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Interview: Édouard Lock world premiere set for 2013 Edinburgh International Festival

15 Jul 2013

The influential choreographer who is aiming to build some bridges

There’s nothing like having the words ‘David Bowie’ and ‘Frank Zappa’ on your CV to add kudos to your career. Not that Édouard Lock needs it. His credentials as a choreographer and artistic director are pretty cast iron as it is. Since he founded La La…

Interview: James Cousins at 2013 Edinburgh Festival with his own company and Scottish Ballet

15 Jul 2013

New work from upcoming dancer and choreographer at International Festival and Fringe

When the most successful British dance maker in history gives you the nod of approval, you must be doing something right. Launched by Matthew Bourne and his company in 2011, the New Adventures Choreographer Award was set up to support emerging talent in…

Gandini Juggling: Smashed fuses dance with juggling at 2013 Edinburgh Festival

15 Jul 2013

A fruity mix of maths, movement and mayhem

Inspiration can be found in unexpected places when you’re a juggling troupe. In the case of Gandini Juggling, it was the ideas of both Isaac Newton and the celebrated late choreographer Pina Bausch that came together for their show Smashed. ‘Pina’s been…

Dance highlights from Scottish Ballet at the 2013 Edinburgh International Festival

15 Jul 2013

Five highlights from Scottish Ballet’s curated programme Dance Odysseys

Kelly Apter picks five other highlights of Scottish Ballet’s curated programme. The Rite of Spring. Scottish Ballet’s artistic director Christopher Hampson curated the Dance Odysseys programme, so it’s only right that his own work should get a moment in…

Dance highlights at the 2013 Edinburgh Festival

15 Jul 2013

Including Cambuyón, Booking Dance Festival Showcase, Ménage à Trois and The Lock In

The Lock In Dubbed ‘the UK’s number one folk and hip hop extravaganza’, it seems a fairly safe bet this is the only folk and hip hop show doing the rounds. Two seemingly disparate worlds come together in this critically acclaimed breakdance/Morris dance…

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5 premieres at the 2013 Edinburgh International Festival

15 Jul 2013

New work from Meredith Monk, Peter Gregson and Teatrocinema

Madame Freedom From YMAP comes this merger of dance, film and digital technology. Histoire d’amour. A chilling multimedia tale from Teatrocinema about obsession and alienation.

The International acts appearing at the 2013 Edinburgh Festivals

9 Jul 2013

Just 36 of the countries represented by acts appearing at the world's biggest arts festival

1 Argentina. Rodrigo Abd is a World Press Photo prizewinner (Politics). 2 Australia. David Quirk is a deadpan leftfield comic (Fringe)

Attention 2013 Edinburgh Fringe shows looking for coverage: Send us your bribes

9 Jul 2013

A selection of the best bribes received by The List over the years

Yes, we can be bought! Every year, The List dedicates a small part of its weekly festival coverage to promoting one happy-go-lucky show in exchange for nothing more than some big, fat payola. Here’s a selection of the best bribes that have been left on…

The David Bowie connection: shows at 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

9 Jul 2013

Musicians, artists, comedians and choreographers with a connection to David Bowie

He may not be here in the flesh at this year’s festival, but there are plenty musicians, artists, comedians and choreographers in town with a connection to the Thin White Duke. Douglas Gordon painted Self Portrait of You + Me (David Bowie)

The Albert Drive Project aims to strengthen bond between artists and the local community

10 Jun 2013

The Tramway is a co-production between Gla(s) Performance and Glasgow Life

In the past decade, the discussion between community-based arts programmes and professional artists has expanded. Whereas there was once a strict divide between the two, shows like Michael Clark’s Barrowlands Project have merged community participants…

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Siobhan Davies Dance: Every Day

15 May 2013

Solo dance act by Siobhan Davies focuses on the daily movements we take for granted

A table, a chair, an umbrella and a stool – ordinary objects we come across on a daily basis. But a new exhibition is asking us to look at those objects, and others, with fresh eyes. Not only that, but a live element will encourage visitors to…

Dance piece Sutra inspired by skills of Shaolin monks

15 May 2013

Breathtaking show performed by 17 Shaolin monks and Ali Thabet

As a young boy, Ali Thabet was fascinated by Kung Fu. So it’s no surprise to hear him say that spending three months in the Shaolin Temple, with some of the finest martial artists in the world, was an ‘incredible and unique’ experience. Belgian dancer…

Highland Fling

15 May 20134 stars

One the oldest romatic ballets given modern tartan twist by Matthew Bourne and the Scottish National

