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The Goonies: who would be available for a sequel?

7 Apr 2014

Director Richard Donner says he wants the original cast back for a remake - but are they available?

Director Richard Donner surprised a showbiz photographer recently when he casually mentioned he's working on a sequel to 1980s family adventure The Goonies – and that he hopes the original cast will be back on board. The seminal 1985 kids' film starred…

WATCH: The new trailer for Sex Tape is raunchy, funny... and great product placement

1 Apr 2014

The film follows a couple - Cameron Diaz & Jason Segel - whose sex tape turns up on gift iPads

The trailer for Sex Tape, a new comedy starring Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz, has landed, providing an idea of the plot and sense of humour involved – as well as a healthy dose of product placement for Apple. Segel and Diaz play Jay and Annie, a…

Jojo Sutherland tells us why we should see Keir McAllister's Hindsight

25 Mar 2014

The comedian's new work is a darkly comedic play about growing up and kidnap

Ready, steady … Quick, get a ticket! If there is one show that no-one should miss at this year’s Glasgow International Comedy Festival, it’s Hindsight by Keir McAllister. Keir is a stalwart of the Scottish comedy scene, but also a frighteningly good and…

Glasgow International Comedy Festival: 5 show titles that require explanation

24 Mar 2014

Featuring 'Do Bananas Dream of Plastic Fruit Baskets?' and 'Zuma + King Rizzler: Bring Sum Beef'

1 Smells Like Shite … Tastes Like Chicken Matthew Finlayson turns 30 and decides to make up his mind what he’s going to do with his life. He had a cat in his publicity pic for last August and has footage on his Facebook page of snakes and squirrels…

Interview: Canadian comedian Mae Martin

21 Mar 2014

The comic discusses labels, Berlin and trying to look as cool as Jack Kerouac

Having won over Fringe crowds for the last two years running with her perfectly pitched combination of wit and angst, Canadian comedian Mae Martin returns to Scotland to try out some new material on the locals. 'I'm talking, broadly, about labels and…

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Interview: Vladimir McTavish and Keir McAllister look at the state of Scotland

21 Mar 2014

The pair's long-running independence show is evolving as the referendum draws near

Regardless of what happens on September 18, Vladimir McTavish and Keir McAllister have no doubt that the public is more engaged with the independence referendum than when they began performing their Look at the State of Scotland shows in 2012. ‘We had a…

Interview: Jack Thorne, BAFTA-winning writer of A Long Way Down

19 Mar 2014

The screen writer talks Travolta, taps and extra-terrestrials

First record you ever bought Jive Bunny’s ‘Swing the Mood’. Yes, I know. Last extravagant purchase you made I just bought a house with my wife Rach and we’re currently doing it up. And it turns out taps are really expensive. So, taps. First…

My Comedy Heroes: Julia Sutherland on Limmy, Maria Bamford and more

18 Mar 2014

The comedian also idolises Eddie Izzard and the Absolutely sketch crew

When I was young, I never felt like stand-up comedy was for me. But I revelled in the weird and wonderful world of sketch comedy (French & Saunders, The Fast Show and Absolutely) with my school friend Marie and I learning the latter’s sketches off…

About Last Night

18 Mar 20142 stars

Remake of the 80s comedy lacks emotional impact

If Edward Zwick's original About Last Night was notable for offering a provocative look at sexual politics that only just made it past the censors, Steve Pink's remake is nothing more than a tedious attempt to update it for a new generation. Both films…

Interview: comedian Mike Wozniak on his latest show, Take the Hit

18 Mar 2014

The show focuses on a man browbeaten into domestic torment

Mike Wozniak’s 2013 Edinburgh Fringe success Take the Hit may well be one of the most tightly written stand-up shows in recent times. Ostensibly the story of a man browbeaten into domestic torment by having to share a small house with his in-laws, he…

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Pam Ann: withering wit from the world’s most sarcastic air hostess

18 Mar 2014

The character is the creation of Aussie comedian Caroline Reid

Savage satirist that she is, how tempting will it be for Pam Ann to take on the most bizarrely fascinating air travel story of the day? Or will good taste prevail and the words ‘Flight MH370’ remain unmentioned throughout Fly? This phrase in her blurb…

Muppets Most Wanted

13 Mar 20143 stars

A fun enough adventure that lacks the magical quality of its nostalgia-driven predecessor

The opening song in Muppets Most Wanted openly acknowledges the fact that most sequels exist in the shadow of their original. They are words that prove prophetic. James Bobin’s follow-up is mostly inferior to the 2011 comeback movie despite existing…

