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Watch it!

7 Aug 20123 stars

Small-screen addiction writ large with dance, theatre and visual trickery

Watching too much television is bad for you. This is not a new piece of information, the psychology behind why has been well documented. But if people only created shows about new subject matters, there’d be a lot of empty stages, so we can’t really…

Dance icon Deborah Colker brings Tatyana to 2012 Edinburgh International Festival

6 Aug 2012

Brazilian choreographer brings show based on Pushkin's Eugene Onegin to Edinburgh

When you approach the latest dance production by trailblazing, Olivier Award-winning Brazilian choreographer Deborah Colker, please jettison clichés of samba, sun and surf. The small, blonde dynamo, 52 this year, is hugely popular in her native country…

Anybody Waitin'?

4 Aug 20124 stars

Slapstick meets slick dance in the new production from Irish company ponydance

Who knew dance could be so funny? Presumably all those who went to ponydance’s last Fringe show, Where Did It All Go Right? The Irish troupe is known for mixing slick routines and silliness, and this follow-up certainly won’t disappoint their fans.

Five questions for Dance Base at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012

4 Aug 2012

Morag Deyes, director at one of Edinburgh's leading dance venues, describes the programme

1. What five words describe this year’s Fringe experience at Dance Base? Adventurous. Passionate. Global. Sensuous. Transformative. 2. What four things do you look for in all the shows you add to the Dance Base Fringe line-up? Integrity.

Tony Mills brings Watch iT! to the Fringe

2 Aug 2012

The multimedia dance odyssey is about one man’s love/hate relationship with his TV

As a resident of Edinburgh, and working in the performing arts, when the Fringe comes to town I like to get knee deep in activity. This year I find myself up to my neck, as I present Watch iT!, produced by my own company, Room 2 Manoeuvre, as part of…

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Aberdeen International Youth Festival 2012 takes to the streets 1-11th August

1 Aug 2012

Sculpture and street dance to feature in port-themed parade

Aberdeen will come alive with colour as a several-hundred strong parade marches through the town’s streets on 4 August in celebration of the festival’s 40th anniversary. The parade takes on the theme of Aberdeen’s port which has been a vital gateway…

Top 5 international dance shows at Fringe 2012

29 Jul 2012

Featuring Latin Live, Hi-Kick, Mother Africa, Rhythmic Circus and Knee Deep

Latin Live The team that brought you Brazil! Brazil! are back, with another hot and steamy show that mixes Latin rhythms, sensational vocals and the kind of dancing they don’t teach you at Sunday school. Assembly Rooms, 0844 693 3008, until 26 Aug…

Neil Davy of Lite Fantastic dicusses Prodigy-themed dance show Prodigious

29 Jul 2012

Neil Davy is a barrister following his passion for dance. His new company, Lite Fantastic, was set up to make dance more accessible to new audiences. It makes its Fringe debut this year with two shows: Collision, a feel-good music and dance mash-up, and…

Minnesota-based dance company Rhythmic Circus present Feet Don’t Fail Me Now!

29 Jul 2012

Described as ‘a cross between a dance show, a rock concert and a comedy hour,’ the Minnesota-based Rhythmic Circus is back for a full run after just one week at the 2011 Fringe. Featuring four hard-hitting, rapid-fire dancers and original…

Irish dance company Up & Over It put a fresh spin on the Riverdance template for Fringe 2012

27 Jul 2012

Appeals to both Riverdance lovers and haters

They learned the steps, won the medals, and stood in line with all the other good Riverdance boys and girls. Then one day, Suzanne Cleary and Peter Harding decided to break out from that line and do it their way, and Up & Over It was born. Taking an…

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National Folk Theatre of Ireland to perform What the Folk! at Fringe 2012

27 Jul 2012

The company merge dance with storytelling in intimate locations

Based in Tralee in County Kerry, the National Folk Theatre of Ireland is keeping traditions alive, by looking to the future. Training performers in music, dance, theatre and song from a young age, it ensures there’s always a new crop of talent rising…

Anton Adasinsky discusses Faust adaptation Mephisto Waltz, playing at Fringe 2012

27 Jul 2012

Blend of physical storytelling and clowning set to music by Liszt

If you’ve ever seen a performance by Anton Adasinsky you’ll know that Mephistopheles, the seductive demon from the Faust legend, is the role he was born to play. ‘Very often theatre critics were mentioning devilry, the infernal, even Satanism in…

Australian company Casus bring physical performance Knee Deep to Fringe 2012

27 Jul 2012

Festival show takes gymnastics and feats of strength to new level

How do you assemble a circus show when those involved are all busy with projects abroad? Skype’s fine for generating ideas, says Jesse Scott of Casus, but this newly-formed Australian company’s inaugural show, Knee Deep didn’t begin to find its legs…

Irish company ponydance return to Fringe 2012 with Anybody Waitin'?

