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Interview: David Baddiel on how being misunderstood is almost part of the job

29 Jul 2013

The comedian, author and one-time chart-topper makes a long-awaited return to the Edinburgh Fringe

Even after selling out Wembley Arena with Robert Newman in 1993, initiating the era of massive comedy gigs in the UK and prompting Janet Street-Porter to famously declare comedy ‘the new rock’n’roll’, David Baddiel ‘never really felt in my soul…

Humphrey Ker is Dymock Watson: Nazi Smasher!

6 Jul 2011

Penny Dreadfuls' Humphrey Ker solo show at Edinburgh Fringe 2011

With a title like Humphrey Ker is Dymock Watson: Nazi Smasher!, you might imagine that his show is a Boche-bashing, Boy’s Own-style romp in which our hero takes on Hitler’s war machine. And you’d be right. But it’s also based on the real-life exploits…

Interview: Vladimir McTavish and Keir McAllister look at the state of Scotland

21 Mar 2014

The pair's long-running independence show is evolving as the referendum draws near

Regardless of what happens on September 18, Vladimir McTavish and Keir McAllister have no doubt that the public is more engaged with the independence referendum than when they began performing their Look at the State of Scotland shows in 2012. ‘We had a…

Frisky and Mannish interview - Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011

8 Jul 2011

Infectious pop parodies via the twisted side streets of camp cabaret

It has often been remarked that in times of recession, we all seek reassurance from flamboyant pop parody duos. Hence the buzz around Frisky and Mannish's creation for the 2011 Fringe, Pop Centre Plus, which after School of Pop and The College…

Interview: comedian Keiron Nicholson of BBC Radio Scotland series Backpackers Anonymous

16 Sep 2013

'All of the stories involve me being an idiot in some way'

Travelling tales can be a great resource for any comic but Keiron Nicholson's routines from the six months he spent roaming South East Asia earned him a BBC Radio Scotland series. Backpackers Anonymous was so-called 'because all of the stories involve…

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'The Comedy Explorers' Alternative Comedy Club' and 'Comedy and Cocktails'

15 May 2013

Jay Richardson talk us through the hot new comedy clubs in Glasgow

The current slow-down in gig attendances, suggesting even comedy isn't recession-proof, puts new nights under pressure to be distinctive. Two ambitious ventures launched in Glasgow recently take diametrically-opposed approaches to persuading punters…

Interview: Bridget Christie on success and becoming an unlikely feminist icon

24 Feb 2014

2013 Edinburgh Comedy Award winner takes A Bic for Her on UK tour

Having previously considered downsizing her comedy career, Bridget Christie has experienced a massive surge in popularity. Jay Richardson chats to a seemingly unlikely feminist icon. Seven months after she debuted A Bic for Her at the Edinburgh Fringe…

Joke Thieves: The show that encourages stealing material

29 Jan 2014

The show lets comedians 'duplicate, spoof, parody, deconstruct or destroy' other comics' sets

There’s a tacit understanding on the comedy circuit that plagiarism is one of the worst crimes a comic can commit. But at Joke Thieves, acts have to swap routines – each does five minutes of their own material before reproducing five minutes by someone…

Dundonian Paul Pirie brings stand-up to 2013 Edinburgh Free Fringe

29 Jul 2013

When funny bones meets focus

A mainstay of Scottish stand-up who decamped to Essex, Paul Pirie has always possessed a maverick streak. Expelled for constantly clowning around in school, the Dundonian dedicated his job at Primark to cheering up depressed colleagues and customers. A…

Comedian, storyteller and writer Janey Godley to release debut stand-up album

19 Jul 2013

Janey Godley is Ungagged is the Glasgow comic's first album despite 18 years in the business

Eighteen years a stand-up, Janey Godley is only now releasing her debut album. Recorded at the Comedy Cafe Theatre in London last month, Janey Godley is Ungagged will appear on CD and audio download, a mixture of new material and greatest hits. The…

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Sanderson Jones brings his atheist church services to Glasgow

20 Feb 2013

The innovative comedian is appearing as part of the Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Sanderson Jones is one of stand-up’s great innovators, an irrepressible ideas man. Over a predictably faltering Skype connection, the strikingly tall, bearded, sometime face of the IKEA ads, admits to occasional gremlins during a tech-comedy gig the…

Rising star Wayne Mazadza on comedy competitions and sidestepping stereotypes

20 Feb 2013

The Harare-born, Edinburgh-based comic is appearing at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Wayne Mazadza writes routines to surprise his fellow comedians, ‘with unpredictable punchlines, storylines with surreal endings that really bring justice to the set-up’. Fine-tuning them for up to six months, the Harare-born, Edinburgh-based comic…

Comedian John Bishop talks to us ahead of his Rollercoaster tour

13 Sep 2012

The Liverpudlian has spent his year taking on charity challenges and hobnobbing with the stars

