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Exposure: Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats

22 Apr 2014

Frontman KR Starrs discusses 'psychotic rock music', Mind Control and touring with Black Sabbath

Spiking their doomy metal riffs with psychedelic 60s pop melodies, Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats are a dark pagan cult bowing down at the altar of rock. Although they’ve previously shunned the media, now, fresh from supporting Black Sabbath across…

Kaiser Chiefs announce UK arena dates for 2015

22 Apr 2014

Tickets for the indie rockers' large-scale gigs will go on sale from Fri 25 Apr

Indie rock titans Kaiser Chiefs have announced details of two large-scale arena gigs in 2015, following a series of festival and racecourse-based gigs in 2014. Tickets for the gigs, which will take place at The O2, London and the Leeds First Direct…

Interview: Chris Corsano of the Flower-Corsano Duo

11 Apr 2014

The drummer discusses what fuels his many collaborations ahead of his Edinburgh gig

Time was that if you lived in Edinburgh it felt like you could see drummer Chris Corsano play live pretty much any night of the week. During his time living in the capital in the mid to late noughties, the New England-sired drummer whose collaborators…

Franz Ferdinand - Barrowland, Glasgow, Tue 25 Mar 2014

4 Apr 20144 stars

A triumphant hometown show for Glasgow's indie kingpins

‘Alright Glasgow? It’s good to see you!’ Frontman Alex Kapranos beams at a rapturous reception from a sold-out Barrowlands. Dressed impeccably – in matching black, white and grey suits and looking no older than they did 10 years ago – Franz Ferdinand…

Wild Beasts - The Arches, Glasgow, Thu 27 Mar 2014

31 Mar 20145 stars

Hayden Thorpe and co play a special set of celestial songs from new album Present Tense

Present Tense, Wild Beast's fourth album, has been showered with acclaim since its release earlier this month. Rightfully so too, it's an exquisite record which cements the Kendal group's gradual evolution from carnal, loquacious, indie upstarts, into…

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Paolo Nutini - Caustic Love

25 Mar 20144 stars

A record of tonal weirdness that does great things for Nutini as a vocalist of versatility and soul

The underwhelming cod-bluesery of Paolo Nutini’s comeback single ‘Scream (Funk My Life Up)’ opens his third album, and it’s hard to overstate just how much this limp effort fails to sell a record which is by some margin his most interesting yet. It…

Sunsmasher - Hell/Noise/Church

25 Mar 20144 stars

A full-on assault of hardcore-infused speedfreak black metal

Continuing the tradition started with 2011’s Mammothian/Loud/Cult, Glasgow’s foremost purveyors of total misery Sunsmasher return with a second self-descriptively titled release. It’s been a while since the first one, but with the members involved in a…

The Amazing Snakeheads - Amphetamine Ballads

24 Mar 20144 stars

A debut rock'n'roll album teeming with adrenaline highs of gambling and downtempo, reflective lows

They say rock'n'roll is dead. Granted, it definitely doesn't look like a viable career option, and never has – but one group who just might make a go of it, are Arctic Monkeys' labelmates The Amazing Snakeheads, a hyped Glasgow trio who've just produced…

Interview: Nicolas Jaar and Daniel Harrington, aka Darkside

21 Mar 2014

The brooding, electronic-rock duo discuss their origins and Daft Punk's Random Access Memories

'How did we meet?’ ponders New Yorker Nicolas Jaar on his relationship with his partner on the Darkside, Dave Harrington. ‘We were set up on a blind date,’ he decides with a laugh. The truth is, they kind of were. Jaar, more famous for dense and…

Casual Sex - Mono, Glasgow, Tue 4 Mar 2014

21 Mar 20144 stars

A slick, 80s post-punk performance from the ungoogleable Glasgow foursome

What would you expect from a gig by a band called Casual Sex? If the answer is four men bringing slick 80s post-punk to life on a wet Tuesday night, fronted by a Robert Smith-inspired, make-up adorned frontman with self-confessed ‘daddy issues’ then…

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Eagulls - Nice’n’Sleazy, Glasgow, Fri 7 Mar 2014

21 Mar 20143 stars

Dark, mean and urgent post-punk that sometimes descends into anonymous bludgeoning

In this present age of musical conservatism, you’ve got to salute a band whose idea of video art involves fuzzy footage of a decomposing pig’s brain. Hearteningly, Leeds quintet Eagulls have just won an award for that very promo and taken their dark…

Secret Motorbikes - Rum Punch

19 Mar 20144 stars

A fine selection of garage DIY punk that transcends the cynical nostalgia of the scene

Glasgow boys Secret Motorbikes release their first full length album Rum Punch in what appears to be an attempt to give the Spanish archer to an often homogenised guitar pop scene. Their previous 2012 EP 'I Get Up' was a raucous ride through a…

