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CHVRCHES, Boards of Canada and Biffy Clyro longlisted for Scottish Album of the Year Award 2013

24 Apr 2014

RM Hubbert, Camera Obscura, Frightened Rabbit, Mogwai, The Pastels and Edwyn Collins also recognised

The longlist for The Scottish Album of the Year Award 2013 has been announced, with CHVRCHES, Boards of Canada and last year's winner RM Hubbert among the nominees. The prize honours Scottish artists who produced albums between January and December…

Mac DeMarco - Salad Days

23 Apr 20144 stars

New-found smoothness to 80s and 90s college rock sound from young Canadian songwriter

Mac DeMarco is only 23 years old, but already he is world-weary. His second full-length album, Salad Days, sees the Canadian songwriter eschewing the weirdness of previous releases, like 2012’s 2, for something approaching wisdom, complete with…

Damon Albarn - Everyday Robots

23 Apr 20144 stars

Debut solo album of understatement and maturity that never completely leaves low gear

It’s taken him more than two decades in the music industry to arrive at his debut solo album, which leads us to the rather strange experience of hearing sometime Blur frontman Damon Albarn’s new release being trailed with terms like ‘long-awaited’, as…

Tradfest explores ‘Revival and Renaissance’ in the year of Scottish Homecoming and the independence referendum

23 Apr 2014

Owen Jones, Wounded Knee, David Torrance, Gerry Hassan & Alexander Moffat are among the fest guests

Only in its second year, Tradfest returns to Edinburgh for a fortnight celebrating Celtic arts and Scottish cultural traditions this month, presenting a programme busy with talks, tours, music, art, theatre and puppetry, among many other elements. It…

Oneohtrix Point Never - Confessions I

23 Apr 20144 stars

Dreamy, intoxicating and cleansing compilation of electronic experimentalism

Daniel Lopatin, under his Oneohtrix Point Never guise, has long since wandered off into the conceptual, compositional undergrowth where you are fêted almost no matter what you do because, hey, you’re pushing sonic boundaries, ‘challenging’ listeners…

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Of Spire and Throne - Toll of the Wound

23 Apr 20144 stars

Expertly crafted and highly satisfying slab o’ sludge from Edinburgh doom trio

Following last year’s split release with Groningen sludgelords Ortega, Edinburgh-spawned doom trio Of Spire and Throne return with a limited edition EP on cassette, CD and black or red vinyl. With bleak cover art and a tracklist that promises three…

Gabriel Kuri: All probability resolves into form

23 Apr 20143 stars

Kuri's Glasgow International survivalist sculpture show puts a political twist on hard theory

In case of emergency, natural disaster, nuclear fallout or biblical engulfment, Mexican artist Gabriel Kuri is probably a very good man to have on your side. By stocking up on blankets, fire extinguishers, boxes of matches, bottles of water and assorted…

188th RSA Annual Exhibition: Focus on Film

23 Apr 20144 stars

An expansive and essential Scottish film art showcase, featuring Rachel Maclean and Peter Capaldi

Perhaps the biggest criticism that can be levelled at this year’s Royal Scottish Academy annual members’ exhibition is that there’s almost too much to soak up. Between the vast submission-based selection upstairs and the curated rooms downstairs, there…

Frank Skinner: 'YouTube has already totally killed the anecdote’

23 Apr 2014

The comedian talks to us about live performance and dirty jokes ahead of his Man in a Suit tour

He may have started in the stand-up game relatively late at the ripe old age of 30, but Frank Skinner can’t be accused of not making up lost ground. The Perrier winner of 1991 has done chat shows, chatted about football with his old flatmate while being…

Glenn Wool prepares 'greatest hits' show The Jokes I’m Most Fond Of

23 Apr 2014

The Canadian comic and sometime lumberjack will be supported on tour by Frankie Boyle

It’s perhaps curious that Glenn Wool should have been so comfortable as part of the Lumberjacks trio: he’s a comic who comes across as both single-minded and maverick. Then again, touring the country with fellow UK-based Canadians Stewart Francis and…

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Bigert and Bergström: The Weather War

23 Apr 20143 stars

The Swedish duo explore man's attempts to control the weather

Man’s attempt to control the weather is the focus of this exhibition by the Swedish artists Bigert and Bergström. The installation’s focus is a film, which serves as both a walk through the history of the weather and contemporary methods of weather…

Alex Frost: Reproduction

23 Apr 20143 stars

Astute, creative comment on the commodification of human reproduction, part of Glasgow International

The birth rate in Britain has leapt 18% in the last decade. That means, in statistical terms, we’re in the midst of a baby boom. Alex Frost uses this as a playful stepping-off point to explore issues of reproduction, human and artistic, in his solo show…

Ibibio Sound Machine - Ibibio Sound Machine

23 Apr 20143 stars

London-based eight-piece combining dancefloor production Nigerian highlife, afrobeat and gospel

