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Restaurant review: Emirates Arena Café

27 Mar 2014

The café offers an attractive insight into the legacy many hope for from Glasgow 2014

They aren’t always listed on the menu, but chips are served. No surprise for a stadium eatery, perhaps, but worth mentioning here as the Emirates Arena Café, run by Cordia’s hospitality wing Encore, is setting the pace for a leaner, fresher, healthier…

Edinburgh International Science Festival examines the science of whisky

24 Mar 2014

Scotland's national drink will go under the microscope at two GastroFest events

I have, I’m told, an excellent nose. It once helped me get a job at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. I still take it to work with me every day, because there’s nothing like whisky to make you realise the extraordinary range and perceptiveness of human…

The Isle of Skye offers more arts and culture than you may think

21 Mar 2014

The island is home to a bustling calendar of visual art, live contemporary music and film events

The devastatingly good looking isle of Skye doesn’t like being patronised. ‘Please don’t call us “remote”,’ one local tells me with only half a smile, as we eat slippery langoustines and pints in the bar of the Eilean Iarmain hotel on a Saturday night.

Food review: Harajuku Kitchen

25 Feb 2014

Richard Lumgair and Kaori Simpson's Japanese restaurant goes beyond sushi

When former broadcast journalist turned farmer Richard Lumgair decided he wanted to open a Japanese restaurant, serendipity sent him in the direction of Stockbridge Market stallholder and sushi specialist Kaori Simpson. Their new Bruntsfield venture…

Growing our own: Community gardens across Scotland

20 Feb 2014

Gardening projects, communal growing plots and city farms are transforming diets and communities

With waiting times for city allotments hitting eight years, community gardens are an increasingly popular way of accessing green space and learning to grow food, as well as turning often neglected patches of land into productive, social hubs.

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Interview: Laura Mac, co-founder of Glad Rags Thrift Shop

4 Feb 2014

A new secondhand clothes shop in Glasgow's southside, from the folks who brought you The Glad Cafe

Warmly welcomed and slotting successfully into the missing gap of vintage and thrift shops in the southside of Glasgow, Glad Rags Thrift is the new next door neighbour to sister business and entertainment hub, The Glad Café. Creating a marriage between…

Experience a secluded Buddhist retreat in the Firth of Clyde

31 Jan 2014

Hole Isle, located just off Arran, provides an ideal opportunity for relaxation

You’d be forgiven for thinking the only way to experience a remote Buddhist monastery involves a voyage to Tibet and a trek across the Himalayas. Fortunately, if a taste of the Buddhist way of life and a secluded, spiritual retreat is something you’d…

Interview: Abdoulie Jagne of fashion project Mimosa Life

30 Jan 2014

The project incorporates live fashion events, design and blogging

A symbiotic union of fashion and club life, Mimosa Life is emerging as one of Glasgow’s most impressive new sartorial platforms. Part street blog, part events business and part fashion design team, Mimosa Life sewed itself into being in 2012 by four…

Misadventures in Wonderland: Guided meditation

30 Jan 2014

Our intrepid columnist Alice tells us what she learned at the Inner Space Glasgow Meditation Centre

What was I expecting? When I went for my first writing job I was told, ‘You’re very good at writing about nothing,’ so this was going to be my time to shine. Sitting on a chair looking forward on a Sunday night, listening to the gentle stock sounds of…

New restaurant opening Singl-end provides Garnethill with some local nostalgia and proper Italian food

24 Jan 2014

The restaurant comes from the folks behind The Butterfly & the Pig

A casual Italian restaurant opening in Glasgow should not be as much of a surprise as this. Yet 2013's explosion of places that make a meal out of sandwiching various meat items between bits of bread means it feels like a real rarity. And in terms of…

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Best Hogmanay events in Edinburgh and Glasgow 2013

12 Dec 2013

How to spend the Christmas holidays, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day in Scotland

The best events in Glasgow and Edinburgh for Hogmanay 2013/2014. Plus, all the places open on New Year's Day. 1 Watch some pop lords. The former assistant editor of Smash Hits (that’s Neil Tennant, fact fans) and Chris Lowe bring their deadpan, yet…

A guide to festive dining in Edinburgh

9 Dec 2013

The George Street Bar and Grill and Whiski Rooms among the eateries with Christmas dining offers

City Centre Until the end of January, George Street Bar and Grill (130 George Street, offers the Bubbly Brunch: two brunch items and two glasses of Prosecco for £19.95 per couple. At The Caledonian (Princes Street…

Glasgow and Edinburgh Christmas Markets round up

9 Dec 2013

The best places to get your hands on some crafty, foodie and retro gifts before Christmas