Singles and downloads - March 2014

19 Mar 2014

Paolo Nutini, Machinedrum, Golden Teacher and Paws reviewed

Paolo Nutini – 'Scream (Funk My Life Up)' (Atlantic) ●● For the first ten seconds, the comeback single from Paisley’s favourite son is highly promising, with a vaguely South Asian convergence of atmospheric windchime sounds and squealing rap intro…

The Notwist, with Jel – Mono, Glasgow, Sun 16 Mar 2014

19 Mar 20144 stars

The long-running German alt.rockers team up with the Californian hip hop electronicist

Given The Notwist’s (comparatively) recent move towards electronica, it’s not too surprising to see Jel join the long-running German alt.rockers on this European tour. The co-founder of alternative electronica/hip hop label Anticon, he’s carved a niche…

The Cosmic Dead - EasterFaust

14 Mar 20144 stars

The psychedelic quartet's limited edition jam LP is quite brilliant

It’s been a privilege to witness the evolution of Glasgow’s own psychonauts The Cosmic Dead over the last few years. In their protoplasmic stage, the band had a pretty fluid line-up, a core trio augmented by itinerant satellite musicians – and the early…

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Chad VanGaalen - Shrink Dust

14 Mar 20143 stars

Self-proclaimed country album from Calgary's astral-rock artisan

Picture this. Two small, prying hands growing out of your shoulders, ripping your eyelids wide apart, provoking untold confusion and pain, and all to a groovy psych-pop beat. Welcome to the surreal province of Chad VanGaalen, where such events unfold on…

Interview: Franz Ferdinand bassist Bob Hardy

13 Mar 2014

A discussion on flat parties, sabbaticals and the latest Franz album

'It’s kind of like a holiday with your pals,' muses Franz Ferdinand bassist Bob Hardy, of the Glasgow artisan guitar pop artistes’ rationale for taking a good long break prior to making their latest album, following three records in quick succession up…

Jon Porras – Light Divide

13 Mar 20143 stars

An electronic drone record for fans of stygian ambience, minimalist stylings or sci-fi dystopia

Jon Porras is best known as one half of Barn Owl, a Californian desert rock/ ambient duo who sculpt instrumental juggernauts of drone-heavy guitar menace. Until now his solo work has been variations on a similar style, but this third album under his own…

The LaFontaines, New City Kings and Fizzy Blood lined up for ListLive

13 Mar 2014

The latest edition of our live gig series explores the various subgenres of rock

Our next ListLive event is shaping up to be yet another genre-crossing affair, this time exploring the various subgenres of rock. Scottish quintet The LaFontaines specialise in combining danceable indie rock with a lyrical hip hop overlay (not to…

Interview: Paolo Nutini on new album, Caustic Love

11 Mar 2014

The singer-songwriter is set to play a slew of festival dates, including T in the Park & V Festival

If you have turned on a radio at any point in the past month or so, you may be aware that Paisley pop prodigy Paolo Nutini is back in the game with new single ‘Scream (Funk My Life Up)’ after an absence of five years - say three, if you take time off…

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Vic Godard – Thirty Odd Years

10 Mar 20145 stars

An exquisite package dedicated to the anti-career of the prolific Subway Sect man

'It's a literary and philosophical group,' says the voice of the late Edinburgh-based poet Paul Reekie in a faux-radio interview at the start of this two-CD, 44 track retrospective from Vic Godard. As a singer/songwriter, Godard's band Subway Sect may…

Paul Haig – At Twilight

10 Mar 20144 stars

Ex-Josef K member – and 'face and sound of 1982' – returns with another solo album

When Paul Haig, Malcolm Ross and co called time on Edinburgh's jangular art-rock funkateers Josef K, following the release of both theirs and Alan Horne's Postcard label's sole album release, The Only Fun In Town, in 1981, Haig styled himself as the…

The Men - Tomorrow’s Hits

4 Mar 20143 stars

The Brooklyn outfit create an authentic tribute to classic American rock

Tomorrow’s Hits is the new album by The Men, a band who stand out as prolific amongst their peers in a time when it normally takes four years to make an album – the Brooklyn classic rock outfit have released five full-length studio records in that time.

Mistaken for Strangers

3 Mar 20144 stars

Documentary about US indie group The National filmed by sibling Tom Berninger

A film about making a film, about a band making it as a band, and about brothers getting along as brothers – Mistakenfor Strangers may be one of the smartest, funniest, most heart-warming rockdocs ever made. Being a fan of The National isn't a…

World Tour of Crail - Various venues, Crail, Thu 20 & Fri 21 Feb 2014

24 Feb 20145 stars

King Creosote and co host some community gigs, with Withered Hand, Lomond Campbell and Jo Foster

There's a sign above Julia's cafe in Crail that reads, 'Come in for a cuppa'. What it does not say is that your scones will be sound-tracked by homeboy King Creosote, singing his heart out to 20 people. It does not mention that country-gospel…