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Neil Young: Journeys

16 May 20134 stars

An intimate homecoming documentary by the country rock legend, shot by Jonathan Demme

‘This is a town in North Ontario,’ are the first interview words uttered by Neil Young in this Jonathan Demme-directed documentary, and it’s probable that he’s consciously referencing the lyric of his own song ‘Helpless’. In the opening few minutes of…

The Stone Roses - Glasgow Green, Sat 15 Jun 2013

11 Jul 20134 stars

No new material but a pretty great reunion gig nonetheless

The best band in the world in the second-best city in the world,’ was how bass player Mani chose to sign off from this soggy but poignant return to the scene of one of The Stone Roses’ greatest triumphs, adding 'We wish we was Glaswegian.’ Twenty-three…

Bruce Springsteen - Hampden Park, Glasgow, Tue 18 Jun 2013

11 Jul 20135 stars

A rousing, anthemic fanfare to the hopes and dreams of the ordinary guy or girl

It’s hard to get away from comparing three and a half hours in the company of Bruce Springsteen to a religious experience, try as one might to avoid diving into the cliché trap. But seriously, how could anyone fail to be utterly uplifted by what we were…

Catherine Bennett is a Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model

10 Jul 2013

The new show from performance artist Bryony Kimmings attempts to create an alternative popstar

Catherine Bennett is a young pop star with a purpose. ‘CB’ doesn’t wear skimpy clothes and lots of make-up or sing about boys and sex and dancing in nightclubs, or anything else you might hear being bandied around in the charts. Instead, she works in a…

RockNess - Clunes Farm, Dores, Sun 9 Jun 2013

18 Jun 20134 stars

Part 2 of our RockNess review coverage features Lianne La Havas, Madness and Camera Obscura

At any British festival the tendency is to review the weather first, and RockNess certainly comes off best when you do that in this case. Sunday’s line-up rounded off a glorious Highland weekend in one of Scotland’s most scenic spots, with a diverse…

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Nomeansno - Electric Circus, Edinburgh, Tue 28 May 2013

12 Jun 20134 stars

A ridiculously good gig by the unfeasibly great group of Canadian math rock progenitors

‘I hate wankers,’ declared guitarist Rob Wright apropos of nothing, with a wry grin. Who was the Canadian punk’s tirade in reference to? Surely not his adoring crowd, who helped the band produce a show to remember. As one hirsute stage invader attempted…

Cold Cave's Dominick Fernow takes his Vatican Shadow alter-ego on tour

10 Jun 2013

The Hospital Records boss (aka Prurient) specialises in dense beds of instrumental electronica

Go to Discogs, search for Prurient and feel the next few hours of your life contract as you imagine yourself rifling through their creator’s online footprint to find out exactly what Dominick Fernow has done with his time. Lots and lots of electronic…

Singles & EPs round up - June 2013

10 Jun 2013

Leonidas & Hobbes, Frightened Rabbit, theapplesofenergy, Harvey McKay and more reviewed

Leonidas & Hobbes Machines, Tapes & Electronic Setups EP (Hobbes Music) ●●●● The debut EP from Edinburgh electronic duo Leonidas & Hobbes (the latter, Andy Richardson is a well-known promoter about town and sometime writer of this establishment) is…

Interview: Phoenix - Thomas Mars on success and learning to write songs again

7 Jun 2013

The French four-piece take album Bankrupt! into the heart of the mainstream

With each new release, Phoenix are getting bigger, bolder and better. David Pollock talks to Thomas Mars about making the right album at the right time This year in pop music is all about two French groups heading rapidly towards global glory.

Nile Rodgers set for 2013 UK tour

6 Jun 2013

Pop icon and serial hit producer performs at Summerhall and Wickerman Festival 2013

Nile Rodgers isn’t the most famous person in the world, but he knows plenty of them. These two very special summer appearances on Scottish soil will most likely not sell out as swiftly as, for example, one of his former collaborators announcing a…

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Black Sabbath: 13

6 Jun 20132 stars

Latest album falls short of expectations with pretentiousl lyrics and overdriven sound

‘Wow, a new Black Sabbath record: this should be really good!’ involuntarily blurts out your brain before it has time to digest the relevant information: just about everything Ozzy Osbourne has done with his career since the 1970s. Press play. Courtesy…

5 Reasons to Go See . . .I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore

6 Jun 2013

1 Talking about music isn’t like dancing about architecture. A curse on whoever was meant to have said that thing about writing about music. Steve Martin? Elvis Costello? This is a talk, it’s about music and it promises to be really quite…

Daft Punk - Random Access Memories

24 May 20133 stars

A track by track breakdown of the heavily hyped, mixed-bag of a disco-synth album

