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Interview: Idlewild singer-songwriter Roddy Woomble

27 Aug 2014

The musician talks crying at kids’ films and being starstruck by Morrissey

First record you ever bought Five Star, ‘Silk & Steel’. Last extravagant purchase you made Probably a nice meal somewhere – generally though, extravagance is overrated. First film you saw that really moved you Ghostbusters. First movie…

Dave Liebman & Steve Dalachinsky - The Fallout of Dreams

28 Aug 20144 stars

Liebman and Richie Beirach provide jazz accompaniment for poet Dalachinsky's neo-beat visions

Jazz and Poetry: all those clichés of earnest Beatniks reciting sub-Ginsberg doggerel over generic bebop … euch! Yet, at its best, it can be a revelation: the militant rage of Amiri Baraka and Sunny Murray's 'Black Art', the ecstatic picaresque of Jack…

Max Johnson, Ingrid Laubrock, Mat Maneri, Tomas Fujiwara - The Prisoner

28 Aug 20144 stars

An avant-jazz suite inspired by Patrick McGoohan's psychedelic television classic The Prisoner

An avant-jazz suite inspired by Patrick McGoohan's psychedelic television classic The Prisoner? Consider my boxes ticked. A stalwart of the New York improv scene, bassist Max Johnson captures impressions of the show's mystery, paranoia and tension…

Christeene: The Christeene Machine

20 Aug 20144 stars

Unashamedly sexual and seductive queer live art hip hop at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Given hip-hop's uncomfortable relationship with sexuality beyond the exploitative norm, the opening of The Christeene Machine is a violent, delightful jolt. Spitting lyrics of queer rage, accompanied by two beautiful beefy boys, Christeene arrives on…

Death From Above 1979 - The Physical World

28 Aug 20143 stars

Canadian dance-punk duo release second album with mixed results

It’s hard to work out Death from Above 1979’s reasons for putting out The Physical World: they’ve talked in interviews about the constant nagging from fans and the press, but denied they’re doing it for them; they’ve said it’ll allow them to play live…

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Singles and downloads - August 2014

28 Aug 2014

Featuring Nozinja, Franz Ferdinand, Rustie and Mark Lanegan

Nozinja – 'Tsekeleke' (Warp) ●●●● South African beat maker Nozinja (aka Richard Mthetwa) makes his debut on Warp Records, coming out the blocks like a demented circus theme tune before morphing into hyper-speed afrobeat. This amalgam of traditional…

The Juan Maclean - In A Dream

28 Aug 20144 stars

A career-high return from the DFA-signed disco electronicists

With the demise in recent years of LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture, it seemed like the early 2000s vintage of ‘punk-funk’ (for that’s what it was excruciatingly known as) had died a death. Yet the label which curated the style keeps on kicking, and…

Lee Gamble - KOCH

28 Aug 20144 stars

Techno musician's new record is most diverse and tub-thumping to date

Drifting ever so slightly from the deconstructionist jungle leanings found on Lee Gamble’s previous and critically lauded PAN releases Dutch Tvashar Plumes and Diversions 1994–1996 back in 2012, KOCH is a slightly different type of mutant. There’s still…

US hip hopper Azealia Banks to tour UK following split with Universal

28 Aug 2014

The self-styled Yung Rapunxel, famed for her Twitter trolling, is back on track

Having weathered the ignominy of her most famous song, '212', then becoming an expert in Twitter beefs (she’s had a go at A$AP Rocky, Pharrell, Lady Gaga and Lil Kim among others; Google is full of articles dedicated to her prolific trolling), Azealia…

Franҫois Leleux and Christine Brewer among special guests at Lammermuir Festival 2014

27 Aug 2014

The classical music festival also welcomes the Dunedin Consort, John Butt and the BBC SSO

Five years is hardly any time for a new festival to get itself established, but since it launched in 2010, it’s difficult now to imagine Scotland’s classical music landscape without the Lammermuir Festival. Each year has brought something new and year…

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St Vincent: a volatile marriage of ‘serene calmness and bristling aggression’

27 Aug 2014

The singer and guitarist a unique, serrated, superfuzz playing style

Originality is not an accolade bandied about so much these days but Texan musical innovator Annie Clark in ice queen / guitar hero guise as St Vincent is surely a one-off, with a unique, serrated, superfuzz playing style which she has developed across…

Legendary D&B producer Goldie turns his hand to medieval liturgy with Fragments of Gold

27 Aug 2014

The classical/electronica project is inspired by historic document the Hawick Missal Fragment

It’s an unexpected fusion of tweed blazers and gold grills, where medieval chants meet clubland, but that’s where you will currently find Goldie, the drum and bass producer turned composer for his latest project, Fragments of Gold. Goldie, or…

Interview: Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite on Last Big Weekend gig in Glasgow's East End

