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A guide to the TV shows reinventing comic icons

10 Oct 2014

Including Gotham, Arrow, The Flash, Constantine, Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter and Daredevil

After the massive popularity of superhero movies at the worldwide box-office, it should come as no surprise that TV producers have now sat up and taken proper notice. While many viewers still have fond memories of Adam West and the biff! pow! capers of…

Amazon, Penguin, Random House and the state of publishing

12 Dec 2012

Author Sophie Cooke explains why Amazon is still a bigger worry than the Random House/Penguin merger

Amazon has always presented itself as a consumer champion, decrying the greed of publishers who insist on maintaining high prices for their authors’ e-books. Amazon is all about the customer. Good service, free delivery, low prices and plenty of…

Claudia Winkleman recalls penguin terror

30 Jun 2011

TV Gossip

Claudia Winkleman got chased by a penguin while filming 'King Of...' The 39-year-old TV presenter - who is currently eight months pregnant with her third child - explained she was "properly terrified" when the feathered friend chased her around the…

Claudia Winkleman panicked by penguin

13 Jun 2011

TV Gossip

Claudia Winkleman's was chased by a penguin on the set of her new TV show. The pregnant TV host was shooting her new programme 'King Of' and arranged to have the aquatic bird come in the studio as she discussed with guests what was the King Of Jobs…


12 Aug 20102 stars

Puppetry and song for young ‘uns

Opening a bright, shiny package, little boy Ben discovers a penguin inside. But joy quickly turns to disappointment when the flightless fellow refuses to speak. Various attempts at persuasion are made, including a trip to the doctors, to no avail, until…

Penguin brings interactive puppetry to the Fringe

29 Jul 2010

Polly Dunbar's children books translate easily to stage

When writer and puppeteer Polly Dunbar creates her picture books, she’s got one eye on the page – and the other on the stage. ‘Although I’m not directly thinking of puppets whilst writing,’ she says, ‘I do keep performance in mind. Picture books are…

Edinburgh Festival 2010: More Fringe show highlights

16 Jul 2010

Some of the shows to look out for at the Fringe

With over 2,400 shows to choose from at this years Fringe festival, it's all to easy to succumb to the paradox of choice. Here we present our picks for some of the smaller shows that are worth looking out for.

First Word - Allegra McEvedy

6 Aug 2009

First record you ever bought Ian Jury and the Blockheads’ ‘Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick’. Last time you were chatted up I don’t think I’ve ever been chatted up. I’m more of a predator. First film you saw that really moved you I think it…

Also Published - 5 True Crime Paperbacks

2 Apr 2009

Peter Woolf - The Damage Done Woolf grew up as a kid in London’s criminal underworld and is now dedicated to helping others avoid the deadly pitfalls. Bantam. Mazher Mahmood - Confessions of a Fake Sheik This investigative journo has helped expose…