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Calvin Harris, Irvine Welsh, Jay Z and Will Smith linked to new TV series Higher

23 Jan 2014

The half-hour comedy series, set in the world of electronic music, is due to be screened on HBO

Calvin Harris and Irvine Welsh are to collaborate on new TV series Higher, a half-hour comedy series to be screened on HBO (as first reported by Deadline). The series will be 'set in the world of electronic music', and will count Jay Z and Will & Jada…

Marram/Various Artists - Sun Choir / Boats

5 Dec 20133 stars

Project aiding children in India features Jarvis Cocker, Max Tundra, Owen Pallett and Dan Deacon

These two albums, along with an accompanying film narrated by Irvine Welsh, are the celebratory fruit of seven years’ work by up to 1000 individuals, including Jarvis Cocker, Max Tundra, Owen Pallett and Dan Deacon, on a project called Everything Is…

Interview: James McAvoy, Jon S Baird and Eddie Marsan talk Filth

16 Sep 2013

McAvoy: 'It just felt like, “f***ing hell, this film’s gonna kill me!”’'

Talk about author support. When Irvine Welsh signed over the movie rights to his 1998 book Filth to director Jon S Baird, the Leith-born novelist vowed to get a tattoo in honour of their collaboration. ‘He said, “I’ll get the tattoo done if you get the…

Autumn film preview 2013: Filth, Sunshine on Leith and For Those in Peril

23 Aug 2013

The three highly anticipated Scottish films suggest something of a national filmmaking resurgence

Autumn 2013 is shaping up to be another critical juncture in the story of Scottish filmmaking. Like the mythical Brigadoon, the notion of a national film and television studio has made its traditional appearance from behind a billowing mist of caution…

Top five films to have missed out on a Best Picture Oscar

7 Feb 2013

As the 2013 Academy Awards draw closer, we have a look at some of the finest films to be overlooked

These films may not have won the Academy Award for Best Picture but they have however, made it to this top 5 list. Needless to say only one film can win the award each year, which leaves many brilliant and iconic films missing out. With the Oscars 2013…

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Scottish Book of the Year Award 2012 shortlist announced

16 Nov 2012

Nominees include Alan Warner, Aonghas MacNeacail, Carol Ann Duffy, Ewan Morrison and Irvine Welsh

The shortlist has been announced for the 2012 Saltire Society Scottish Book of the Year. This years award will be chosen from a list of seven authors including James Kelman, Irvine Welsh and Kathleen Jamie to become the best Scottish book of…

Ten significant modern Scottish novels

2 Nov 2012

Featuring Michel Faber, Andrew O’Hagan, AL Kennedy and Anne Donovan

Under the Skin (2000). Set in the Highlands, Michel Faber’s full-length fiction debut was a real shock to the system. Isserley is an über-earthly creature with deep scars and thick specs who is on a mission to capture muscle-bound men for creepy…

Edinburgh International Book Festival: Highlights

10 Aug 2012

Seamus Heaney, Michael Morpurgo, Irvine Welsh, Nile Rodgers and more

Seamus Heaney The Nobel prizewinner is in town for what will be an undoubted highlight of the month (if not the year) as he chews some literary fat with Karl Miller and Andrew O’Hagan. See online feature at 3-18 Aug, 6.30pm, £10…

Irvine Welsh comes to 2012 Edinburgh Book Festival with Trainspotting prequel Skagboys

9 Aug 2012

The Scottish author jogs back into the past with Begbie and co

While us Scots haven’t got the best reputation for putting fitness and health at the top of our to-do lists, Irvine Welsh is doing his bit for the image of his nation in further-off climes. Now mainly based in the US, he has had to knock…

First Shot: Just Say Aye - an extract from Irvine Welsh's Skagboys

26 Apr 2012

A sneak peek inside the Edinburgh author's Trainspotting prequel

We head oot and dive oantae a 16, bound fir Johnny’s pad at Tolcross. It’s a blindin hot day so we sit doonstairs at the back for a better view ay the passin fanny. Back top deck wi Begbie, tae intimidate wideos, back bottom wi Sick Boy tae leer at…

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Interview: Irvine Welsh on Trainspotting prequel Skagboys

25 Apr 2012

The new book, Leith, Twitter and the importance of subcultures

Early on in our transatlantic phone conversation, it suddenly becomes unclear whether I’m chatting to Irvine Welsh or Frank Begbie. When I ask whether he might well be the busiest man in Scottish culture right now, the response comes over loud, clear…

Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy

19 Apr 20122 stars

An agonisingly watered-down imitation of Welsh's short story

Nothing dates faster than drug culture, and writer-director Rob Heydon’s Irvine Welsh adaptation arrives nearly two decades after the era of the dedicated pill-popper. Taken from Welsh’s story 'The Undefeated', part of the 1996 compilation that provides…

Preview of 2012 - Irvine Welsh's Skagboys

6 Jan 2012

Renton, Sick Boy et al are revisited in this Trainspotting prequel

Wonder how Renton, Sick Boy, Spud and co got to be the drugged-up life-rejecting Leith loons in Trainspotting? Well, wonder no more, as the publication of Skagboys brings us a bit more background on the individual and social circumstances revolving…

Film adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy to premiere at Toronto Film Festival

20 Aug 2011

The premiere of Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy will take place at the Toronto Independent Film Festival WHEN, which takes place from 8–18 September. The film is directed by music video director Rob Heydon, making his big screen debut, and stars Scottish actors…

Neighbourhood Watch: Leith, Edinburgh

21 Jul 2011

A beginner's guide to the capital's port town

What’s it like? It’s Leith. If you’re an Edinburgh List reader, it’s very likely you live there. Glossy bars, Michelin-starred restaurants and warehouse conversions squaring off against cobbles, pint’n’pie pubs and Hibees. Vibrant, community-focused (it…

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Five of the best books set in Edinburgh

16 Feb 2011

Five books set in the Scottish capital, including Kidnapped and Trainspotting

1: Confessions of a Justified Sinner - James Hogg Don’t be put off by the title, this is a compelling and surprisingly modern novel which confronts the hypocrisy of the self-righteous. It inspired numerous later works, including Robert Louis…

Irvine Welsh Q&A at charity Trainspotting screening

19 Aug 2010

Iconic book-cum-film Trainspotting takes centre stage as its author Irvine Welsh does his bit for charity. A screening of the film will be held at the Dominion Cinema in Edinburgh on Wed 1 Sep to mark the 10th anniversary of Scottish charity Love in…

Paul Reekie – Lost In Action

18 Jun 2010

Five Reasons why the Great Lost Genius of contemporary Scottish letters must not be forgotten. Children of Albion Rovers. In 1996, Reekie’s novella Submission caused a scandal when it appeared alongside work by Irvine Welsh and co in Rebel Inc’s…

Scottish Books - Irvine Welsh, Alan Bissett and Ewan Morrison

9 Jul 2009

Irvine Welsh inspired a generation of young Scottish writers and showed there was literature to be found in the lives of the Scottish underdog. Two of the leading lights of that next generation are Alan Bissett and Ewan Morrison. Both authors boast…

Edinburgh International Book Festival and Edge Festival add to line-up

25 Jun 2009

From a Poet Laureate to cult TV show writers, this year’s Edinburgh International Book Festival launched in style, with a programme boasting writers, poets, politicians, photographers and artists from 45 countries. Highlights of the August line-up…

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Preview 2009 - Books

8 Jan 2009

It’s another hot year for the Scottish contingent with Denise Mina, Irvine Welsh and Ewan Morrison all bringing out books (July) although arguably the country’s most intriguing 2009 publication comes from Dundee debutant Gavin Bain. California Schemin…

Scottish Book Trust - Days Like This

16 Oct 2008

Refining that old platitude that everyone’s got a novel in them, the Scottish Book Trust launched their Days Like This project earlier this year, looking for ordinary people’s stories of their extraordinary days. ‘Days Like This is really about…

5 Questions - Irvine Welsh

21 Aug 2008

Give us five words to describe Crime? Crime is an existential thriller. Which authors should be more famous than they are now? I used to say Ron Butlin, but I think that’s changing now. I think Doug Johnstone will soon be very famous. If I have…

Clubbing onstage

31 Jul 2008

Chemical Romance

As an experience that thrives on the spontaneity of the moment, and, often, some kind of altered state of consciousness, clubbing is a difficult subject to translate into drama. Since the mid-90s, the much-trumpeted drug movie or novel has largely…

Irvine Welsh - Crime

3 Jul 20084 stars

CRIME DRAMA (Jonathan Cape) Irvine Welsh has never shied away from the seamy side of life, and for his ninth novel he crosses the Atlantic to the balmy climes of Florida, only to uncover a cesspit of evil that would put some of his previous local…