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9 Aug 20135 stars

Recklessly beautiful runaway magic

NoFit State Circus is by its own admission ‘turning savage’ in this big top spectacular, directed by Firenza Guidi aided by a team of designers. Anarchy is the order of the day; live music capers brassily up and down, performers gabble away to each…

CIRCA: Wunderkammer

9 Aug 20134 stars

Guaranteed thrills in hot circus show

Wunderkammer has to be the flat-out sexiest of all the circus-theatre shows running rampant on this year’s Fringe. Created by Circa, an Australian company at the forefront of innovative circus performance worldwide, it’s an amalgam of amazing acrobatic…

What is the Weight of Your Desire

9 Aug 20134 stars

Czech females in fresh feminist mode

VerTeDance’s female quartet, one of a trio of movement-based productions from the Czech Republic at this year’s Fringe, is a fine example of how a fresh, committed approach to familiar material pays off. Audience members are playfully weighed as…

Crying Out Loud presents Flown

9 Aug 20133 stars

Roguish circus send-up with masterful aerials

It takes a certain amount of precision to choreograph disaster, as circus company Pirates of the Carabina demonstrates in this crafty deconstruction and affectionately silly send-up of the circus world. Dolled-up clown Gwen Hales keeps trying to steal…


9 Aug 20133 stars

Exploring Asperger's through clowning and dance

Clown shows don't always have to be about going for the big laughs, as Jen McArthur demonstrates in this thoughtful tender solo piece about living with Asperger's syndrome. McArthur has researched her subject thoroughly – working with autistic…

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Talks on breakthrough technologies in dance and music set for 2013 Edinburgh International Festival

7 Aug 2013

Dance on Film, Brian Eno and National Museums Scotland among talks programme highlights

Talks on music at the festival this year take a look at new technologies, new developments and how old artforms are remoulding and redefining themselves within new parameters. One of the most pervasive technological developments in art recently is…


6 Aug 20133 stars

Pure happiness delivered via the dance and song of Zimbabwe

If there is such a thing as a recipe for pure happiness in a Fringe show, the Siyaya theatre company has found it in ThaTha. From start to finish, this celebration of southern African dance and song is driven by an energy that never lets up, from…


5 Aug 20134 stars

Rhythms of an old-world trading port

In case you were wondering about the meaning of this show's mysterious title, a giant picture of a ship bearing the words 'come buy on', (an invitation from English-speaking merchants to step aboard and trade) appears as part of a montage of seafaring…

Diego y Ulises

5 Aug 20133 stars

Dance show of masculinity in confined quarters

Regular Fringe-goers will be used to sitting in shows where the performers out-number the audience. But this new venue reduces it right down to just you, on your own, in a booth. Curtains drawn, headphones in place – and then the light comes on.

Be Captivated

4 Aug 20133 stars

Young talent from the Central School of Ballet on the rise

Ballet school may give you the foundation on which to build a career – but live performance gives you the tools of the trade. Which is exactly why Central School of Ballet sends its final year students out on the road, under the banner of Ballet…

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4 Aug 20134 stars

Avant-garde juggling upsets the apple cart

The opening minutes of Smashed seem, at first, to set the tone for what’s about to follow: a very polished, über-sophisticated display of debonair juggling – in a string of complicated, gracefully choreographed configurations. The Gandini Juggling…

MurleyDance Double Bill

4 Aug 20132 stars

Lunch-time balleticism needs more seasoning

Classical dance (served here with an occasional arch twist) is such a rarity on the Fringe that I wish I’d derived more pleasure from this ambitious and rather Matthew Bourne-ish programme than I did. Not that there aren’t notable moments – or…


4 Aug 20134 stars

Italian performance art absurdities work a treat

The programme at Dance Base is never short of odd but welcome surprises, and 2013 is no exception. The biggest one this Fringe is this delightfully dead-pan dose of neo-vaudevillian post-modern absurdity from the young experimental Italian company…


