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HOT gives 'a flavour of what is most interesting about contemporary Australian dance’

10 Jun 2014

The dance events showcase the talents of Lucy Guerin Inc, Marrugeku and more

Sitting at his desk at the University of Melbourne, Robert Walton is over 10,000 miles away from Tramway when I speak to him. But in his mind’s eye, the spaces, atmosphere and audiences at the venue are all crystal clear. Prior to his relocation to…

Interview: dancer Claire Cunningham on new show Guide Gods

10 Jun 2014

The show explores the relationships people hold between disability and religion

As a dancer who performs on crutches, Claire Cunningham has explored her disability via a number of entertaining and thought-provoking shows in recent years. But it was a chance encounter in Cambodia that made her stop, think, and create a brand new…

Matthew Bourne's Lord of the Flies heralds success of Re:Bourne youth dance project

22 May 2014

Young dancers with no prior experience have crafted an edgy adaptation of William Golding’s novel

To credit a choreographer with changing lives sounds like hyperbole. But in the case of Matthew Bourne, it’s unquestionably true. Not only has Bourne’s accessible work (Swan Lake et al) created a legion of dance fans, but his Re:Bourne project has…

Israeli-born choreographer Sharon Eyal: 'I never work with mirrors, it all comes from inside'

15 May 2014

The former Batsheva dancer discusses moving to Nederlands Dans Theater 2

Like most dance studios, the walls at Nederlands Dans Theater are lined with mirrors, throwing back the reflection of dancers who spend hours perfecting a move that will last mere seconds. But walking into the company’s headquarters in the Hague to…

Interview: Scottish Ballet artistic director Christopher Hampson on Romeo & Juliet

22 Apr 2014

Krzysztof Pastor’s version of Shakespearean love story is dramatic, stylish and innovative

Striking a balance between staging new work and bringing back well-loved classics is a challenge for any artistic director. Since Christopher Hampson arrived at Scottish Ballet in 2012, he’s overseen a glut of new creations, including the epic Dance…

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Tap Factory

24 Mar 20144 stars

Urban percussion and macho tap dance merge in this testosterone-fuelled live show

First there was Stomp, then came Tap Dogs. Now urban percussion and macho tap dance merge in French director Vincent Pausanias' crowd-pleasing Tap Factory. Combining whipcrack footwork and grubby dungarees, Pausanias' production brings tap back to…

Interview: Compagnie Käfig's Mourad Merzouki on Boxe Boxe

24 Mar 2014

The dynamic new dance performance combines the worlds of boxing and breakdancing

Picture a breakdance battle: two opponents squaring up, using their skill and agility to beat each other into submission. Now picture a boxing match. Aside from the obvious physical contact in the latter, there are more than a few similarities. Trained…

Strictly Come Dancing's Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace present Dance 'Til Dawn

24 Mar 2014

Cacace says the new stage show brings 'the worlds of musical theatre and ballroom dancing together'

The Strictly Come Dancing tree has sprouted a number of branches in recent years, with varying results. Of all the stage shows created by the BBC programme’s professional dancers, Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace’s Midnight Tango met with the biggest…

Northern Ballet production of Cinderella tours UK in 2014

26 Feb 2014

Dates include Edinburgh, Manchester, Cardiff, Belfast, Sheffield, Hull, Norwich and Newcastle

Her step-sisters are mean, she loses her shoe at the ball, and bags herself a prince at the end. The rags to riches tale of Cinderella is known, and enjoyed, by everyone from pre-schoolers to pensioners. But even the most tried and tested narrative can…

Janice Parker's Glory is an immersive dance piece with cast of over 30 performers

25 Feb 2014

Professional and non-professional dancers feature in piece part of Glasgow’s cultural Commonwealth G

Janice Parker delights in blurring the boundaries between different forms. Her Private Dancer introduced the audience to a house filled with performers: for Glory, a major part of Glasgow’s cultural Commonwealth Games programme, she arrived at Tramway…

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Jer Reid and Solène Weinachter: Around Titles - Glasgow Open Dance School at the Market Gallery, Sun 9 Feb 2014

18 Feb 20145 stars

The guitarist and the dancer form a very special improvised creative partnership

A six-week project offering free movement workshops and dance performances in a gallery space in Glasgow’s East End, the Glasgow Open Dance School is an inspiring example of the city’s DIY culture: democratic, not for profit, community-oriented…

Interview: Jonathan Ollivier, lead dancer in Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake

18 Feb 2014

Male dancers 'can portray a more aggressive physicality & power, which is exactly how it should be'

It’s almost 20 years since Matthew Bourne changed the landscape of British modern dance. When Swan Lake opened at London’s Sadler’s Wells theatre in 1995, Bourne could scarcely have imagined how popular it would be – and remain. Once again touring…

Interview: choreographer Damien Jalet on Japan-inspired piece Yama

18 Feb 2014

The piece will feature alongside Jorge Crecis's Kingdom in a Scottish Dance Theatre double bill