It's a coup for Scottish Ballet to be the first company to perform a full-length Matthew Bourne piece outside his New Adventures troupe. But no doubt there's pride for the choreographer too, in having his urban-fantasy Glasgow vision embraced by…

Prodijig, stars of Sky One's Got To Dance, return with Footstorm

17 Apr 2013

Group founder Alan Kenefick promises 'a new form of magic for Irish dance'

Once upon a time, Irish dance was all big wigs, glued arms and tough judges. Then, in 1994, Riverdance came along and turned this competitive dance form into a bona fide performance style. But time stands still for no dance, and the latest incarnation…

Ballet star Carlos Acosta moves in more contemporary direction for On Before

17 Apr 2013

'I wanted to convey something that actually speaks to the audience’

He has danced with some of the most important classical ballet companies in the world, but when it came to building his own show, Carlos Acosta knew it was time for a change. Rather than showing off the high leaps he was famous for at the Royal…

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Scottish Ballet's Christopher Hampson on Matthew Bourne's Highland Fling

17 Apr 2013

The production is Bourne's adaptation of La Sylphide

It’s always a good idea to turn up at a job interview well prepared. But when Christopher Hampson arrived at Scottish Ballet, to convince the company he should be its new artistic director, he took preparation to a whole new level. ‘I looked at Scottish…

Programme for the Edinburgh International Festival 2013 puts artists and technology centre-stage

12 Mar 2013

Tod Machover, the Wooster Group and Oper Frankfurt among the EIF programme highlights

A crowd sourced orchestral work by boundary breaker Tod Machover is just one of the many highlights of this year’s Edinburgh International Festival programme. Set over three weeks this August, the EIF’s line-up includes an homage to Allen Ginsberg with…

The Great Gatsby enjoys a resurgence on stage and screen

20 Feb 2013

F Scott Fitzgerald's novel is being adapted by both Baz Luhrmann and Northern Ballet

Not for nothing is F Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel deemed one of the greatest books of all time. With descriptive text that often borders on the poetic, The Great Gatsby is a story to savour, not devour. At just over 160 pages, however, it’s as much…

Les Ballets Trockadero De Monte Carlo UK tour 2013

19 Feb 2013

All-make company bridging gap between farce and classical ballet

While there’s no disputing how captivating Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo can be, sometimes it’s equally fascinating to watch how the audience reacts to them. A regular fixture on the dance touring circuit since their formation in 1974, the…

Rambert Dance Company take mixed work show on UK tour

19 Feb 2013

Work by Marguerite Donlon, Javier De Frutos and Tim Rushton

Live music has always been a key part of any Rambert performance, but on this latest tour it’s more integral than ever. Not only is the score for Marguerite Donlon’s new work sung live, but a soprano weaves her way through the dancers as the piece…

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Janis Claxton Dance stage new show Chaos and Contingency

19 Feb 2013

Dance piece performed in museums in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh

If anybody knows how to work a location, it’s Janis Claxton. All those who saw her company take up residence in an Edinburgh Zoo enclosure in 2008 and 2011 will testify to that. Now Claxton is back, and taking over some of Scotland’s finest cultural…

Spring culture preview 2013

25 Jan 2013

Nick Evans: Solar Eyes Evans' forthcoming solo show features a new set of his striking amorphic white plaster sculptures. The most ambitious is a large architectural complex which mimics the geometry of an Aztec temple. Evans' fascination with motifs…

A preview of the Edinburgh Iranian Festival 2013

23 Jan 2013

The festival brings together film, music, visual art, and comedy in the shape of Patrick Monahan

When you mention Iran in the current climate, most people think of the politics of the country. But there is of course more to the place than what we see in the news – and the 2013 Edinburgh Iranian Festival is our opportunity to learn more about…

Alan Greig Dance Theatre: Do You Nomi?

22 Jan 2013

Piece themed on vibrant member of 70s New York scene Klaus Nomi

It’s a play on words, but for most people the answer to this show’s title is probably ‘no, I don’t.’ To fill you in, Klaus Nomi was a vibrant member of the New York music and club scene in the late 70s and early 80s. Known for his striking falsetto…

Balletboyz: The Talent 2013

22 Jan 2013

Double-bill featuring video and dancers Russell Maliphant and Liam Scarlett

What happens on stage is but a brief moment in a dancer’s life. In the rehearsal studio there’s a whole host of fascinating activity we rarely get to see. Which is why, early on, Michael Nunn and William Trevitt decided to make video an integral part of…