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Edinburgh International Science Festival finds room to grow at Summerhall

24 Mar 2014

The former veterinary school is now home to a wide range of family-friendly science events

For decades it was the home of scientific enquiry and medical research – so what better venue for Edinburgh International Science Festival to move into, than the former veterinary hospital-turned arts complex, Summerhall? One of a number of venues…

Interview: CBeebies' Chris Jarvis on The Chris & Pui Roadshow

14 Oct 2013

The two stars of Show Me Show Me present a show of songs, sketches and a whole lot of joining in

It’s one of the unwritten rules of life, that children’s TV presenters come and go. Kids grow up, the next generation comes along, and the revolving door of television spins in another smiling face to engage with our children. But two people who have…

The Secret Life of Suitcases

18 Mar 20144 stars

A charming, ingenious piece of puppet theatre infused with a spirit of adventure

Despite the spirit of adventure running through this charming new show, there’s also a real sense of calm. Performers Ailie Cohen and Rick Conte deliver the tale of conscientious office worker Larry at a confident, unhurried pace that keeps us hooked…

Artist Helen McCook discusses kids' embroidery event The Big Stitch Up!

28 Jan 2014

Back in the day, learning how to work magic with a sewing needle was essential for schoolchildren (well, the girls anyway). Opportunities for today’s young generation to get creative with fabric are few and far between – but Birmingham-based embroidery…

Music lovers of all ages welcome at the Glasgow UNESCO City of Music Family Day

18 Sep 2013

Among those providing soundtracks to the free & cheap events are the RSNO, BBC SSO and Red Note

When you’re trying to appeal to a child barely out of nappies, right up to a teenager with fixed ideas on what’s cool, planning a ‘family fun day’ can be an arduous task. Now in its third year, the Family Music Fun Day aims to get the balance right…

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The Adventure

21 Aug 20134 stars

An interactive kids' show that starts (intentionally) weakly but improves steadily throughout

It’s not unheard of for a show to start well, then descend steadily downhill – but The Adventure does the exact opposite. From a fairly lacklustre start (intentional, as it turns out), it just gets better and better. In the interest of making it as…

CBBC's Help! My Supply Teacher is Magic comes to Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013

30 Jul 2013

James Went and his fellow classroom tricksters transfer their show from TV to the stage

As the children in CBBC’s Help! My Supply Teacher is Magic all find out, there’s something wonderfully shocking about discovering that the adult at the front of the classroom is actually a magician, and not a teacher after all. But bringing the hit…

Are your kids too old for Baby Loves Disco? Try Pop Lock-In

18 Feb 2014

The new afternoon event gives kids a little more independence in a club environment

When afternoon clubbing event Baby Loves Disco first got off the ground, it was as much for the grown-ups as the offspring sitting on their hips; a chance to hang out with friends in a nightclub environment, have a dance and recapture days gone by…

Scottish Ballet stage shortened Wee Hansel & Gretel for younger audiences

5 Dec 2013

60-minute version of 2013 winter show is aimed at children

As full of wonder, magic and charm as Scottish Ballet’s new Christmas show is, when you’re still growing your attention span, two hours can feel like an awfully long time. Which is why, for the second year running, Scottish Ballet is staging a condensed…

Interview: performer Judith Williams, star of Hans Christian Andersen adap The Red Shoes

18 Nov 2013

The family friendly stage adaptation dispenses with some of Andersen's more grisly details

Hans Christian Andersen didn’t shy away from the dark side, but even he excelled himself with the macabre punishment in The Red Shoes. Happily for family audiences heading to Tramway this winter, the new stage version, created by Glasgow-based…

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The Lion King

7 Nov 20134 stars

Costume and puppet designs steal the show in Julie Taymor's stage production of the Disney film

The Lion King has played to audiences the world over, with different casts bringing the Disney film to life each time. Everywhere it goes, the show is a hit, regardless of who dresses up as Simba, Scar or Pumbaa. And why? Because unusually for a stage…

Dinosaur Zoo promises to give kids a close encounter with prehistoric lizards

18 Sep 2013

The live show by Australia's Erth theatre company uses puppetry to educate and entertain

Animal handling sessions at the zoo usually involve creatures of the cute and cuddly variety – or who, at the very least, have a pulse. The brainchild of Australian physical theatre company Erth, Dinosaur Zoo proves that being extinct for over 60…