‘Two days ago I was sat with Edward Norton, Will Ferrell, Graeme Le Saux and Patrick Kielty,’ John Bishop marvels. ‘Then Edwin van der Sar joined us, then Gerard Butler. We’re having a chat and Kenny Dalglish comes over and says, "Do you want a drink?…

Daniel Simonsen, Magnus Betnér and Carl-Einar Häckner represent Scandinavia at Fringe 2012

29 Jul 2012

Decent weather, proper coffee, the joys of education, enlightenment and engaging with your fellow human being. Just some of the benefits of spending time away from the UK. But what’s the point of learning another language now that so many fine foreign…

Marek Larwood's Edinburgh Fringe show examines own history of unfortunate roles

25 Jul 2012

Erstwhile member of anarchic sketch trio We Are Klang goes solo

Down on his luck, an insecure Marek Larwood self-Googled, only to find that the top search query was ‘Marek Larwood retarded’. As one-third of the acclaimed, anarchic sketch trio We Are Klang, he’s accustomed to ‘talking ball-bag’ and ‘Gollum after he’s…

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The Beta Males Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012

25 Jul 2012

Cold War paranoia, a classified British space programme and morris dancing

Speaking to us collectively from mission control, The Beta Males have successfully channelled their proclivity for ‘watching bad movies and not kissing girls’, with founder member John Henry Falle accompanied by Jon Gracey, Guy Kelly and Richard Soames…

Gavin Webster brings provocatively-titled Bill Hicks Wasn't Very Good to Edinburgh Fringe

25 Jul 2012

Taking a hit for slaughtering comedy’s sacred cow

‘People are already misquoting me, telling me I’m doing a show called Bill Hicks Was Fucking Rubbish,’ Gavin Webster marvels. ‘Comics are posting Facebook updates, saying, “he can’t understand much about comedy if he thinks this.”’ The occasionally…

Kai Humphries on UK tour

18 Jul 2012

Geordie comedian on Ross Noble's mum & touring with Daniel Sloss

Heckling is a comedian’s occupational hazard. Still, it’s an unfortunate stand-up that suffers verbal from an ex-teacher, even if, in mitigating circumstances, it’s Ross Noble’s mum. ‘Always the mischievous one at school,’ Kai Humphries explains that…

Interview: Alan Davies brings Life Is Pain to 2012 Edinburgh Fringe

11 Jul 2012

Jonathan Creek star on stand-up, therapy and Hillsborough

Prior to recording, QI’s elves flash interesting facts up on monitors for the audience. What they don’t reveal, as Alan Davies is explaining to me at a café in Highbury Corner, is that budget cuts have meant they’re now shooting two shows a day: ‘a hell…

Interview: The silent comedy of Dr Brown at 2012 Edinburgh Festival

11 Jul 2012

The Californian cult comic returns to Edinburgh Fringe with Befrdfgth

‘You have to let us see you post-coital,’ orders Dr Brown, gently but firmly. ‘When you’re lying there with your lover, dude, and you’re just staring into her eyes, because you just came, you know? You’ve given her everything. You’re not hiding…

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The Rubberbandits

15 Nov 2011

The musical comedy pranksters are coming to Glasgow, and they've got a horse outside

Last year, they just missed out on the Christmas number one in their native Ireland, with the brilliant ‘Horse Outside’ notching over 8m views on YouTube (see below). And now gangster rap scamps The Rubberbandits are filming a series of online sketches…

Interview: Comedian Vir Das at Edinburgh Festival

9 Aug 2011

Household name in India brings show Walking On Broken Das to Fringe

A Harvard graduate and gross-out film star, Vir Das is a household name in India. Jay Richardson met him on his home turf before he tests himself at the Fringe

The Edinburgh Festival comedy shows incorporating High Art

29 Jul 2011

Hannah Gadsby, The Horne Section, New Art Club and Vikki Stone

Sean Lock once likened media coverage of comedians to that of strippers, none too respectful of something that involved divesting so much. Despite comedy’s current boom, scrutiny still tends to focus on comics’ television careers or transgressions…

Tom Green interview - Canadian comedian brings stand-up show to Edinburgh

6 Jul 2011

Shock humour actor from internet show and Freddy Got Fingered

When the bestiality-heavy, incest-evoking, gross-out cult Freddy Got Fingered won Worst Picture, Worst Actor, Worst Director, Worst Screenplay and Worst On-Screen Couple at the Golden Raspberry Awards, Tom Green became the first actor in history to…

Thom Tuck Goes Straight to DVD

6 Jul 2011

Penny Dreadfuls' Thom Tuck's 2011 Edinburgh show examines Disney sequels

Just as the emotional yearning of The Little Mermaid reinvigorated animated cinema on its release in 1989, Thom Tuck hopes his analysis of that movie’s follow-ups, plus various other Disney sequels, spin-offs and shameless House of Mouse cash-ins has a…