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Haruki Murakami - Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his Years of Pilgrimage

14 Aug 20143 stars

Welcome addition for fans, but one that never quite reaches the heights it could do

There aren't many writers whose novel launches can be classed as an event, but Haruki Murakami is one of the few who fit the category. When Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his Years of Pilgrimage, his 13th novel, launched in Japan last year it sold a…

Profile: Mike Carey set for two appearances at 2014 Edinburgh Book Festival

15 Aug 2014

Comic writer to discuss recent novels The Unwritten and The Girl With All the Gifts

Liverpool-born, Oxford-educated Mike Carey was a teacher for fifteen years before he broke into comics, but since then his workrate has been prolific across a wide range of titles, from underground, creator-owned efforts to some of the ‘Big Two’s…

Five things we learned about George R R Martin

15 Aug 2014

Unusual facts about Games of Thrones author revealed at 2014 Edinburgh International Book Festival

He's heavily influenced by Scottish history. A number of Scotland's historical events have moulded elements of Game of Thrones, with the infamous Red Wedding scene inspired by the Glencoe Massacre. Beyond events, he admits that The Wall was inspired by…

Interview: Journalist Sid Lowe on Spanish football ahead of 2014 Edinburgh Book Festival appearance

14 Aug 2014

Author of Fear and Loathing in La Liga, which explored rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid

It’s not often that a book about football comes along which blurs the lines between a story of the beautiful game, political intrigue and historical epic, but Sid Lowe has done exactly that this year with Fear and Loathing in La Liga. Telling the story…

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2014 interview: Ned Beauman

14 Aug 2014

Th award-winning author of Boxer, Beetle and The Teleportation Accident discusses his latest, Glow

Ned Beauman is sticking it to the man. Not in the literal sense of waving two fingers at those who have found his latest novel Glow not as good as his previous two offerings, Boxer, Beetle and The Teleportation Accident, but more in emphasising – in his…

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Scott Pilgrim writer Bryan Lee O'Malley to attend Edinburgh International Book Festival 2014

14 Aug 2014

The graphic novelist attends the fest to discuss his new project, Seconds

Canadian comics artist Bryan Lee O’Malley is the writer and illustrator of the bestselling Scott Pilgrim series, a six-volume epic that established him as a master at combining intimate, personal characterisation with fantastical storytelling on a huge…

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2014 interview: Kevin Eldon

14 Aug 2014

The comedian, actor and writer discusses his biography of eerily similar poet Paul Hamilton

‘It's all a bit subjective isn't it, poetry?’ asks Kevin Eldon, comedian and well-known face around cult television comedy shows like Big Train and Brass Eye. ‘Well, everything is really. Subjective. Even that opinion.’ He’s discussing the poetry of his…

Interview: Vagenda creators Holly Baxter and Rhiannon Cosslett launch A Zero Tolerance Guide to the Media

14 Aug 2014

The feminist bloggers are attending both the Edinburgh International Book Festival and Book Fringe

Feminist heroines or ‘smug’ and ‘anti-women’? The editors of hugely popular website The Vagenda are used to raising eyebrows. Now the blog has spawned a book – The Vagenda: A Zero Tolerance Guide to the Media. Fed up of simply laughing at women's…

Profile: Diana Gabaldon, author of the Outlander series

14 Aug 2014

The author appears at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2014

Diana Gabaldon is the Arizona-based author of the Outlander books series, a historical-fantasy-time travel mash-up of epic proportions begun in 1991. Now into its eighth instalment, it’s amassed global sales of over 20 million copies and she’s appearing…

Norwegian Wood or The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle? The top 5 Haruki Murakami books

14 Aug 2014

The Japanese author is set to appear at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2014

Norwegian Wood (1987) In his fifth novel Murakami swapped the magic realism that marked his early work for a complex 60s-set love story with a narrative that sweeps along on a wave of affecting melancholy. This was the book that brought Murakami to the…

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Legendary New York spoken word night The Moth coming to Edinburgh International Book Festival 2014

14 Aug 2014

The live true storytelling event will feature Omid Djalili, Andrew Solomon and Lynn Ferguson

A literary phenomenon in its New York home for many years now, The Moth’s fame is extending rapidly overseas, partly through the open mic StorySLAMs in approaching 20 international cities that it uses to gather stories. Making its second ever appearance…

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2014 interview: Lynne Segal on ageing and feminism

14 Aug 2014

‘It’s women who are aged faster by culture and discarded sooner as undesirable'

’I don’t feel old,’ was the most common response author, academic and long-time socialist-feminist Lynne Segal would receive when researching her new book Out of Time: The Pleasures and Perils of Ageing. She describes this as ‘temporal vertigo’, noting…

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2014 interview: Natalie Haynes on her debut novel

14 Aug 2014

The comedian turned author promises The Amber Fury is 'not funny. I wouldn’t want to mislead anyone'

‘It had to be set in Edinburgh,’ says stand-up comedian turned author, Natalie Haynes, about her debut novel, The Amber Fury, a story of grief, interwoven with the Greek tragedies, published earlier this year. ‘It sets the right tone for a thriller.

