Andrew Weatherall has had a diverse career is a bit of an understatement. He started way back in the late 80s DJing the backroom at Shoom (often credited as the birth place of Britain’s acid house scene). ‘I’d be the kid that would play at…

Devil Disco Club host HRH, Simonotron and Kris Wasabi

7 Jul 2010

The Trouble duo of Hobbes and Erik d’Viking welcome us back for yet more seedy backstreet disco thrills and edgy glamour, courtesy of brand new Edinburgh electro-pop band HRH and regular DJs Simonotron (Club For Heroes) and Kris Wasabi (Wasabi Disco)…

Edinburgh's Liquid Room reopens with extra level and new kit

5 Jul 2010

It might seem like only the other month that the Liquid Room was closed after a fire broke out in the Indian restaurant upstairs, but to those involved it’s felt like a lifetime. ‘It’s been too long since I’ve actually done my job,’ reflects manager…

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Graeme Clark guests as The Revenge at Return to Mono

5 Jul 2010

For Graeme Clark, aka The Revenge, this is something of a golden period. As if to prove the point, The List has to conduct an email interview with him all the way from Japan, where he’s on tour. It’s a long way from his home in Glasgow and even farther…

JakN continue the minimal techno at the GRV

5 Jul 2010

Now heading into their seventh year, it seems a pleasure for the boys at Edinburgh techno night JakN to be able to report a positive change on the horizon. After all, they’ve already endured two venue changes (one forced on them when their original…

Seth Troxler set for Tictactoe Glasgow date

5 Jul 2010

The only Scottish set this year by one of the world’s hottest young DJs, this rescheduled date wouldn’t even be happening if the Glade Festival hadn’t been cancelled. Working in his native Detroit’s Melodies & Memories record store alongside the likes…

Plastikman 2010 tour - Richie Hawtin interview - full transcript

24 Jun 2010

Are you based in Berlin permanently these days? I'm in Berlin looking at a beautiful blue sky, which isn’t as common as it should be, I go between here and Canada. I would say I'm travelling more than I'm anywhere. There's such a good music…

T in the Park 2010: Richie Hawtin on the rebirth of Plastikman

24 Jun 2010

Richie Hawtin is one of the true pioneers of electronica. Born in Oxfordshire, he moved to Ontario, Canada, at the age of nine, where his love of alternative music (the likes of Echo & the Bunnymen, New Order and Depeche Mode) grew until he heard a new…

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Planetary Assault System visit Substance

9 Jun 2010

A killer techno exclusive as Planetary Assault System lays waste to the GRV.

Profile: Planetary Assault Systems

1 Jun 2010

Name: Planetary Assault Systems Real name: Luke Slater Occupation: DJ and producer Luke Slater has been part of the electronic music scene since the late 80s, releasing records on labels including Peacefrog and Novamute. In 1995 Soma…

Chicago house night Fiasco host ‘secret location party’

28 May 2010

When Fiasco’s Ed Marco says his club’s next date in Glasgow is going to be another secret location party, he really means it. Even gentle exhortations to give The List a little off-the-record tip-off are stonewalled. ‘Honestly, I really can’t,’ he says.

Jackhammer brings Radioactive Man and Rolando to Edinburgh

20 May 2010

Two nights of top techno action from the Jackhammer crew as they are joined by Radioactive Man and Billy Nasty over two consecutive dates. Both respected producers and DJs, who have been at the forefront of the UK club scene for many a year, Radioactive…

Numbers and Monox bring Underground Resistance's Robert Hood and Levon Vincent to Glasgow

20 May 2010

Once again Numbers come up trumps and draft in their friends at Monox for a mighty fine night of diverse, intelligent dance beats. Underground Resistance founding member Robert Hood supplies the techno, there’s quirky electro house from Levon Vincent…

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Chrome Hoof

19 May 2010

It’s a distinction of which they might be unaware themselves, but London-based prog orchestra Chrome Hoof are the first band to play the Sub Club’s new post-Optimo Sunday nighter Hung Up! The suspicion is that they’re exactly the type of group this…

Wbeeza guests at Edinburgh's Heavy Gossip

14 May 2010

One of the newest contenders on the Edinburgh house scene, Heavy Gossip welcome special guest Wbeeza (pictured) for his Scottish Debut. Presenting a live show of fresh house and techno cuts with jazz grooves and acidic beats as he creates a unique…

Tiga's Planet Turbo Tour

28 Apr 2010

It must be a good position, to be so on top of your own game that one of the only things left to achieve is helping others to success. That isn’t quite what Tiga’s doing here, but his own label Turbo Recordings is no vanity project, and he’s as hands on…

Optimover: The end of Optimo - A legendary club night

15 Apr 2010

Somehow, phrases like ‘the end of an era’ seem too melodramatic for Optimo (Espacio), a club which just cut the crap and got on with defining Glasgow’s Sunday night. For the past thirteen years, its residents JD Twitch and JG Wilkes (aka Keith McIvor…

Confusion Is Sex

15 Apr 2010

Confusion is Sex strives for something different – mixing burlesque, leftfield cabaret, electro, live bands, pole dancers and more to create a unique world within itself. ‘It’s an underground freakshow,’ explains Gamma Ray Dali, the mastermind behind…

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Kate Simko guests at Equalised and Introduction

15 Apr 2010

Kate Simko is unapologetic about her geekiness. What will her live show consist of, I ask? ‘It’s truly a live performance,’ she replies in her email, ‘with an analogue drum machine, MIDI controller and laptop. Well, fingers crossed. I just realised the…

Tronicsole celebrates first birthday with Jimpster

15 Apr 2010

It’s time for Tronicsole’s first birthday this fortnight and to celebrate they welcome the return of Jimpster (pictured). So, expect a night of deep house goodness from the head of Freerange Records with an added dash of dancefloor action informed by…

Sensu, Monox, Jackhammer and Substance reinforce Scottish techno scene

31 Mar 2010

Scotland has always been a stronghold for techno clubbing. Clubs like Pure, Atlantis and even Rez have become legendary, and this fortnight is particularly strong for fans of hard electronica as techno-heads are spoilt for choice with some seriously…

Carl Cox revisits Colours at The Arches

30 Mar 2010

It’s hard not to get excited about a DJ set from Carl Cox every time he returns to Scotland. Picking up the nickname of the ‘Three Deck Wizard’ in the 80s, he’s been at the forefront of dance music since the beginning, and is a true ambassador for…

Annie gears up for Death Disco DJ date - Annie interview

22 Mar 2010

You may not have heard of Annie, but she’s one of the finest female pop stars of the last decade. As good as Kylie, Cheryl Cole, Beyonce and Rihanna. As good as all six Sugababes put together. She should be playing arenas, if that wasn’t a clear signal…