Given Soundway’s excellent track record in reissuing vintage African funk and psychedelia, it’s fitting that they’re now showcasing acts who are updating those sounds for the 21st century. London-based eight-piece Ibibio Sound Machine’s name is a…

Pigfoot - 21st Century Acid Trad

23 Apr 20144 stars

Modernist take on trad from British quartet featuring Liam Noble, Paul Clarvis and Chris Batchelor

This debut from British quartet Pigfoot is a witty and affectionate détournement of the 1920s and 30s New Orleans and Chicago jazz favoured by the trad jazzers who, pre-rock 'n roll, energised the youth of post-war Britain. Trad jazzers have often been…

Ai Aso - Lone

23 Apr 20144 stars

Warm and inviting live set of psychedelic pop hypnosis

A gorgeous set of psychedelic pop hypnosis from Ai Aso, Lone sees her strip back the psych-rock of previous collaborations with lynchpins of the Japanese underground like Michio Kurihara of Ghost, and Wata and Michio from Boris, to focus on the core…

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OPEN Future Hacks, the new initiative that aims to improve the world through technology

22 Apr 2014

'A Future City is one which empowers everyone to have a real effect, and encourages new thinking'

Glasgow is taking bold steps into the future by embracing technology and pooling collective knowledge. 'The Future City | Glasgow programme started last year when the city won £24 million from the Technology Strategy Board to demonstrate how technology…

Anya Gallaccio, Nathan Coley and Katie Paterson among the highlights at Jupiter Artland 2014

22 Apr 2014

Tessa Lynch, Mick Peter and Silvy Weatherall will also be exhibiting works at the sculpture park

Anya Gallaccio, Nathan Coley and Katie Paterson are among the artists who have created new works as part of the 2014 season at Jupiter Artland. The outdoor sculpture park will also be hosting some special exhibits and installations as part of the…

John Burnside - I Put a Spell on You

22 Apr 20144 stars

The writer's latest is a semi-memoir that partially explores the theory behind the practice

Probably by commercial necessity John Burnside’s I Put a Spell on You is being promoted as a memoir, the missing link between his earlier volumes A Lie About My Father and Waking Up in Toytown, but it is a far stranger and more haunting book than those…

BJ Novak - One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories

22 Apr 20144 stars

An impressive debut collection from the writer/producer/star of America's The Office

It's tempting to approach One More Thing as an attempt to cash in on BJ Novak's celebrity status. After all, how many writers get their own photograph on the cover of their debut book – a short story collection, no less. Novak, best known as Ryan from…

Interview: Rosana Cade and Nick Anderson on Buzzcut Festival 2014

22 Apr 2014

This year's edition of the experimental theatre fest features Open Barbers, Tom Frankland and FMIN

For the last three years, Buzzcut has championed visceral and intellectual artists from Glasgow and beyond. This year, the festival co-founded by Rosana Cade and Nick Anderson gathers at the Pearce Institute in Govan. As Cade and Anderson explain…

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Interview: Ste McCabe on queer/feminist festival Pussy Whipped

22 Apr 2014

'We’re the people who Stonewall shudder at. We’re the ones "giving LGBT people a bad name"’

Pussy Whipped co-organiser Ste McCabe has a perfect soundbite to hand which sums up the ethos of this weekend-long extension of his (and Lukasz Waclawski’s) queer and feminist-focussed music night. ‘We want to inspire people to do shit themselves rather…

Exposure: Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats

22 Apr 2014

Frontman KR Starrs discusses 'psychotic rock music', Mind Control and touring with Black Sabbath

Spiking their doomy metal riffs with psychedelic 60s pop melodies, Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats are a dark pagan cult bowing down at the altar of rock. Although they’ve previously shunned the media, now, fresh from supporting Black Sabbath across…

Jordan Wolfson

22 Apr 20143 stars

An exhibition of high-end corporate ad-land stylings and provocative animations, as part of GI 2014

It’s the soft-core gloss that sucks you in first in ‘Raspberry Poser’, the 14-minute billboard-size video projection that forms the heart of Jordan Wolfson’s life-and-death fusion of high-end corporate ad-land stylings and provocative animations. A…

Warren United

22 Apr 20143 stars

Johnny Vegas, Darren Boyd and Morwenna Banks voice ITV4's hit-and-miss cartoon football comedy

The big pitch for this new animated sitcom about football and family from Baby Cow is that it’s here just in time for the Champions League Semi-Finals and Brazil World Cup. My guess is that people looking forward to those particular events won’t need a…

Simon Wroe - Chop Chop

22 Apr 20144 stars

An authentic and gradually sinister look at life in a busy kitchen

Told from the perspective of a novice commis chef, known only to us as 'monocle', Chop Chop exposes the closed world of the restaurant kitchen. An English lit graduate with literary aspirations, Monocle is an outsider in the hard-working, masculine…