Kirsty Logan: author of ‘quirky, vivid, lush, wild and magical' fairytales

14 Aug 2014

The Scottish author is set to appear at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2014

What a difference a year makes. Last year, Kirsty Logan was living in Glasgow, publishing the occasional short story and poem online and in literary magazines, and she’d just been appointed books editor at The List. Fast forward 12 months and a bit, and…

Take Five interview: Glasgow author Kirsty Logan

14 Aug 2014

The fairytale creator is due to appear at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2014

Five words to describe your storytelling style Quirky, vivid, lush, wild, magical. Four authors who we should really know about, but probably don't (yet) Emily Mackie. Elaine di Rollo. Dawn West. Caroline Bird. Three themes you find yourself…

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The best Martin Amis books

12 Aug 2014

Five of the best Martin Amis novels ahead of writer's appearance at 2014 Edinburgh Book Festival

Money (1984) The novel that defined a decade, Money is a sustained, exuberant, and viciously funny assault on the excesses of the 1980s and the hollow promises of late 20th-century capitalism. Narrated by one of the great comic grotesques of English…

Interview: Mary Talbot on writing about Suffragette movement ahead of 2014 Edinburgh Book Festival event

12 Aug 2014

Graphic novel Sally Heathcoate: Suffragette explores militant campaign to give women in the vote

Sally Heathcoate: Suffragette is the follow-up to Mary and Bryan Talbot's Costa Award winning graphic novel The Dotter of Her Father's Eyes. Created in collaboration with Edinburgh-based illustrator Kate Charlesworth, it explores the militant campaign…

Iain MacWhirter: After the Referendum - Sat 9 Aug 2014

12 Aug 20144 stars

Clear-sighted analysis of Scottish independence referendum from experienced political journalist

'What would happen if Putin invaded an independent Scotland?' asks one tweedy doomsayer of Iain MacWhirter. 'You can't be serious,' the political journalist laughs, 'Are you a Yes campaign plant?' That apocalyptic warning aside, this event, chaired by…

Interview: Irma Kurtz set for appearance at 2014 Edinburgh Book Festival

12 Aug 2014

Cosmopolitan magazine’s agony aunt shares wisdom in her memoir, My Life in Agony

Irma Kurtz has been dispensing advice to readers of Cosmopolitan’s problem page for 40 years now, counselling successive generations through the changing playing fields of sex, work and relationships. She’s pulled together some of the things she’s…

Anthem for a Doomed Youth

10 Aug 20143 stars

Poetry from the First World War performed by Guy Masterson

It is the very anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War and Guy Masterson has a cold. He takes to the stage, apologising for his pink socks and creaking voice, and explains that the aim of his one-man show is to bring us the poetry of the…

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Interview: David Levithan on his new novel ahead of 2014 Edinburgh International Book Festival appearance

7 Aug 2014

American author discusses the inspiration behind his works and why he loves co-writing

Since his 2003 debut, Boy Meets Boy, David Levithan ’s been acclaimed for introducing strong gay characters into the canon of modern young adult literature. Over his career, he’s co-written several novels with fellow YA authors, notably Will Grayson…

Alasdair Gray to discuss his biography, Of Me and Others, at Edinburgh International Book Festival 2014

7 Aug 2014

The book provides an insight into the Gray that often doesn’t shine through his work

One of the country’s finest writers and painters, Alasdair Gray has been a monumental influence on Scottish writing since long before the publication of his first and most famous novel, Lanark. Known for his eccentricity and individualistic style, his…

Highlights of Edinburgh Book Fringe 2014

7 Aug 2014

Guests including Alan McCombes ensure radical bookshop’s festival is antithesis to Charlotte Square

Now in its fifth year, Word Power ’s Edinburgh Book Fringe seeks to continue harnessing some of that counter-cultural spirit which first earned the Edinburgh Fringe its reputation. Elaine Hunter, Book Fringe founder and proprietor of the Word Power…

Alison Moore - He Wants

7 Aug 20144 stars

A short meditation on memory composed of tightly wreathed prose and assured plotting

The best novels are the ones that leave you with a sense of yearning, and in He Wants, Alison Moore proves her mastery of the medium. Lewis Sullivan is a retired RE teacher whose restraint has kept him in the same village his entire life. Only now, with…

Emily Mackie - In Search of Solace

7 Aug 20144 stars

A nuanced look at identity, memory and modern Britain in the vein of Iain Banks at his best

Following an existential crisis, Jacob Little goes in search of his ex-girlfriend Solace in Emily Mackie's accomplished second novel. Armed only with the painting of a female nude he believes looks exactly like his erstwhile lover, and not sure if…