Barrowland Ballet to debut two versions of same show for kids and adults

16 Sep 2013

Tiger and Tiger Tale incorporate similar elements for two very different audiences

Natasha Gilmore was reading to her two young children when the idea came to her. Why not create two dance works with the same subject matter and similar title, but perform them to completely different audiences? ‘I’m really interested in how children…

Sally Magnusson - Horace the Haggis and the Ghost Dog

27 Aug 20134 stars

Magnusson's follows up her children's book Horace and the Haggis Hunter with an enjoyable sequel

It’s just over a year since Sally Magnusson jumped from behind the news desk onto children’s book shelves with one graceful leap. The new role must suit her, because Magnusson’s likeable hero, Horace the Haggis, is back for an even more exciting…

Rumpelstiltskin and the Wheel of Fortune

11 Aug 20134 stars

Puppetry that spins pure gold

Perhaps it’s his funny name. Or the fact he can spin straw into gold. Whatever the reason, Rumpelstiltskin has remained a perennial fairytale favourite for over 200 years. Storyteller and puppeteer Andy Lawrence knows that, which is why apart from a few…

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I Hate Children Children's Show

4 Aug 20134 stars

Paul Nathan gives a nasty but nice magic show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Don’t let the title fool you. Magician Paul Nathan may pull mean faces, grab kids by the collar, withhold sweets and generally ridicule his young audience. But if Nathan really hated children, this show would be a fraction as good as it is. Magic is…

YurtaKids: Unleashed

21 Aug 20132 stars

Scarlattine Teatro's dance piece for under-5s lacks structure

Given that human beings are said to develop more between birth and the age of five than at any other point in our lives, creating a show that appeals to everyone in that age bracket is a task-and-a-half. And sitting next to those kids, of course, is an…


21 Aug 20133 stars

Mara Menzies' colourful puppetry and storytelling lights up the night

There are a few key ingredients you need to entertain young children, and this show has pretty much got all of them. An engaging storyteller, Mara Menzies interacts with the children as if they were sitting in the library at school, instantly taking…

My Brother the Robot

11 Aug 20134 stars

Futuristic family fun

The technology in Tall Stories’ new show may seem far-fetched, but with robotic carers for the elderly already in development, it’s closer than you think. Little Bobby lives alone with her father in the year 2042, eating fish and chips from a…

Romeo and Juliet

6 Aug 20135 stars

Children's show version of Shakespeare's star-crossed lovers, who never looked so good

Any company staging Romeo and Juliet for younger audiences has two hurdles to overcome: make it clear enough for children to understand, yet fresh and interesting enough for the adult sitting next to them, who knows the story inside out. This energetic…

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The Maharajah and the Kohinoor

6 Aug 20133 stars

Family-friendly show covering some home truths about the British empire

If you’re not already familiar with Britain’s behaviour towards India during the Victorian era, then prepare to come out of the theatre with any sense of national pride a little bruised. This is a story that deserves to be told; a piece of history lost…

Theatre of Widdershins bring Rumpelstiltskin and the Wheel of Fortune to Fringe 2013

29 Jul 2013

Widdershins' Andy Lawrence appreciates 'strong sense of darkness that runs through' the fairytale

Stories told in childhood stay with us forever, and there can’t be many parents out there who don’t recall the weaselly wonder of little old Rumpelstiltskin. It’s a tale ripe for theatricality, and if ever there was man to do it, it’s Andy Lawrence. In…

Gruffalo geniuses Tall Stories deliver My Brother the Robot

29 Jul 2013

The mechanical family story will appear at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013

Annoying as siblings can sometimes be, having an in-house playmate has definite advantages. Unable to procure one through the usual route, the little girl in Tall Stories’ new show obtains one from her father, an inventor who knows a thing or two…

X Factor's Amelia Lily looks forward to performing at the Glasgow Show

16 Jul 2013

The pop star returns to the site of her success supporting Girls Aloud

As TV talent shows hurtle towards the final, all eyes are on the top prize. Yet as the likes of Olly Murs and One Direction have demonstrated, being a ‘loser’ can lead to a very fruitful career. For the past two years, Jedward has played the Glasgow…

Big Wooden Horse theatre company adapting picture book Aliens Love Underpants

30 Jul 2013

The extra-terrestrial adventure is coming to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013

Author Claire Freedman and illustrator Ben Cort may have come up with some fiendish rhymes and colourful illustrations in their popular picture book Aliens Love Underpants, but at just a couple of hundred words long, there’s not much in the way of…