The Double

13 Mar 20143 stars

Richard Ayoade undermines some solid performances with airless retro-stylings

After rising to fame through The IT Crowd, Richard Ayoade made an accomplished directorial debut with coming-of-age saga Submarine. Taking on the work of Fyodor Dostoyevsky for his next project suggests a welcome ambition, but despite a good central…

Jay and Silent Bob creator Kevin Smith plans UK tour for summer 2014

13 Mar 2014

The writer-director will be joined by Jason Mewes and Ralph Garman

American writer/director Kevin Smith is set to tour the UK in June & July 2014 with a series of comedy dates. Smith, whose credits include Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Clerks I & II, will make five live appearances, accompanied variously by…

The Stag

7 Mar 20142 stars

John Butler's inoffensive Irish comedy lacks punch

Few genres are more wretched that the British stag comedy: post-Four Weddings and a Funeral, a number of drunken bromances like Staggered fell flat on their faces in cinemas. US import The Hangover cleverly depicted the stag night without showing it at…

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A brief guide to the many guests at The Grand Budapest Hotel

4 Mar 2014

Wes Anderson's latest stars Ralph Fiennes, Billy Murray, Jason Schwartzman and more

Wes Anderson's latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, is 'perfectly realised caper' set in a continental hotel between the wars (at least, that's what our reviewer thought). The hotel setting provides Anderson with an ideal venue for showcasing the…

Quai d'Orsay

3 Mar 20142 stars

Bertrand Tavernier's political satire is hard work for non-francophiles

French director Bertrand Tavernier has a back catalogue of excellent films, including Death Watch and A Sunday in the Country. His films are rarely self-referential but address social issues, and it's easy to see why he'd want to make a political…

June Squibb can relate to Nebraska

28 Feb 2014

Film gossip

June Squibb's home town helped her relate to the lifestyle portrayed in 'Nebraska'. The 84-year-old actress plays Kate Grant in the Oscar-nominated drama and claims Vandalia, which is located in rural Illinois, has the kinds of people characterised…

A Long Way Down

27 Feb 20143 stars

This adaptation of Nick Hornby's hit novel starts shakily but finds its feet in the second half

Perhaps appropriately for a film centred around four people who attempt to commit suicide, A Long Way Down initially seems resoundingly Dead On Arrival. But after a prolonged spell of lifelessness the story unexpectedly develops a beating heart around…


27 Feb 20144 stars

Brendan Gleeson, Dylan Moran and Chris O'Dowd star in a thoughtful Catholic comedy-drama

Brendan Gleeson and John Michael McDonagh reteam following lacklustre 2011 comedy The Guard in this much more thoughtful examination of Catholic guilt. They're joined by the cream of Irish film and TV talent, including Chris O'Dowd, Dylan Moran, Aidan…

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The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared

27 Feb 20144 stars

A rare case of a film adaptation that outshines its source material

On his hundredth birthday, Allan Karlsson (Robert Gustafsson) decides he has had enough of life in an old folks' home and gives the staff the slip. Wandering to the nearest bus station, he is preparing to get the next bus out of town when a thuggish…

Witching and Bitching

27 Feb 20143 stars

Alex de la Iglesia's action-horror-comedy starts well but stumbles halfway through

Cult director Alex de la Iglesia owes a lot to Robert Rodriguez's From Dusk Till Dawn in this fast-paced action-horror-comedy. As with FDTD, Witching and Bitching picks up with a gang of crooks on the run following a heist. Instead of hiding out in a…

The Rocket

26 Feb 20144 stars

A Laos-set coming-of-age fable driven by naturalistic performances

From The Raid to Metro Manila, it seems the fashion right now to see English-speaking directors head over to Asia to make films. But while the aforementioned were both thrillers, The Rocket is a very different proposition. Set in Laos, it’s a…

Interview: Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero of The Room

25 Feb 2014

The two filmmakers discuss their so-bad-it's-good movie and Sestero's book, The Disaster Artist

When I meet Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero, I am woefully under-prepared. I’d come along to tonight’s screening of The Room – part of the Cameo Cinema’s centenary celebrations – as a paying punter, expecting to witness a bit of Tommy’s madness on-stage…

Interview: comedian John Kearns offers Sight Gags for Perverts

25 Feb 2014

A show that's part confessional, part character comedy, but all very, very funny

Sight Gags for Perverts is a very unusual show. John Kearns shambles on stage dressed in scruffy wig and false teeth before launching into a patience-testing song and rambling on about loneliness, failure and Berlin. ‘It's basically me,’ says Kearns in…