27 Jul 2012

The team follow up on their successful 2010 show Where Did It All Go Right?

In August 2010, an Edinburgh nightclub was commandeered for an entirely new use. In some ways, it was business as usual – beer was served, steps were danced and flirtations took place. Only this time, it was performers, rather than clubbers, doing the…

Edinburgh Fringe dance show Flash Mob brings together TV dance show favourites

25 Jul 2012

Tommy Franzen and others from Got to Dance and So You Think You Can Dance?

Performance-based reality TV shows get a bad rap for chewing up talent and spitting it out again. That’s where this production by World Dance Management steps in with a slick new show spotlighting dancers who shot to prominence on programmes like Sky1’s…

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How to make your Edinburgh Fringe show a success

19 Jul 2012

Author of The Edinburgh Fringe Survival Guide Mark Fisher dispenses good advice

A couple of years ago, I was commissioned by Methuen Drama to write The Edinburgh Fringe Survival Guide, a 280-page manual published earlier this year and described by Lyn Gardner of the Guardian as "a wonderfully practical but also inspirational book…

Dance show Hi-Kick a hit for football and dance enthusiasts alike

11 Jul 2012

A play of football and dance from South Korean Fringe favourites

Football is a very big deal in South Korea. It’s difficult to imagine, say, the Scottish Government giving the country a half-day off for World Cup matches (should our national side ever make it back to the biggest football tournament on earth), or…

Interview: Laurent Garnier and Angelin Preljocaj at Edinburgh Festival 2012

11 Jul 2012

Producer and choreographer collaborate on And then, one thousand years of peace

‘Laurent Garnier has been making the planet dance for 25 years.’ So states the opening line of the Frenchman’s personal website. While there’s a hint of hyperbole in that statement, it’s fair to say Garnier has filled a few floors in his time. From…

Edinburgh International Festival 2012 highlights

11 Jul 2012

Highlights from the 2012 International Festival programme

Batsheva Dance Company. They last stirred the festival in 2008 with the blazing Deca Dance, which featured the relatively rare sight of some members of an EIF audience on stage with the performers. Under the guidance of innovative choreographer Ohad…

Twenty top shows at the 2012 Edinburgh Festivals

11 Jul 2012

Highlights from the Fringe, Book and International Festivals

Having scanned the 23.6m shows, exhibitions and events across the festival in late July, August and early September, we pluck out the ones that simply cannot be missed

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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012: Dance highlights

11 Jul 2012

Flash Mob, Rhythmic Circus, What the Folk! and more

Anybody Waitin’? All those who saw Ponydance Theatre Company’s laugh-out-loud funny 2011 Fringe show, Where Did it All Go Right? will be hoping that the Irish troupe hit the spot again this year. Odds on, they will, so don’t miss it. Silk Nightclub…

The Big Dance set to take over Edinburgh

25 Jun 2012

The programme, part of the Cultural Olympiad, will feature a world record attempt in the Grassmarket

If there’s one woman in Edinburgh with her finger on the dance pulse, it’s Morag Deyes. The artistic director of Dance Base knows who’s jetting into Scotland to perform, who’s taking their dancing skills elsewhere, and who’s making it happen right here.

Pilrig Park School: The American Dream

25 Jun 2012

Pilrig pupils show us what they're made of in impressive America-focused performance

From the costumes to the choreography, there’s not a single aspect of Pilrig Park’s annual showcase that pupils don’t have a hand in. Largely because, unlike other schools where drama and dance are tag-ons after the ‘real learning’ has finished, at…

Dance and music take centre stage at the Edinburgh Mela

25 Jun 2012

The multicultural arts festival announces part of its 2012 programme

Those familiar with the August festival scene would probably agree that the Edinburgh Mela has occasionally struggled for attention, too often carelessly over-looked for some of the bigger kids in the playground. Not so this year, with a new director…

Strangebird Zirkus: Ornithology

22 Jun 2012

The German-Scottish partnership continues to thrill, this time with birds without feathers

Ever sat in the theatre and wished you could change the channel? Well now you can, courtesy of the latest production from Edinburgh-based aerial company Strangebird Zirkus. While the visual aspect of Ornithology may remain the same (and if the…