Over a year since she came into post, Scottish Dance Theatre’s artistic director Fleur Darkin is nailing her colours firmly to the mast with her first commissions. Darkin’s choice of two European choreographers, both known for their exciting approach to…

Interview: contemporary dance guru Siobhan Davies on her latest work, Table of Contents

28 Jan 2014

Looking back at paintings, writing or music from the past is made easy by the multitude of archives in the world. But how do you capture, and store, the more ephemeral art of dance – and the processes that went into its creation? One of the few…

Biennial showcase British Dance Edition combines industry events and public performances

22 Jan 2014

Event featuring Akram Khan, Hofesh Shechter and Scottish Dance Theatre

In most industries, conferences and events come and go without outsiders knowing anything about it. But the dance world likes to do things a little differently. When British Dance Edition (BDE), the biennial showcase of UK dance, comes to Scotland for…

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Strictly Come Dancing Live tour 2014 set for Glasgow, Newcastle, Birmingham and more

22 Jan 2014

Mark Benton, Abbey Clancy and Natalie Gumede set to appear in live show

There’s something about watching an underdog learn and grow that brings out the best in all of us. Year after year, the lineup on Strictly Come Dancing features a healthy mix of professional dancers, celebrities with aptitude and a few comedy turns with…

Best Hogmanay events in Edinburgh and Glasgow 2013

12 Dec 2013

How to spend the Christmas holidays, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day in Scotland

The best events in Glasgow and Edinburgh for Hogmanay 2013/2014. Plus, all the places open on New Year's Day. 1 Watch some pop lords. The former assistant editor of Smash Hits (that’s Neil Tennant, fact fans) and Chris Lowe bring their deadpan, yet…

Scot:Lands offers tour of free music, theatre and dance performances around Edinburgh on New Year's Day

12 Dec 2013

Performances from RM Hubbert, Smallpetitklein and theatre show Whatever Gets You Through the Night

They’ve danced up trees, tackled events surrounding 9/11 and cavorted in castles: suffice to say, Dundee-based dance troupe Smallpetitklein don’t so much think outside the box, as build a new one entirely. Which makes them a perfect addition to…

Hot 100 2013: 100-90

11 Dec 2013

Kieran Hurley, Fern Brady and Peter Doig among Scotland's hottest cultural contributors in 2013

The Hot 100 is our list of Scotland’s 100 hottest individuals and groups who’ve made a splash this year, from comic book writers to comedians, artists to actors. If they've contributed to Scotland's cultural landscape in 2013, you'll find them here.

Hot 100 2013: 89-80

11 Dec 2013

Anna Meredith, Neil Forsyth and Greg McHugh among Scotland's hottest cultural contributors in 2013

The Hot 100 is our list of Scotland’s 100 hottest individuals and groups who’ve made a splash this year, from comic book writers to comedians, artists to actors. If they've contributed to Scotland's cultural landscape in 2013, you'll find them here.

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Hot 100 2013: 49-40

11 Dec 2013

Braw Gigs, Paul Wright and Neil Landstrumm among Scotland's hottest cultural contributors in 2013

The Hot 100 is our list of Scotland’s 100 hottest individuals and groups who’ve made a splash this year, from comic book writers to comedians, artists to actors. If they've contributed to Scotland's cultural landscape in 2013, you'll find them here.

Scottish Ballet stage shortened Wee Hansel & Gretel for younger audiences

5 Dec 2013

60-minute version of 2013 winter show is aimed at children

As full of wonder, magic and charm as Scottish Ballet’s new Christmas show is, when you’re still growing your attention span, two hours can feel like an awfully long time. Which is why, for the second year running, Scottish Ballet is staging a condensed…

Movement One / Ponydance

18 Nov 20134 stars

A Dance:Film 2013 documentary double bill with contrasting atmospheric and humourous approaches

It’s hard to imagine two companies approaching contemporary dance in more contrasting ways than the subjects of this diverse double-bill. In Movement One, American choreographer Teddy Forance takes us to the dark side of the human psyche, fusing…

Interview: Jordan Banjo, of street dance troupe Diversity, on their new show Limitless

18 Nov 2013

The show was written by Diversity founder Ashley Banjo, Jordan's brother

If a week is a long time in politics, four years is an eternity in the world of reality television. Winning Britain’s Got Talent in 2009 is no guarantee that anybody will remember your name six months later, let alone buy a ticket to your show. Yet…

Interview: ballet dancer Daniel Davidson, star of Christopher Hampson’s Hansel & Gretel

18 Nov 2013

Davidson will star in the new Scottish Ballet production as the villainous Sandman

As the lines between ballet and contemporary dance start to blur, opportunities for dancers to get their teeth into a character become increasingly scarce. But if there’s one place guaranteed to provide the full dress-up and pretend experience, it’s the…