It’s the most anticipated album of the year, but it’s only partly been worth the wait. While Tron-helmeted duo Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo’s commitment to using real live musicians and an eclectic pool of guests to recreate the…

Scottish festivals 2013 - An A-Z of the best summer festivals

17 May 2013

The best festivals of music, film, food, cycling and more taking place in Scotland 2013

When it comes to festivals, Scotland really doesn’t hold back. From Orkney to Byres Road, muddy fields to stately homes, the growing number of them cater to all tastes, styles and budgets. Our A-Z guide profiles Scotland’s best summer jamborees, the…

The best European music festivals you've never heard of

17 May 2013

Featuring Electric Elephant, Unsound, Oya and Sunsplash

1 All Tomorrow’s Parties Iceland Sadly coming to an end in the UK, hipster holiday camp hideaway ATP is once more branching out overseas, starting with this weekender on an ex-NATO air base starring Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Fall, Deerhoof and…

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Toro Y Moi set for 2013 UK tour with third album Anything in Return

15 May 2013

South Carolina's Toro Y Moi on his musical influences and latest album Anything in Return

‘I want to make music that people should hear, not what they want to hear,’ says Chazwick ‘Chaz’ Bundick, the South Carolina native who records a selection of boundary-pressing intelligent dance tracks under the alias Toro Y Moi, amongst many others.

The National - Trouble Will Find Me

15 May 20134 stars

A great sixth record, but not one which parades the fact before you

(4AD) The idea that much of the music here was written by guitarist Aaron Desner while bedevilled by bone-aching fatigue and sleepless nights following the birth of his baby daughter is a compelling one. It ties into the sense of a band shattered…

Young Fathers - Tape Two

15 May 20134 stars

Textured and intriguing album from Edinburgh hip hop group who have come of age at last

(Anticon) As if their breakthrough release of Tape One earlier this year on groundbreaking Los Angeles intelligent hip hop label Anticon wasn’t vindication enough of the promise that Edinburgh trio Young Fathers have been putting in the bank for…

Optimo: The Underground Sound of Glasgow

15 May 20133 stars

Tracks from Golden Teacher, Auntie Flo and Debukas feature on mix compilation showcasing the city

(Glasgow Underground) The mouth waters and the ears tingle at the thought of this, the first in a series of compilations showcasing the sound of a city by someone who knows it well. The producers have chosen well here, for they could have no more…

Exposure: Haim set for 2013 UK tour dates

15 May 2013

Sweet, yearning, retro pop melodies from sister-heavy band

When Haim look towards their future, do they see anything between themselves and a torrent of riches and acclaim? We’ve checked, and we can detect nothing. Were we to be unimaginative, in fact, we’d say they have all the retroisms to one day go on to be…

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Stag and Dagger: Glasgow's city festival prepares for fifth edition

15 May 2013

One-ticket-admits-all festival to feature exciting acts from all genres

It’s uncertain whether anyone remembers the ‘Sauchiehall Crawl’ event of a few years back, which attempted to do for Glasgow’s busiest late night thoroughfare what the Camden Crawl in London was doing. Well, despite being ill-remembered in the face of…

William Tyler & Hiss Golden Messenger - Summerhall, Edinburgh, Sat 4 May

15 May 20134 stars

Songs setting a dense emotional mood and strong sense of place

Despite the setting in a cool, dark, wood-panelled lecture theatre, sometime Silver Jews and Lambchop guitarist William Tyler and Hiss Golden Messenger songwriter and fulcrum Michael ‘MT’ Taylor brought a certain sense of the pastoral with them for this…

Wet Sounds - Glasgow event combines swimming and music

10 May 2013

Float in a pool listening to sounds by Joel Cahen and La Horrox

It’s the most listening fun you can have without electrocuting yourself. You get in the pool. You listen to music either in the water, out of the water or somewhere in between, floating on the surface. There are speakers submerged below you and in the…

King Creosote - Oran Mor, Glasgow, Wed 10 Apr 2013

23 Apr 20133 stars

Fence Records stalwart's bittersweet railing over declining physical music sales

Following on from his low-key appearance on the fringes of Fence’s Gnomegame festival in Anstruther the weekend before, Kenny Anderson was playing the second date of a monstrous month-long UK solo tour here, the first coming the day before in Shetland.

Casual Sex - Nice ‘n’ Sleazy, Glasgow, Fri 5 Apr 2013

22 Apr 20135 stars

Upcoming post-punk 4-piece stand out a mile in Glasgow's healthy band scene

The idea that Casual Sex are successors to Franz Ferdinand’s mantle as post-punk overlords of Glasgow has already been floated. But this lot are in a parallel universe of their own. To watch them is to be aware that something special’s undoubtedly on…