Glasgow By far the biggest and most popular in the city, Glasgow Christmas market (St Enoch's Square, Sat 16 Nov-Mon 23 Dec) offers shoppers a wide selection of gifts and food and drink from local produce to more exotic delights. Meanwhile, The…

5 reasons to attend James Morton's Stollen Christmas

9 Dec 2013

The Great British Bake-Off champ is hosting a baking masterclass this Christmas

1. He’s ‘The One That Bakes’. So his website tells us. Which, given it was The Great British Bake Off that brought him to national attention, doesn’t exactly set him apart from his peers. But hold on … 2. He knows a lot about bread. He sure does…

Christmas dining recommendations: winter warmers and family-friendly food

26 Nov 2013

The best spots in Edinburgh and Glasgow to unwind after a hard day's Christmas shopping

If you’re feeling a bit like a zombie or a prickly pear after a hard afternoon’s shopping in the capital, put your feet up away from the bustle with a trip down to Leith and The Vintage (60 Henderson Street, Edinburgh, 0131 563 5293), which made its…

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Festive dining - the best eateries for Christmas dinner in Edinburgh and Glasgow

25 Nov 2013

Featuring Rhubarb, Bo'Vine, The Dome, Stravaigin, Bar Missoni and Mother India’s Café

If it’s the glitter and glamour of Christmas you’re after, there’s little that says it better than a magnificent tree. And you can toast the festive season with a glass of champagne beneath one of the capital’s most spectacular ones at The Dome (14…

Winter warmers: three Christmassy cocktails

22 Nov 2013

Our trained mixologists inject some festive cheer into your cocktail shaker

It’s chilly out, and few things could be more pleasing than cupping a mug of hot, aromatic booze at this time of year. Are you having folk round for drinks soon and finding you’re a bit low on new party pieces? Perhaps you want an addition to the…

5 of the best Christmas Markets in Glasgow and Edinburgh

22 Nov 2013

A selection of the finest outdoor food markets this Christmas

Edinburgh European Christmas Market For 20 years this market has stood on the Mound, adding a particularly Germanic feel to the heart of Edinburgh’s landscape, and this year it stretches all the way along East Princes Street Gardens and towards St…

Copenhagen's Kødbyen district offers artistic and foodie delights aplenty

18 Nov 2013

The former meatpacking district is home to trend-setting eateries like Fiskebar and Karrierebar

In the neighbourhood where much of Denmark’s famous bacon once came from, there now exists Copenhagen’s coolest cultural and nightlife quarter: Vesterbro’s Meatpacking District. Property developers long since ran the butchers out of its New York…

A guide to the best food in Perthshire

15 Nov 2013

Finding the best cafes, restaurants, bakeries and suppliers in Perthshire Scotland

Further details on the businesses with their own retail outlets can be found listed in the Where to Buy section of this guide. Fruit & Veg Perthshire’s famously fertile soil is historically strong on fruit. Growers mainly grow soft fruit both for…

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Why the landscape of Perthshire makes for ideal raspberry-growing conditions

15 Nov 2013

The fruitfarms around Blairgowrie are among the best in Scotland

In France, they talk about ‘terroir’, the unique interplay of climate, soil, tradition, and human touch that gives a region’s products its very distinctive identity. But as Perthshire’s famed raspberries prove, that ‘terroir’ is never quite set in…

Misadventures in Wonderland: Amazing Gracies Women's Football Team

18 Oct 2013

Our intrepid columnist Alice tells us what she learned the LGBT-friendly sports club

What did I go to? Amazing Gracies is an LGBT-friendly women’s football club that has a friendly kick-about vibe. Being a women’s team wasn’t what made it particularly adventurous, nor was it the LGBT part. I went because I’m a misery and have to go to…

The best neighbourhood pubs and bars in Edinburgh and Glasgow

15 Oct 2013

The last few years have seen a revival of top notch watering holes beyond the city centres

Back in August, the Good Beer Guide 2014 declared that up to 4000 British pubs would go out of business over the next year, and that it was ‘high time they closed their doors’ to make way for new licensees with fresh ideas. Maybe what the editors…

Food review: Twenty Princes Street

15 Oct 2013

The upmarket city centre restaurant is more than just the Royal British Hotel's dining room

The dam of tram works in the West End has opened up and soon the trams themselves will be shoogling (or swishing – who knows?) along Edinburgh’s majestic, open-sided main artery. Princes Street is on the comeback trail, something the Cairn Hotel Group…

Hallowe'en recipe: make your own Devilled Pumpkin Soup

15 Oct 2013

Elaine Mason, head soupmonger at Union of Genius, offers a warm way to spice up your autumn

I usually use Crown Prince pumpkins, or the little bright orange winter squash called Uchiki Kuri. If the only pumpkin you can find is the big ones people buy for carving, I'd suggest mixing that pumpkin with butternut squash 50:50 – those biggies have…