27 Aug 2014

Saturday line-up includes Young Fathers, Honeyblood, Fuck Buttons and Swervedriver

When you’re interviewing Stuart Braithwaite, wise and notoriously outspoken guitar player with Mogwai, about the summer that Glasgow’s just had, the first thing you want to know is what he thought of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. In which…

And Blithely Spent the Gowden Day

27 Aug 20144 stars

Wounded Knee and Daniel Padden produce sonic smorgasbord at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Inspired by Edinburgh and the Pentland Hills, Wounded Knee – nom de plume of Edinburgh songwriter and artist Drew Wright – and Daniel Padden’s collaboration And Blithely Spent the Gowden Day is a sonic smorgasbord celebrating Auld Reekie. Padden and…

David Stubbs - Future Days: Krautrock and the Building of Modern Germany

27 Aug 20144 stars

A thorough critical and cultural history of the genre of Kraftwerk, Can, Neu!, Faust and more

'The European canon is here' declared David Bowie on 1976's Station to Station, signalling his allegiance to the new German music, crassly but enduringly dubbed krautrock by the 1970s British music press. Four decades on, krautrock is enshrined in the…

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Replaceable Things

27 Aug 20144 stars

Brilliant contemporary classical music from Ensemble Thing at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Ensemble Thing's contemporary classical is a challenging but thought provoking start to a day of Fringing. Starting as a four-piece – Laim Lynch on violin, Emily Walker on cello, Elizabeth Stirrat on accordion and Jennifer Stephenson on clarinet – they…

Charlotte Prodger explores speech and self-representation with new GENERATION project

27 Aug 2014

microsphaeric howard hughes heaven movie is the new performance piece from the artist and DJ

Artist and DJ Charlotte Prodger uses elements of her previous video installations and writing work for this one-off live performance produced in partnership with LUX Scotland and forming part of GENERATION. Taking information from different sources…

Interview: JD Twitch on the Last Big Weekend event in Glasgow's East End

26 Aug 2014

Friday line-up includes Jeff Mills, James Murphy, Hudson Mohawke and Golden Teacher

‘Having been involved in music in Glasgow for nearly three decades I think this is the most exciting time for the city I've known,’ says Optimo’s Keith McIvor, aka JD Twitch, ‘and it's great to have this chance to celebrate that.’ He is, let’s face it…

Jonas Kopp and DJ Deep set for date at Glasgow's Sub Club

26 Aug 2014

Argentinean producer and DJ guests at Animal Farm

You need only glance at Jonas Kopp’s tour schedule to appreciate his rocketing status; from Tresor to Trouw, Panorama Bar to Rex Club, the Argentinean producer and DJ has played to some of the most prestigious dancefloors in the world, each one moved by…

Carl Cox and Jon Rundell set for date at Glasgow's Arches

26 Aug 2014

Key figures in house and techno take resurrected Intec Digital label on the road

Still undeniably one of the biggest names in house, it’s Carl Cox’s collaboration with Jon Rundell, himself now one of the biggest names in techno, which has kept him busiest over the past three years, and the guise under which they appear at the Arches…

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22 Aug 20144 stars

UK beatboxing champion Grace Savage delivers stunning coming-of-age show

When Grace Savage beat boxes, you can’t help but be mesmerised. Blind does not merely showcase her breathtaking talent (she is UK beatboxing champion of 2012 and 2013), but combines theatre, music, autobiography and audience participation to question…

Dizney Rascal

21 Aug 20143 stars

Wavering taste levels let down Rebecca Humphries' musical comedy

Sing-a-long versions of Disney songs are played on a big screen as the audience files in. It’s a nice touch to set the mood and introduce Rebecca Humphries’ musical comedy. The show starts strongly with a number taking us through the history of Disney…

The Sma Room Seance

20 Aug 20143 stars

Hybrid music-theatre in search of poet William Soutar's spirit

Here is the setup. We, the audience, are a group of poetry-hungry gullibles, attending a session with a medium of unidentified origin and heavy makeup, name of Madame Lozatska. On stage there is a jazz-folk band playing the poems of Perth-born poet…

Opeth - Pale Communion

19 Aug 20145 stars

Inventive songwriting and fusion-led chops lead 11th album from ambitious Swedish metallers

Opeth and their principal songwriter Mikael Akerfeldt have balls. Big balls. When your calling card is crunching metal and death growls, turning the distortion dial down and going almost 70s prog is pretty risky. But this band had the chutzpah to do…

Rustie - Green Language

19 Aug 20143 stars

Second album release from LuckyMe producer features canny cameos and more giddy exuberance

Electronic producer Rustie’s lauded debut three years ago, Glass Swords, was like shoving a few packets of fizzy Chewits in your ears; gaudy, exuberant, mildly nauseating, giddy; a kind of aural sugar rush. It was rightly heralded as being…