4 Aug 20133 stars

The greatest passion can soon turn sour

Directed by the late Nigel Charnock – a founding father of contemporary British physical theatre – L.O.V.E grapples with the most famous literary ménage a trois in Shakespeare’s sonnets. Divided between recitations of the texts and choreographed…


4 Aug 20133 stars

Juggling and dance create harmony together

This choreographic take on a developing relationship eloquently combines dance and juggling; however like many examples of its subject matter, it takes a while to get going. Using Cristiana Casadio's expressive ballet style, and Stefan Sing's…

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The Lock In mixes hip hop with traditional English folk dance

30 Jul 2013

Demon Barbers bring new show to 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Mixing hip hop with traditional English folk dance, the Demon Barbers are on a mission to make clogging and Morris dancing as cool as breakdance. Kelly Apter finds out how

Non Nova brings l’Après-midi d’un Foehn to 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

30 Jul 2013

Company Non Nova's imaginative use of carrier bags set to the music of Debussy

Many dancers have been described as ‘dancing on air’. But the stars of l’Après-midi d’un Foehn really do. Unlike other dancers, they’ve had no formal training, don’t attend class, never rehearse and wear no costumes or make-up. Largely because they’re…

Sluts of Possession brings some extreme physicality to 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

30 Jul 2013

Sound, vision and physicality from Rosie Kay and Guilherme Miotto

Driven by what she calls ‘a deep desire to try to understand the human condition in new ways, and how meaning can be explored through the body as well as through language’, Rosie Kay is transforming herself into a possessed slut. Sluts of Possession…

Dance show Cambuyón set for 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

30 Jul 2013

Interdisciplinary take on the evolution of rhythm with the sea at its core

For over a hundred years, it was a by-word for friendly trading. Today, it’s the title of a show that celebrates rhythm in all its forms. In the mid-19th century, British ships too large to dock in Canary Island ports would hang out a sign saying…

Circus ensemble Circa bring Wunderkammer to 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

30 Jul 2013

Quantum acrobatics from Australian circus group

If you’re not sure where to look when Wunderkammer begins, don’t worry. It’s intentional. Yaron Lifschitz, artistic director of Australia’s Circa, is aiming for sensory overload. ‘It’s based on the idea of quantum instability and the superposition of…

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Cristiana Casadio and Stefan Sing bring Tangram to 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

30 Jul 2013

An infinite puzzle of dance and circus

Shows combining circus and dance are springing up all over this year’s Fringe. But they don’t come much more literal than a collaboration between a ballerina and a juggler, as is the case with Cristiana Casadio and Stefan Sing. The duo (also a couple…

Russian-born dancer Olga Kosterina brings Dilemma to 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

30 Jul 2013

Solo journey along the path of life by Russian-born Fringe novice choreographer

As an erstwhile champion gymnast, ballerina, pantomime and circus artiste and now award-winning solo theatre-maker, Russian-born Fringe novice Olga Kosterina might know a thing or two about how to face a dilemma creatively. Of her show, Dilemma, she…

2Faced Dance bring new show Out of His Skin to 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

30 Jul 2013

Complexities of the modern male brought to the Fringe by 2Faced Dance

Bored with life and looking for the next high to escape the monotony, the character in 2Faced Dance’s new show couldn’t be more different from the driven young men who are dancing it. Renowned for its intelligent, high-energy performances that blur the…

Status Anxiety & Piece of Mind takes hip hop theatre to 3013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

30 Jul 2013

Hip hop moves from contemporary choreographers

You only need to look at the line-up for 2012’s Breakin’ Convention or walk past breakdancing buskers on Princes Street to see that Scottish hip hop dance is alive and thriving. Dance Base has brought together two of the movement’s choreographers for a…

Acrobatic spectacular Flown set for 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

29 Jul 2013

Acrobatic calamity from carefully unprepared circus troupe

When bringing a show to the Fringe, it stands to reason you should probably have an actual show to perform. But for circus company Pirates of the Carabina, it was exactly the opposite starting point that led them to create acrobatic spectacular Flown.